Christmas time and a quest for YOUR help for the poorest one here on this planet

after having served again some of the richest one on this planet for several weeks, it is now time again until far beyond Christmas time to help the poorest one on this planet.

human tragedies beyond imagination of those living in central Europe or USA/Canada or other industrialized countries occur or are found here daily by me. yesterday, the days before and today again.

to give you an idea of some extent of emergency humans can go through if things went wrong in previous incarnations, I will give you the most recent example of a person in need of YOUR help.

before yesterday a young mother of 21 yrs approached me and told me her problem. herself being a child resulting of rape, she has NO father and NO mother and NEVER went through any school education of any kind. with 18 yrs married and divorced again. with a premature baby 4 months old. the baby was about 2 months at hospital first and came home to the mother recently. the mother has some debt from the hospitalization time of the baby.

the baby having one eye closed and damaged. needed additional medical care. yesterday a medical emergency occurred and the baby was brought to a hospital some 2 hours away from here. this morning just before 04 AM the baby was taken home by God. leaving the young mother with additional financial problems for this recent hospitalization, plus any possible costs for the funeral in a few days.

worst than that all - this baby - even with no father taking care of the mother and baby, this small baby was ALL on this planet this young mother ever had. this baby was all she loved and worked for. a work most of you would never make nor dream about. having learned from early childhood to live from any kind of work that an nearly illiterate person can do here, this young women became extremely loving and humble doing anything just to survive.

NOW however it is time to end such a tragedy and to give her another chance for a new life. in one way or another.

it is Christmas time all year - time for LOVE, GRACE and MERCY toward all and some of you may want to help - to cover any debts existing - a total of less than 100 us $ so far, without possible expenses for the upcoming funeral. any additional amount of us $ 200 or higher could very positively help this young mother or any other similar emergency to restart a new life and a new existence.

smallest businesses here are often started with amounts of around us $ 200 - 500 and may help a person including all possible family members to completely change the life.

a typical family here consists of usually 3 generations often living in a single hut of totally about 15-20 square meters (seldom more) of total area. an amount of us $ 500 - 1000 may positively change the entire future of up to 3 generations within a single family of 10-12 or more persons (all generations included ).

such human tragedies occur in many countries around the world. day after day. in my previous job for an international humanitarian organization I met and saw personally hundred thousands of people suffering extreme emergencies of various kind due to action of war and other causes in countries like Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Lebanon, Syria, Zaire, samba, Botswana, Haiti and other places. situations such as right now in Afghanistan. situations where millions of people lost ALL except a small bundle of personal goods. many lost family members, children losing parents, or never had parents taking care of them - such as the young women mentioned above.

help to allow the poorest one to re-control their own life and future and restart from scratch is the most valuable help. hence one of my goals always was and is to give all the advice and holistic help needed to become free and independent of any permanent source of financial help. in many countries such as here in the Philippines it needs rather little to somehow start any kind of smallest business or services of any kind to regain such freedom and live again from the direct income of their own work. many people in need are willing to work and humble enough to do any kind of useful service or work to survive on their own.

if anyone of you wants now or in the future to support any such emergencies, you may either do it very personally by physically travel with a few thousand US $ cash in your pocket to countries in south America, Africa, Asia or wherever emergencies and human tragedies occur - such as Afghanistan these weeks. once arrived in such a place travel in provincial areas and slums, among the poorest one and you find plenty of opportunities to give your help in a very loving humble way directly to anyone in need. all you need is to understand the problems beyond the superficial appearance and having enough time and expertise to give holistic help to regain freedom again.

if however you are missing such personal opportunities - you may want to support such persons by sending your contribution to me and I will forward it to anyone in need. helping the poorest in spiritual as well as physical ways is part of holistic help in my daily life here. due to the frequency and intensity of such tragedies encountered here, please consider only the fastest and most efficient method for sending your contributions WESTERN UNION. any other method may simply be a few days or weeks too late to be of real help. you find all details about how to send your contributions at the bottom of this page.

with love and divine bliss


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