Bowing to the feet

beloved ones:

in the last issue I promised you "one most important technique to enhance your love life and sexuality" - here it is. while many of you may smile - if YOU really understand the reason why creation broke apart into dense spheres and if you really WANT to dissolve YOUR ego and learn to love - you all will do it any way. ONE DAY - you all will learn to bow to the lotus feet of your beloved partner, of your friends, of our guru, and most of all to God AND all creation !

pride has many forms of manifestations. however all manifestations of pride have ONE thing in common - they completely block YOUR heart to receive AND to give any kind of true love that can actually be felt by others

bowing to the feet of others is a very very old tradition in many Asian countries. specially in spiritual circles it was and still is used by all true disciples. bowing to their guru's feet means they offer their full ego to guru at once and accept his teaching AND his divine bliss and love

in the western world few - almost none at all - can actually bow to the feet of anyone at all. ego and pride is far to huge and prevents true spiritual success

many of you have a guru somewhere in this world. some are visiting him on a regular basis, others prefer to wait for HIM to come to your place or your country to visit YOU. I will teach you here how to bow properly and explain you its true meaning and effects. then it is up to you alone to decide whether or not

i will teach you in several steps how to bow physically AND spiritually and at the very end of this newsletter I include a link to eMail of a girl of 42 yrs who learned it and EXPERIENCED a loving and surprising success - as a direct effect of learning how to bow

step 1

on your very own - in your room or any real quiet place, you knee down on the floor and bow with YOUR head to the bottom touching with both hands bottom. then you relax your physical body


descend further down with your spiritual body - HEAD DOWN - down to the very center of this planet earth. you really need to be ready to drop any ego, to ask forgiveness from ALL and to forgive to ALL - whatever needs to be forgiven !

when you have the feeling you really can do it and are ready - then you will feel or see that your entire spiritual head actually is in the very center of this planet and is encircled by a deep blue/violet/purple light ( aura ) as a proof that you are actually and successfully dissolving your entire pride in the divine fire of LOVE - that YOU really are bowing to ALL mankind and to GOD as well

step 2

you repeat above a few times in different places - such as any church and/or temple of ANY religion - you need to get in peace with ALL followers of any and all religions and cultures !

step 3

you repeat step 2 - but in presence of any people just happening being there

step 4

you repeat the very same - but this time in front of your partner ! you may do this whenever you have the feeling to do so - however it should be done as soon as possible. you may have to do it in front of witnesses - your very own ego will teach you when to bow !


always the man bows FIRST to the lotus feet of his female partner !! touching ground with his forehead and touching with both hands both feet of the partner. THE MAN FIRST please !!! and ZERO excuses about knees hurting, or so ... the ego ALWAYS can bow if you really WANT. and if you have stiff knees as a result of a serious handicap or accident, then lie down flat on the bottom and do the very same !


if the female partner is ready to instantly do it first and has the urge to do so - then you are free to do so! it may instantly trigger a similar reaction in your male partner - never wait. if YOU - who ever you are - are ready to bow to the feet of anyone AND have the feeling that you really should do it - then DO IT instantly. no matter male or female

by spiritual tradition however as a result of the meta physiological direction of flow of LOVE - it makes sense for the male to go FIRST

why do males bow first ?

bowing really - physically AND spiritually and asking forgiveness AND forgiving as well - will instantly remove/dissolve all blockages of LOVE directly related to any manifestation of male PRIDE. male stinginess often is a male manifestation of PRIDE. withholding love from the partner as a punishment for anything the partner may have done wrong in a previous incarnation ( most of the time such behavior has its root back in the very beginning of creation of mankind !! ) or sometimes something done wrong during present incarnation. hence the bowing frees the flow of love - from God to the male - and NOW as a result of BOWING - to his female partner. the female partner may be hungry / thirsty for love from the male partner. starting to drink if thirsty only makes sense if there is anything flowing at all. hence the logic of FIRST male having to bow - then female

female pride closes her heart AND the entire physiology of her metaphysical body for the reception of available LOVE - from God directly as well as from her partner and anyone else

just remember from other chapters / teachings of the cyberspace ashram:

whatever is between YOU and anyone else or any particular single person ALWAYS - also is between YOU and GOD and your most beloved ones as well, such as your partner, your children, ... !!!

hence once the male partner has reopened all his spiritual body and heart again to GIVE all his love to his female partner - then his partner has something to absorb once SHE bows and opens her heart and spiritual being for the reception of love again

step 5

the same procedure as above also works with any other person you may be in deep conflict with. with God for example - many God seekers are in conflict with God, making God responsible for their very personal karma or personal disaster. when ever YOU reject a part of creation, a single person or gender, or group, etc. it is time to bow and ask forgiveness and forgive all. to do so with anyone repeat above steps until you AND the other party has the feeling that your bowing IS successful

step 6

if you are lucky enough to have a physical guru taking care of YOUR spiritual well-being and progress - remember that any true guru ALWAYS will help you physically AND spiritually. such SPIRITUAL HELP ALWAYS includes dissolving part or all of your karma as much as you progress on your path of love, as much as YOU surrender YOUR ego with any manifestations to GOD. your guru IS an ambassador of God on this planet for you - as such he forwards or speaks out the lessons that most successfully and most lovingly direct you back home to God

your pride blocks off any help you ever may receive from your guru. bowing to HIS feet physically AND spiritually at the very same time - is like bowing to all mankind and accepting his healing and uplifting love and surrendering part or all of your ego and karma as well. it also is the first step to open yourself to FULLY accept any teaching and lesson he may have to offer you. it is your pride that may make you feel that whatever you do or think may still be right and YOU may find your way back to God without any help of anyone at all

God however has hidden most of your lessons among and within your surrounding humans and nature in general. making it absolutely necessary for YOU to FIRST get in peace with all others before ever you can find your way back home. because back home YOUR MUST be willing to fully become ONE with ALL other parts of creation for a full and absolute divine spiritual healing

sometimes pride is all that may still hamper your spiritual success and progress. one day we all bow to the feet of all and of each other. bowing means dropping any pride, means instantly show AND PROOF readiness and willingness to tear down any barrier that YOU may have built up in the past. it may cause a sudden flow of LOVE in both direction. love only can flow if you allow it to flow in BOTH directions - OUT OF YOU and INTO YOU at the very same time !

the true and original cause of such war between male and female started for many of mankind being presently here on earth already soon after creation of their eternal being in our divine home. as a result of disregarding warnings and teachings from God and others. now it is time to get in peace - to heal all and any and every relationship and to find back to the one and only as well as back to God. all at the same time. by developing true divine love. divine love however exists within all of us - it needs to be freed - by dropping all aspects of our EGO - one of the oldest aspect however is greed and stinginess and one of their most obvious manifestation is PRIDE. the lesson and steps above will allow YOU ALL to successfully surrender your EGO and instantly dropping YOUR pride and become almost instantly fully open for all divine love - for your spiritual benefit as well as for the spiritual benefit of ALL your beloved ones, your children, best friends and all surrounding persons including all past ones who already lost or dropped their physical body and already are back on their way home to God

if you are in a relationship or planning to start one - bowing to the feet of YOUR partner may instantly awake and FREE any true and divine love that always was present and waiting to flow between both of you. to heal you - to uplift you - to please you and to MAKE BOTH OF YOU DIVINELY HAPPY !!

please have a look at this experience a girl of 42 yrs (back home we all remain eternally young - hence she feels now) wrote down for YOUR feedback to inspire you to make the very same. her new born love is directly resulting from her husband bowing FIRST to her and she bowing to him - physically AND spiritually. of course there were a few other spiritual lessons realized at the very same time - all lessons YOU may find HERE in the cyberspace Ashram's published texts - such as God yoga and kriya yoga, ...

such was and is the divine plan - when God made female AND male!

with love and divine bliss


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