Focus on Love - and all else will vanish

if all mankind is busy

then ALL your life-force, all your attention and all your physical efforts will be completely and fully busy in a process of holistic healing.

healing starts always with YOU. as you heal your self in a holistic way through powerful spiritual techniques such as Kriya Yoga and God Yoga, ONE DAY you will be in a position to start healing others in manifold ways. by manifold healing methods, physical as well as spiritual methods.

the very beginning of all problems started for most of all humans thousands or more years ago. when the flow of love was reduced in one or both direction between you and your beloved God-given partner.

when you go back to that point of healing and heal the missteps that have caused YOUR first separation from God and YOUR beloved one, then YOU will be healed within as well as YOUR relationship with YOUR true and eternal partner. creating again powerful units of love - and as such a loving unit, the healing process expands toward greater and greater circles.

the more families are healed, loving and happy, the more they may then start to expand their true love and harmony in God toward all others around them.

if you are fully busy with healing yourself by spiritually progressing yourself - you finally become more and more a powerful divine healer of YOUR surrounding and YOUR family HERE ON EARTH.

hence you will never have any energy or time left for any measure of

as YOUR very own spiritual and hence holistic healing requires ALL your forces, all your efforts and all your attention - else you may fail to achieve your very own healing and finally find yourself again here in another reincarnation.

YOUR very own freedom in God, your very own freed and healed love within your own family and relationship as well as toward ALL is one of the very most powerful healing medicine for all around you.

with love and divine bliss


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