Merry Christmas all year - it's Christmas time

It's Christmas time - lets first have a brief review

  1. It's Christmas time - time to HELP with your true Christmas love
  2. NEW - YOUR most efficient contribution via WESTERN UNION using your major credit cards ONLINE HERE and NOW possible !

1. it's Christmas time - lets first have a brief review:

the last call for HELP gave result of about 970 US $ from 5 contributions and several instant emergencies could all be solved as well as possible.
there are many more emergencies HERE - EVERY DAY - too many to always write about. smaller ones and larger ones. sometimes the financial funds to write about are simply MISSING here.

since January this year a total of almost 8000 US $ has been contributed by approximately 24 contributors worldwide for ALL my spiritual activities, the cyberspace ashram and all help to the poor ones and special emergencies HERE as well as to support all my one needs. 4 major supporters from USA, Canada, Germany and India contributed together almost 5000 US $ and made the survival of all services possible - but any and all supporters contributed to the improve of available services HERE - even with smallest amounts sent by WESTERN UNION you may help substantially. several times the total available funds here were far below 1 US $ for many days and just a few $ help to continue writing / answering eMails, spiritual counseling by email, or to simply have food and cover basic physical needs here.

this help was spent as follows ( approx +/- 10 % )

2. it's Christmas time - time to HELP

too many human emergencies to t\write about. but 2 very touching ones. here some very brief facts - then it is once again up to you to decide:

now while here far away from baby - she got medical problems - TOO much mother milk causing pain. this means that mother is LOVING - ready to GIVE love to baby - but baby too far away to receive her love.

to help mother and baby - a total of up to 500 - 700 US $ would help the mother to have a simple sewing machine to tailor inexpensive dresses for children and girls in her village for others to earn her living while serving others and being at home with baby - that is what she would like most among other possible options for home based work.

the mother was still breast feeding her baby until her departure a few days ago and still has an abundance of love (breast milk means GIVING physical love for baby) and increasing pain in breast due to missing baby to feed on her milk. such condition can turn into a very serious and EXTREMELY painful medical emergency within very few days !!


- as there is plenty of love from her to her baby and baby NEEDS her soonest presence back home AND YOUR INSTANT HELP CAN TURN HER ENTIRE LIFE WITH HER BABY INTO HAPPINESS FOR BOTH - for a long time ! for the remainder of their mutual present incarnation !

while I am fully aware that this is for many of you a huge amount - I also know that help always is possible even for the greatest problems in God's creation!

why ?

- it is Christmas time for all - and it should be Christmas time ALL YEAR - even for the very poorest one on this planet and for YOU as well. helping others helps YOU to be more happy and enjoy merry Christmas in your home with your family even MORE happy.

with love and divine bliss


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