relationship on your way to God

Celibacy can cause cancer as a result of rejection or stinginess in love toward your partner.

There are lessons to be learned anyway - so lets learn them HERE and NOW !! because lessons you carry on are a burden to be carried all the time BY YOU - until you solve them !

some God seekers are confused about the old teachings that apply still for catholic priests and also have been given in many

very OLD yoga teachings.

so it is time to once and forever clarify this point from an absolute divine point of view !

God made humans - to the image of himself. God created male and female. for a very loving and divine purpose - for eternal loving joy between the two.

God made ONE male AND ONE exactly matching female - also referred to in some of my other texts as divine partners or eternal partners.

ONE such unit of ONE male and ONE female is made to last forever - for ETERNITY !! One divine relationship is a human UNIT they BELONG together and do things - all - together. but they always are DIFFERENT in how they see, how they feel, how they are aware of anything they do. But this difference is a very divine and loving difference - NEVER an opposing or destructive difference. divine partners share their point of view for greater experience and pleasure. they do things differently - for the joy of their partner. they are of additive value to each other.

Here on this planet and for THIS time being it may be quite hard for you to understand HOW you could spend eternity with ONE and the same partner - however it is of most loving nature and divinity. one day YOU all will for sure understand the value of an eternal partner in God's creation.

Some teachings of celibacy still are the left-overs of teachings of war and separation between male and female from ancient times

However why did some teachings then require celibacy ? you may still ask. this is quiet simple. the more you go back in the history of this very planet - the darker the vibration and nature of MOST has been here on earth. the greater the ego - the more fight between egos.

Separation of men and women or celibacy never can be a teaching of Love coming from God !!

the original break down and separation between humans in God's separation was caused as a direct result of some kind of WAR between male and female. I wrote repeated times about this in other

chapters or newsletters.

Separation of men and women causes frustration and emotional stress - and can end in war and violence

here on earth we still have the vast majority of all problems as a very most direct result of this WAR between male and female. as a result we find a multitude of sexual frustration and as a direct result of such we have hundreds of millions of humans having some kind of sexual disorders such as:

God made union of men and women - God made Love because God is Love

All is divine - all is God made - but why do we then have all these problems, pains, and even fatalities as a result of cancer in sexual organs (at the age of 19 one of my working colleagues died of cancer of his testicles). millions of males have problems with prostate glands. look at the herbal medicine sold freely and their use or application and you know how HUGE the number of people is that actually are having very serious problems.

God is Love - we are made to his image - hence we too are Love !!!
Made to love our partner and all

when God created us - we all were in love with all and with our partner as well. such is the divine plan.

the development of ego, as a direct result of the first few mistakes that humans made resulted in the WAR between male and female. as a result male started to fight female, punish female, reject female, etc. .... but you all should know by know that if you reject the opposite gender - at the same time you also reject your very OWN !

Rejecting sexuality often is the result of withholding Love from our partner as a means of punishment

that means a man rejecting any and all or most females and any truly loving relationship with females at the very same time separates himself from living his being a MALE. and vice versa !!

if you reject females - how then can you be a male ?? impossible. hence you reject part of your very own - GOD MADE - being, spiritual and physical body as well as there ALWAYS is a parallel between inner world and physical world !

Celibacy or rejection of Love and divine sexuality can result in cancer and other severe illnesses of sexual organs

rejecting OR suppressing a substantial part of your being however creates a blockage in energy flow. sexual energy is the very most direct from of divine LOVE in the physical body !! including anything that flows physically during sexual practice !! all is part of this God made and most direct way of exchange of LOVE between two loving partners.

Love needs to flow freely to heal and make happy
- and humans need to learn to always remain open for God while loving

Love is vital to all being - to all humans. suppression or rejection of LOVE on ANY level - physical or metaphysical - always is destructive or causing stress and disorder to the person affected. such powerful energy as love however MUST somehow flow or it causes severe damage or DEATH! hence it flows in form of anger, hate, fighting, aggression, increased or excessive physical activities such as sports of any tiring nature or HEAVY physical work. such fighting and anger may be of verbal OR physical nature. VERY OFTEN a person loving someone extremely and being prevented of letting the love flow freely for any above mentioned reason may turn his love into such a powerful hate r anger to actually and physically KILL the beloved one !!!

It is the severe attachment to the selfish behavior and the readiness to continue that OLD WAR between male and female due to pride and missing understanding of all root causes of all human problems in the present relationships that prevents a harmonious flow of love through the channels made for LOVE. there are chakras and organs that are God made for love to flow. love needs to be free to express itself in ALL divine God made ways. expressions of love between humans can be very manifold such as

Every person needs the absolute freedom to FULLY and most directly express HIS LOVE to the one and only in as many different ways as possible, as well as toward others in appropriate ways as well !!

Union with all and love among all is preparatory step to find our way home to God

The goal is that ALL will find their way back to God one day. total and absolute healing of YOU is achieved as a result of extended and repeated Godunion. to be able to become ONE with GOD however YOU NEED to be in peace with all aspects of YOU. that means YOU need to be in peace with your very own and individual sexuality. if you have any doubt what you are - male or female - the stand in front of a mirror, fully naked and look at your anatomy !! some people have a male body and "think" they are female and dress like females and vice versa many have a female body and dress like a male because they want to be male instead of accepting what God gave them.

why ?

Because as a result of a severe traumatic experience in their past incarnations or their present childhood they rejected their very own present sexual form that is expressed by the physical anatomy !!

Whatever problem you may have - all can be healed instantly - if you WANT to accept God's divine plan and realize, reestablish and HEAL such divine plan within YOURSELF, your mind, emotions and your physical body included.

Inner peace can only be achieved in an environment of Love
- Love can only flow in a life without any rejection at all

For your spiritual progress you NEED to have peace. absolute peace of mind is the result of being in love with all, of having forgiven all, having healed all your previous relationship and resulting behavioral problems. peace either can partially be achieved by escaping the confrontation with the cause of your problems. as a result of such temporary and partial solution some God seekers escaped into forest, retreats, caves, mountains for years or a lifetime. they escaped communication with humans to establish an artificial and SUPERFICIAL erroneous peace. but to some degree it helped them to find peace and peaceful time for meditation, for inner reconciliation with parts of their past and for spiritual progress. sooner or later however all - including all those who went on such retreats - are faced with the other part of creation. with the part of creation they attempted to escape. all have to be in peace with all before reaching Godunion and eternal freedom.

To run away from problems and objects of rejection
never solves your problems nor your conflicts - only love can solve all.

cancer or illness caused by rejection of sexuality and celibacy

To instantly escape into mountains however seemed and still appears to be faster and more efficient than getting in peace with your partner, neighbors, enemies, ....

Lets clearly emphasize that escaping is a partial solution that works to some degree for anyone. BUT if anyone thinks that physical distance helps you to find TOTAL peace within - then you fail. ALL your karma, all your fighting is carried in YOUR VERY OWN AURA and follows you into the deepest part of any Himalayan cave, onto the highest mountains, the most remote and isolated island or jungle area. all your karma and fighting of any kind survives any kind of death and follows you throughout eternity until you have either dissolved it on your own as a direct result of your very own spiritual work and efforts or you have been able to bow deep enough to all mankind and ask God for grace and mercy and forgiveness in the name of all.

Love is the only means and power to heal - but only flowing Love can heal !!!

Love can heal what celibacy has caused - even cancer.

you will clearly see from my many chapters and overall teachings that I always teach you to dissolve in love all and every problem you have. that however requires the physical presence or proximity of any and all persons involved in your own karma and fighting. direct confrontation with the causes of lost inner peace makes it MUCH easier and more efficient to dissolve any struggle you ever may have had or still continue to have.

Accept loving and thus wise advice from your Guru in your relationship

your personal guru is the one to help you to get in true peace with all your enemies and partner as well. HE is the one to help you to heal your relationship with your one and only if you have such a person in a physical body - or he will help you and heal your present relationship if both of you are willing to join love and all efforts on your path of love to God.

Partnership healing and counseling is best done with the help of a neutral and truly knowledgeable third party


However it requires sexual healing of your relationship. it requires real spiritual efforts of BOTH of you. it requires that both of you learn to bow to the feet of partner and any human. it also requires that you learn to really and instantly learn to follow the teaching of YOUR God realized guru. such a guru can and will talk about anything and everything very openly - as a God realized guru he knows all the causes of any behavior and substitute. hence he can give you manifold advice for all and any situation that needs and asks for advice and divine guidance.

Celibacy is the opposite of Love it is an expression of Love-stinginess
- a declaration of war against members of opposite sex !

Love needs to be given - sexuality is a divine expression of Love - to love needs to be learned by practicing

When you want to learn to read, write or mathematics or anything else - you learn by studying plus practicing plus getting love feedback plus improving during further practice ... until proficient to your satisfactory level

The very same principle of learning applies to sexuality as a direct exchange of love between a wife and her husband !!!

Sexuality needs to be learned. Divine sexuality is part of many old traditional teachings such as kamasutra tantra or the spiritual teachings of Inca. however these teachings are too old and have been made for a different culture thousands or hundreds of years ago.

Humans change - and - fortunately they progress spiritually as well. hence there is a need to learn the most divine direct way to live together in divine relationship again. as a direct result of your overall spiritual progress such teachings may be received on a spiritual level directly from Paramguru or God ! first YOU need to start the first step - to dissolve YOUR very own ego. before you have succeeded on this steps it would be a waste of time to strive out for the pleasure awaiting you AFTER YOU HAVE DROPPED YOUR EGO !! first YOUR work then the pleasure. however such spiritual progress may take only months or a few years before you become ready for a truly loving relationship. it only depends on your priority in your life and how much energy and efforts of your total available potential you direct in achieving your divine goal and how much of your potential you waste in material and career goals.

If you are truly ready to love - you can learn and experience relationship healing almost instantly

married partners ready and willing to love each other and accept healing may realize such relationship healing within a few weeks only. a few weeks that may change your entire future and could make the common path of love to God much easier and more pleasant - IF you take that little time to really get in peace with each other and stop that WAR between male and female forever.

Always do the first step yourself

never wait on your partner to do the first step - it always is YOU the one to make the first step to achieve such divine and eternal healing from within ! it is always YOU to start any step - now and in future as well !! whoever YOU are - male OR female. YOU start and everything else will follow automatically at the right time.

if however you completely fail to achieve such healing - ONLY your or your partner's LACK of WILL AND READINESS to do so ever could temporarily prevent such healing - then it is time for instant divorce or separation. and then you either spiritually progress first a while on your own and later on look for another partner or you may select the life of a single WITHOUT any rejection of opposite sex ! sometimes it is easier to advance on your spiritual path as a single - however you may again and again miss part of content of life - because true life NEVER is as a single. however it is easier to spiritually progress as a single than it is to spiritually progress in a daily tense or fighting relationship. all and each of you have a divine right to receive love and give love the single most direct way EVERY day, all the time. a day without love is an day without God - as God is love and God made relationship to enhance the flow of love to create even greater bliss and joy in all mankind - from eternity to eternity.

The final summary is:

Accept what God made - male or female and live that role

Be woman or be a man - with all aspects and functions and organs as God made you !!!
But be it with all your heart and with all your soul and all your body - all is one and made by God

one day all of us have to get in peace with OUR very own sexual role and our sexuality. with GIVING and RECEIVING love in all most efficient and most direct ways possible. here on earth as well as beyond.

you may temporarily escape these lessons NOW by escaping relationships here and now on earth - at least for a while. ONE day YOU have to learn it anyway - one day YOU have to GIVE and RECEIVE love in the most direct way - by fully becoming ONE with your partner !

Do now what needs to be learned to prevent illness and disaster

why delay for anytime later ?? YOU can do it right NOW and HERE and speed up your entire spiritual progress in addition to enjoying a far more loving spiritual path of true love to God. GET in peace with YOURSELF and get in peace with all of the opposite sex. it is a question of seconds of full devotion under the direct guidance of God or your guru.

forget and fully drop the story of Adam and Eve and the apple. there was a first man and first woman - but never an apple !!!!!!!! or the temptation it symbolizes. ALL God ever made always and only served the purpose of increasing your love, joy, blissful happy eternal life - because God is love and NEVER created anything tempting that could have caused you to separate and drop down to earth. it was your very own development of EGO that caused such drop.

Use sexuality as a means to be happy by making happy - never as a weapon of ego !!

ego tempts to use sexuality as a weapon - a divine soul as a medicine to heal !

if and as long as you WANT to have ego - leave your partner in peace - if however you want to truly love - then heal yourself first and enjoy your divine sexuality for the benefit of all and your partner / yourself as well. reduce doctor bills and medical problems as well as reduced or null frustration and tension will prove you that sexuality NEEDS to be fully and freely expressed and lived in a very divine way - wild - colorful - tender - sweet - hot - spicy - or gentle like a butterfly or an angel - any style - any how you or your partner love it and at any any place !!! but learn do it with TRUE divine love - nothing but love - only love can heal or enjoy.

very soon I will teach you one most important technique to enhance your love life and sexuality or even get it started again. be prepared for some hard stuff - your ego may jump somersaults when required to do the upcoming lessons - but .... you will learn it anyway - now or anytime in your eternal future ! do it now - it will be more fun tomorrow for all around you.

loving heart

with love and bliss


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