God's creation - a huge and infinite "family business"

people on this planet have little or most of the time NO direct idea of what the creations consists of and how such a huge creation is run / "managed" by God.

To give you a better idea on how to better adjust your expectations toward what is awaiting you when back home and also to better help you HERE to understand many situations better, I will give you a simple description of what never can be described but only experienced. however you will get a good and thorough understanding that allows you to adjust your behavior and spiritually progress much faster.

Most of all humans never know how to pray to God or how to talk to God , or how to expect help from God . neither here on earth nor beyond.

Imagine a huge family business - any kind of family business. like a huge car manufacturer, or electronic company, or whatever you may prefer. but there are many many different generations in God 's spiritual family.

Imagine grandfather to be the "boss" = God. and father, mother, their sisters and brothers, YOU, your brothers and sisters, your children, your grandchildren, .... and many more generations make up your spiritual family.

All are ONE family. all are working toward ONE single goal, whatever they do - the common goal is to create more joy of life, more happiness by improving the quality of love and quality of different ways to show and / or experience love and by providing more and more solutions of love to those temporarily in trouble - like we here on earth. we here are ALL together in trouble because

If you want to learn to talk or pray - a prayer is nothing else but a talk to God . a whisper of love from beloved to lover !! then we should STOP using blindly printed prayers and repeating them again and again for decades. is this the way you ever would talk to your beloved living partner - husband or wife or beloved parents ?

God is your eternal lover. he has an "open ear" all the time, eternally for all your problems and concerns. you should learn to open your heart and start talking in a very very personal private way to God , like you would talk to your very most beloved best friend you ever had.

God is taking care of all. but many of his elder children - beloved sons and beloved daughters - and their children and grandchildren, etc., as well are assisting God . each has become a special set of gifts. gifts to create something unique, like healing music, healing paintings, healing herbs, healing vibrations, healing teachings, healing light, healing situations, inducing lucid dreams in you and many more different gifts of greatest value to others and of greatest pleasure to use for those having received such gifts. all have received such divine gifts. all have some very unique gifts that make them very unique beloved children in God 's entire infinite and eternal creation. also YOU have such gifts, but most of you never have discovered them here on earth due to your involvement in the material world and all its problems.

Each of the spiritually advanced humans beyond earth has a special area of activity, like in a huge family business. free of any competition among brothers and sisters, all do their very best and all enjoy helping and creating solutions of love or situations to enjoy YOU. all are cooperating with each others whenever possible. a huge and ever loving teamwork of loving brothers and sisters and family members, whose only pleasure is to create pleasure and joy in others, to make others as happy as ever possible !!

Whatever problem you address directly to God , may be forwarded to any of his beloved ones being able to solve YOUR very problem in the very most loving way possible. all are allowed to help - hence all receive the feeling and assurance to be of real use and value to all. each and every human is a unique angel of love - made to love - nothing but to love - in various magic ways. for the joy of all creation as well as for the joy of our all heavenly father - God.

Learn to speak more lovingly, more freely and like a very sweet lover to all those willing and waiting to help you. because with anger or serious talk you may scare them all away. an angry or serious vibration might be FAR to low and far to painful to experience for most of our beloved ones having their home in God .

It is but YOUR true and sweet LOVE that can attract solutions of love in your life. practice such true and sweet love with all your earthly friends and family members and you may receive a direct love feedback on how good you are doing in becoming a true divine lover.

To attract helping love from our divine family members you also need to become a strong and powerful lover. previous issues of the spiritual lessons for life have focused on this point to a sufficient degree. whoever is physically strong in his work and life here on earth may any time become a strong and mighty lover - attracting any help needed and becoming able to provide any help others ever may need.

God is and remains the source of all sources, the creator of all creators. however you may need to get used to the idea that YOU as well need to learn to accept challenges and responsibilities in God 's infinite and eternal "family business",. how boring would it be if YOU were working in an earthly family business in a top position but your earthly father would want to make every single decision of some importance. it would be useless to have such a job and boring of having no real responsibility and power to solve problems YOUR way.

In God 's creation are a near infinite number of problems waiting to be solved. most of them may be solved in various ways, different - even totally different methods and approaches - may lead to a loving end-result to the fullest satisfaction of all concerned.

Learn to be creative - really and divinely creative - even and just here on earth. because many of the problems are existing here and now and can be solved just by you in the very most efficient way. because physical problems can best be solved by physical beings !! whatever you do or attempt to do, you may be assured that you may have hundreds or more invisible helpers with you, watching you, guarding you, protecting you, guiding you, coordinating all where coordination is needed from superior spiritual points of view, inspiring you where needed and where your very own creativity fails temporarily to find a best possible or acceptable solution of love in time.

It all is a teamwork of many beings involved and always was so. a teamwork of our entire spiritual family, the entire creation working together, achieving results together - and sharing results all together for the mutual benefit of all creation.

Your love attracts your spiritual family members and opens doors and helps to create solutions. YOU have the power to communicate in a much more loving way with all - for your very own spiritual benefit as well as for the benefit of your earthly friends and neighbors and relatives.

Look at all creation like at a huge and infinite family business and you much better understand why helping, acting now and instantly and most efficiently is of utmost importance to all. just keep in mind ONE department of this family business producing a very particular part of help and healing stops to produce or delays production or its manager fails to work at all - may be YOU. the entire creation would be in danger and others of the divine family would have to work and help overtime to make up for what YOU may eventually fail to provide into the family output at this very moment.

All eternal life is fun and joy. it's all about love. from eternity to eternity and only a relatively small part of creation like this tiny little planet and solar system as well as a few million other similar systems and parts of creation need special help and attention. but there is work to be done, by those being able to spiritually help - by YOU ... and me as well !

All are equal before God , but as you may easily understand - some in this family business are far more experienced while others are amidst of all their self-made problems - struggling for bare survival and still a bit away from giving help to anyone. it's time for all to get free of their own self-made problems by accepting any help offered and successfully applying all spiritual teachings and help and love received in all aspects of their own life and path to God realization until you reach God union and eternal freedom in God to become a fully qualified member of our "family business" and accepting YOUR position in God's creation - empty at this very time due to your self-imposed exile on earth.

True life starts again for all of you far beyond the physical plane - in a world of eternal love and divine bliss poured upon all of you - by God and all your beloved family members waiting for you, waiting to make and see you happy again - truly happy - waiting to truly and fully being able to LOVE YOU and also waiting for YOUR most beautiful gifts you may want to share with all of us. gifts of divine beauty and love - gifts that only YOU can make and no one else - because YOU are a very unique part in God's entire creation. every single human being is unique and remains unique for the remainder of eternal existence and being !

Like a flower in a ocean of flowers - all are beautiful - but they all are beautiful because they all are different from each other. so are humans beautiful because different from each other but divine like sweet and or powerful angels of love. angels of love made to the divine image of God.

with love and divine bliss


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