Kriya Yoga update

Most have sent in the totally wrong application information ! repeat is required if you like to receive the update


that is a very serious topic now. why did I asked to apply in a very particular form ?
you need to provide proof that you really practice the right technique. that's why I requested you

  1. to send your application to a particular eMail address
  2. to send the original page as attachment - AND I HAVE GIVEN YOU THE FIRST 2 LINES ( for German language AND for English language version ) of the ONE and only correct "Diksha-page"
  3. and a very particular statement that MUST be in your application

2 applicants have made this homework CORRECT. one has sent the correct and full URL to the correct page plus all the remaining correct requirements and the other one has made it all correct !

ALL others have failed to submit ALL requirements correctly or at all.
most have sent a totally wrong page - with totally different first 2 lines !!! others have modified the statement needed ( to accept God as the only Guru ).

please re-read that earlier newsletter with the exact details required. there will be ZERO exceptions !!
why ZERO exceptions ? very simple !! the complete kriya yoga technique with all the related pages linked from the "Diksha-page" including all graphics and animated graphics needed contain MANY far more complex yet still very simple rules and detailed explanations. if you fail to follow the 3 simple rules requires for the update - then YOU almost certainly fail even more disastrously the complete teachings AND the actual techniques that are a firm part of kriya yoga.

hence you may consider this easy requirement a annual TEST of your capability to read simple instructions AND follow these simple instructions exactly to the point. if YOU practice kriya yoga as wrong as your applications were, then you may find yourself again on earth or anywhere else during a rather long and boring or even painful time ! and that is exactly what NEEDS to end NOW ! NOW it is time to learn to do kriya yoga correctly or you need to leave it totally.

wrong practice of kriya yoga may be dangerous to your overall spiritual and physical health. the instructions however are VERY simple and easy to follow for ALL - if YOU WANT TO PERFORM - THEN YOU WILL SUCCEED. if you are lazy then you will fail and run your head, body AND ego one more times through the walls of death into another possible reincarnation !

efficiency includes highest accuracy and quality in all your performances !! that is the benefit of many modern jobs in high tech fields such as computer programming and engineering. such jobs REQUIRE absolute TOP quality or the product you make will never work or brake apart or create disaster on earth or where ever you run your products or output of your work.

for spiritual success on your path OUT OF YOUR KARMA, you NEED to be even more accurate than for technical output ! and you need to be ready and used to WORK many ten thousands of hours - one FULL lifetime - toward achieving ONE single goal - God Union !

ALL applicants for an update who have received NOTHING at all so far have sent a wrong application and need to reapply ONE more time with ALL REQUIREMENTS EXACT AND COMPLETE. the 2 correct ones have receive a brief "OK". the update will be written ASAP and sent out by mail ASAP as well.

God bless you all

Merry Christmas


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