Miracles need to be attracted by you, if you want them to happen - attracted by your love !!!

Why do I write NOW about this topic ?

because it is Christmas time - a time of increased LOVE among all OR most Christians on this planet - and it will be all year round "Christmas time" if you understand how to invite miracles of love in YOUR life - to help you on your spiritual path back home.

Christmas time, i.e. the several weeks before the actual Christmas day is a time of gifts waiting to be RECEIVED AND ACCEPTED BY YOU as well as a time for gifts waiting to be GIVEN BY YOU, gifts such as YOUR forgiveness, love, grace and mercy toward others or any kind of help toward others and especially toward all the needy and poor ones on this planet.

remember that YOU might first have to empty YOUR "basket", before new gifts waiting for you may have place in your life.

gifts waiting for you during Christmas time are those coming from God, gifts coming from your spiritual friends and family members, gifts coming from your spiritual guidance and guru. some of these gifts may need true spiritual miracles - but they may and will occur and be brought to you when YOU have been preparing yourself to instantly receive them. miracles never happen slowly, they either are ALLOWED to occur instantly OR may be never if you are too closed for miracles!

the full responsibility to prepare yourself to receive divine gifts and miracles is YOURS only.

here in the Philippines all people start already NOW these days to fully decorate public places and parks in cities and villages with Christmas decoration and some of the sweetest Christmas music on this planet is played here. Christmas-decoration and Christmas music is supporting the awakening of the "Christmas feeling" among mankind. a feeling of love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, making and accepting gifts to others - to and from ANYONE - opening for love and bliss from God, as well as opening for miracles to happen - miracles as a sign of God's love, Jesus love, angels loving you, guru loving you, spiritual guides loving you, ... etc.

miracles happen again and again. miracles can be of manifold nature. many miracles that may have occurred or happened in your life may never have been perceived as such by YOU.

first I'll give you a few samples of possible miracles in your daily spiritual life.

billions of humans on earth however may never encounter any real miracle of any kind. at least no miracles they would consider as such.

why ??

first - you should fully realize that miracles ONLY happen if they serve a true and absolute spiritual goal. on this planet miracles never happen just for fun. miracles and magic just for fun will be part of your eternal life once back in God. because then and there all are using such divine gifts from God for the sole purpose of loving others, making others happy or creating excitement and joy for others. that is the way God also does such miracles for all of us - again and again - in our true and loving eternal home in God, in what many call "heaven".

here on earth however the spiritual situation is far too serious to waste efforts and energy. miracles if ever done on earth in the very dense and low vibration of this planet and physical matter, require a far much greater effort and far more energy by the one creating them and hence they are done for the sole purpose of spiritual teaching only. and only if that miracle creates the greatest possible progress or learning push for the recipient. if a miracle is the single most efficient method of achieving a particular result of spiritual progress or a spiritual lesson for an individual.

For some miracles occur almost daily

however miracles occur more often almost daily for some people, while others may never experience consciously something really miraculous in their life.

the reason for such different experiences is very simple. the more YOU love, the higher YOUR vibration as a direct result of YOUR

many humans however are entirely "occupied" - please realize what this word really means ! - with business, with career, with purely material problems and thoughts of selfishness, anger, jealousy, envy, pride, ... and hence have neither "space" to accommodate nor any free "time-frame" to experience any true miracle in their life.

you may CREATE a "space" within and around you for miracles to occur. your love creates an environment that facilitates miracles that happen JUST FOR YOU - your above action facilitate miracles by requiring MUCH less efforts and energy for them to be created for your help and support. you may also create time-frames for support becoming aware, for help being delivered, for miracles of any nature to occur in your life by simply taking a few hours FREE - EACH day. FREE just for God, love and your spiritual progress and spiritual work.

i will explain you with a real-life example that happened some when mid-end nineties of past century to explain you the difference between having time for God and being busy with "more important" material work.

several years ago a young man asked for initiation to kriya yoga and received diksha. for a while he practiced kriya yoga more or less regularly. however at the same time he was enrolled in a part time course to prepare for the government exam for healer (Heilpraktiker) in Germany. the course and exams were very intense and demanding. in Germany during these years it was quite normal that up to 90% of examinees failed their government exam. as the exam date approached - during the final months - I asked him once about his kriya yoga and he answered that he has no more time for kriya yoga now because of the intensified preparation for the upcoming exam. this was several months before the actual exam date.

some times later - after the exam date - I learned that he failed his exam. due to his preparation for the exam he took no time for God - hence God had no opportunity to help him - there was NO FREE time frame of peace and intellectual silence for God to assist his learning. later on he got out of sight and spiritually drifted away and down. at least for the time being.

just a little earlier another young man made the same preparation for the same government healers-exam in Germany. in a totally different way however. more intense because he selected a 3 months full time crash course in a most desirable tropical island resort environment in Thailand he loved, with FULL motivation - because he was making the exam to serve God better and to be legally allowed to heal with the power of God's love more peacefully while spiritually helping others in a holistic way. he made daily very intense and many hours lasting practices of most advanced kriya yoga. after return from Asia to Germany he waited for an exam date while working full time. during the final approximately 2 weeks before the actual exam, he took off from his work to have all time to prepare for the exam. the very first day of this time he studied almost day and night like in very earlier decades when preparing for important exams. then after this ONE day he realized that all communication with God is in danger and reducing - as a direct result of his intellectual work, the learning of useless names of illnesses, bacteria, pathology, physiology, anatomy, ... God knows all anatomy and all his very own creation, doesn't he ? so why worry about learning something that already is known to God ? God knows all the causes of illnesses, all the individual cures to be prescribed, God knows all that is written in any book on this planet.

starting with the second day of this final 2 weeks of exam preparation he totally changed his schedule back to normal. normal means - "God and love first, everything else last" - approximately 3 hours daily of study and all remaining hours love, God, kriya yoga, family and children ! he realized that God had prepared all for him so far. he received all the money to pay for this expensive crash course by being allowed to work for 6 months day and night (full time home-nursing of a dying person) which gave him the earning to allow the payment of all residual debts still existing from previous non-spiritual years, paying all tuition fees of all different crash courses made in Asia and travel expenses to a remote tropical location he preferred for this crash course. 2 special dates were given for the exam - while most others had to wait an average of up to 15-18 months during these years to be admitted for the exam - God arranged for 2 exam dates within the first 2 moths after return from the trip to Asia. God arranged for a fully oral exam as the examinee preferred oral exams over written exams and arranged the best possible examiners to be present, the correct questions to be given to the examinee and of course a sufficient number of correct answers being present in the examinee's mind. finally this God-oriented person - having full faith in God, passed the exam successfully to fully concentrate on his further spiritual life and work.

the above are 2 real life examples that actually happened and have been witnessed by the author. similar situations with many other persons and other exams or similar potential workload or stress load may be found among YOUR very own neighborhood and friends. different attitudes leading to different results. some may pass an exam or a tough or stressful situation without direct assistance received by God, but they have to work MUCH harder and much longer and may even have to pay financially much more to finally find themselves buried under a mountain of debts by the end of all education or training.

You have to create an environment of love to invite miracles to happen

miracles occur depending on the environment YOU create around you to facilitate miracles to happen or even invite them to happen as a direct result of YOUR love toward God and ALL his creation.

I will give you a simple and approximate example to better understand the difference in need of energy between two environments of different density - such as the aura of a very spiritual person as opposed to the aura of a warrior or very angry or nervous person.

  1. we have a container of water. the container has a volume of 2 sqm (approximately the size of an average telephone boot). that is 20'000 liter of water.
  2. we have the same container but this time filled with water saturated air. with water vapor.

whatever you want to do in the water filled container - like raising the temperature by 10 degrees centigrade - requires much more energy than doing the very same in the water vapor filled container.

when moving your body in the water filled container, you will notice that any motion is much more difficult and requires more physical efforts and energy (muscle power) than in the steam filled container.

whatever you do in water appears by far much more difficult than in water vapor.

the vapor / water example is a very gross example but still should allow you to become aware of the difference in efforts needed, when moving or achieving anything in environments with different density.

the very same principle applies for YOU when YOU expect angels to appear or your guru to become visible in his light body or even to partially or fully materialize for a particular and very spiritual purpose and reason. the very same principle also applies when you need a miracle to help in your desperate situation YOU may have got into.

the more LOVE YOU have developed IN and around YOU - the easier it is for YOU to perceive your spiritual guidance, including your guru or any spiritual help around you and the easier it is also for anyone to spiritually help you.

the more spiritual YOU are - the more spiritual help you will receive !

when you create a spiritual environment around you, at your working place, at home, anywhere you are, then you invite miracles in all aspects of YOUR life to become possible and to happen whenever helpful for your spiritual development and the expansion of love in and around you.

whenever you have created a more spiritual and loving attitude WITHIN you, within your physical body. that means when YOU have achieved a loving attitude toward yourself, then you invite spiritual miracles such as spontaneous uplifting, samadhi or miraculous healing of ANY kind to happen inside your spiritual and or physical body.

God Yoga is an excellent method to create a loving environment WITHIN YOU ! you learn to open for God's love very directly and as a direct love feedback you ALWAYS and IMMEDIATELY feel his love flowing into your body and through your entire spiritual AND physical body. the more you feel his love flowing instantly AND continuously during the practice of God Yoga, the more you are open. the longer you do God Yoga the more your overall vibration of your body will be uplifted and existing illnesses healed. if however you experience problems in directly and consciously feeling his flow of love through you - then YOU need to relax more and open MORE for God.

to achieve a more loving attitude toward YOURSELF however requires YOU to have repeatedly and successfully given love to many many others around you first. the more you have loved others in all possible ways described in other chapters and previous issues of spiritual lessons for life, the easier it will be for you to open yourself for any and all help, love and bliss offered to you by anyone, including God, saints, guru and whoever wants to give you help and signs of true divine love and forgiveness.

the more love YOU develop toward ALL creation, toward all, toward anyone and everyone around you - the higher the vibration around you and the more uplifting you may become for others and the more YOU may invite miracles and healing and loving changes to take place in your environment, among all people around you within your aura. as your love expands - your aura expands as well until you have become one with all creation. step by step this will happen to all humans on their way back to our eternal home in God.

how can you invite miracles in your home or life ? by creating a small area of a "temple of light" within your home, a corner of a room or a separate room entirely devoted to God and love for your daily spiritual practice. an area where you have some flowers for GOD, an area where you only pray, love, practice kriya yoga, God yoga, or your traditional yoga you might prefer, an area you use to meditate and or for healing.

after a while of doing so in one particular place or room, indoor or outdoor, the entire vibration of all objects and space in that corner or room is uplifted. making meditation, receiving spiritual guidance, achieving better and more intense spiritual progress much easier for ALL people using such "temple of lights". the first step is to make your body a temple of God - a temple of love and light, the other step is to turn your home and later on all surrounding into a temple of God, love and light. such a divine place can and should be used by all family members and can also be shared to receive loving visitors if exchange of love is the only topic and activity in such divine places.

finally however you should realize that the single most powerful tool to invite miracles of spiritual nature for YOUR spiritual benefit is YOU uplifting YOUR very own vibration. by YOU getting a more and more divine and loving aura - wherever YOU are. your aura will expand more and more and finally makes spiritual awareness of guidance, of help and healing as well as needed "miracles" possible whenever and wherever needed and helpful. kriya yoga is the most powerful tool to dissolve any obstacle within your being, within your aura, within any part of your different layers of your spiritual body.

how can and do you prevent miracles and healing to occur in your life ?

most of you are very successful in preventing miracles !! however is this really your intention and goal ? here a few points that prevent miracles or spontaneous healing to occur in your life. look at them and compare with YOURSELF very carefully and make necessary changes in your very own behavior and attitude where needed:

ALL and everything is possible - miracles have infinite possibilities and extent - it only depends on your creation of a loving environment for miracles to happen more easily, on your readiness to accept miracles for your spiritual well-being and support !

with love and divine bliss


God is Love

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