Communication with God

Communication with God and your Guru can be easy - if You pray to God first !!

minutes after sending out the previous newsletter to you this morning, I opened an new eMail sent to the interactive newsletter list from a God seeker with the below text. I like to share it with all of you as it has all to do directly with the topic of the previous newsletter about "talk to God" and how to communicate and spiritually absorb ALL divine bliss and help from God and your guru.

may this eMail from a Bulgarian angel-girl and wife of a beautiful and spiritual angel man on earth inspire you: ALL are divine and beloved children of GOD and all can easily do the very same and EXPERIENCE GOD HERE and NOW !!

with eternal and infinite love


So easy can communication with God and your Guru be - if You pray to God first !!

Every baby can communicate with God - every baby can love - can you love too ?

Galina Staneva wrote:


What can I wish to You, You have all - God bliss,
love, light and knowledge - all in abundance!

I can just bow and pray God:

God, please bless us to stay in Him!


I have sent you to much, you may say very to much,
I cannot stop...
I am like a cascade...

I just cannot stop

to LOVE HIM and to LOVE YOU!

( to my true eternal Father)

I asked God:
-Dear God, please show me what is between Hans and
You? It should be his soul?

YOU came early in the morning and knocked on the door
of my soul:
-Knock, knock! It's time for Kriya!
I was still sleepy but:
I took a cool shower and started. You told me:
-I love all my daughters, all of them are made of my
love. Each one is a flower...
I felt I am flying and I asked you:
-Please, do some "OM"s for me!
You did some and my tears flew out - your "OM"s were
so sweet, like...a warm kiss on a flower.
Then You said:
-There is one being much more intelligent then you.
You should develop it..
and for less then a second You allowed me to take a
look into your soul.

Oh! Me breath stopped- plenty of love, rainbow of
lights, any kind of knowledge, everywhere- in and
around, everything and all.
But there is no limits, no end, no soul ...? There is
but God descending into YOU!


I am still in YOU. I feel a fresh, cool breath onto my
face, I feel so much love that makes me faint. I feel
your vibration working into my brain and above my
I enjoy the lights play, I absorbed your love and relax
in your sweet bliss.

If I have a problem - I take some love!
If I have a fear - I ask God for help

I can talk, ask, listen, have advice, suggestion and
also a tough lesson,
sometimes also fun - smile and laugh together!

It is a joy and fun to be ALIVE!!!

To be in LOVE with YOU!!!

with LOVE, for LOVE forever

I am not to share I am to give ALL


I am a cascade...;-))))I cannot more thing

How is my life?

I work in daytime with my clients. God works in my
mind all the time.
I cannot eat, I cannot sleep till my story is written
dawn - it is like a delivery
no rest till the new "baby" is born.
Then I go to bed into God's sweet bliss- there is food
and rest and if I fall asleep, You comes in my dream
to awake me for the next task or just for a
swift kick off into me Kundalini - whatever I need-
Tough teacher! I love you!

What is my work?

All the girls around me, clients, friends,
whoever...are in love with You, and "crazy" for

I am "crazy" for you and in love with MY sweet heart,
enjoying his hugs, kisses and tender love....
Ooooh! I am getting "h....."!!!;-0000
Bye- bye

*************HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL and YOU

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