Learn to do the right thing at the right time

here on earth we have lost direct conscious contact to all - to our spiritual family, our spiritual relatives, to our spiritual children, to our spiritual parents, as well as to God and the remainder of entire creation.

part of mankind on earth however is reaching out for God. HERE and NOW. may be YOU as well ? there heart is opening and they would like to become again a part of the divine family in God.

this opening and search for God is recognized by God and all his family members who still remain in conscious contact and are fully aware of God and entire creation and its need.

if you reach out for God, then you want become part of all family again. this however means that YOU have to learn to become an ACTIVE part again. YOU need help - plenty of HELP - to find out of your present situation. here we are talking only about SPIRITUAL HELP. to be open for spiritual help however YOU need to be free and receptive for any kind of help YOU need. this opening for help YOU need is obtained by YOU HELPING OTHERS FIRST !! to be able to do so, YOU need meaningful and useful opportunities to help others who are in real need. you need to regain the sensitivity for the NEED for help of others. you need an open heart full of love for others as well as the readiness to instantly help others in need of any kind of help. such readiness to help and sensitivity for the need of help at first NEEDS to be trained again. your ego has for a long time - in most cases for ten thousands of years up to million of years refused to cooperate with others for the mutual benefit of all creation. hence all your brain, nervous system, all your automatic reactions are based on this past time of separation from God and all creation.

You ALL have been given repeated times opportunities to reconnect YOURSELF into the chain of useful actions of love. ALL are given again and again opportunities to help. most however fail to recognize such hands that are reaching out for YOU to return home.

please realize that EVERY opportunity to help anyone is YOUR chance of being ALLOWED TO REENTER THE GROUP OF LOVING FAMILY MEMBERS and to receive help on your part for your return home.

returning home to our eternal home in God never is possible as a single individual - but only as a loving child of God open for ALL - in love. open for all love to be given to anyone needing love as well as open for all love offered to you by millions or more of loving family members in God waiting for YOU to accept any help.

from previous newsletters as well as several chapters published in the cyberspace ashram you should by now understand that all is energy that needs to flow. an individual in a certain way acts like a container. if you want something NEW, you FIRST need to empty your container of something old. you need to make place for your God-given divinity and divine help, for love and spiritual support. one very efficient way is helping others in all possibly needed ways.

how are opportunities to help offered to you ?

you very surely remember many times that you had the idea or feeling you should

such sudden appearing ideas are GIVEN to you from a spiritual level. on a highly evolved spiritual level hundreds of spiritual beings are nearly full time busy helping you and many others. if a needed help is realized, then the search for the fastest and most efficient possible helper is started. all children of God potentially willing to help or NEEDING to help in order top receive themselves help, are then found and an offer to help is made by such ideas.

some times the person in need is contacting directly on a spiritual level all possible HELPERS among his spiritual family members or other possible sources of help.

all of you have had such ideas that someone you know, like

you may have had the feeling or idea that YOU could and should help or at offer your full help and support to any such person or situations that have been brought to your attention.

most of the time however you may have been too busy with your daily routines. went to work, or to an appointment of ZERO spiritual value and minutes or hours later the idea or feeling to need to help was gone.

why was that feeling to help gone ?

the very second, the very moment YOU perceive that someone may need HELP - YOUR help, that very second that person NEEDS instant help. instant means within seconds, the most efficient way, the fastest possible way. at any price and completely free of any thoughts about possible most economic ways to help.

LOVE is priceless. True love has NO value because no physical or material goods of any kind ever can pay for true divine love. the value of true love never can be measured by any physical or mathematical means. its value is infinite. you will recognize that infinite value the day YOU need help and help is nothing else but realized love in a certain way depending on the details of the actual situation asking for help.

YOU are given a chance to enter a divine family again by being offered an opportunity to help. you are offered an opportunity to spiritually practice love and any lesson that YOU might need to learn and practice in order to rejoin YOUR divine home in God again. YOUR possible benefit if accepting the challenge to help is far beyond the limited help you ever can offer - even if you offer ALL you have on earth - YOUR spiritual benefit is infinitely much greater than whatever value you could physically give away. YOUR physical love is asked for - and in return you may receive infinite bliss and true spiritual love from your spiritual family waiting to help you on your path of love to God. ready to help you to get out of the cycle of reincarnation, out of the dilemma of karma and attachment, out of war and revenge. out of retaliation and punishment.

the help however is needed within a particular time-frame. sometimes this time-frame might be but a few seconds or minutes. hence in such cases absolute instant help and acting is required by whoever is willing to do so. if you wait or think for a few seconds too long, then someone else is accepting the offer you just dropped in your intellectual selfishness and someone else will receive and enjoy the additional push and spiritual benefit such an action of help ALWAYS CONTAINS.

sometimes the time frame might be up to a few hours or days but seldom even more. depending on the particular situation.

if no one of those having received the offer to help is helping, then there are always "professional" helpers doing what others fail to do. there are things spiritually TOO important to be left at the mercy of EGO. there are persons having ZERO karma and being entitled to the fullest possible support at any time, because they have committed themselves to the full-time support of God's entire creation on earth and beyond. persons even here on earth helping YOU all the time - in your office, at your working place, in your company, in your business, in your neighborhood, ... like guardian angels of love - working in the name of God for YOUR physical and spiritual benefit, day after day for millions of years. and most of them you have never recognized as being your physical guardian angels on earth in YOUR world of matter and ego.

many of you who finally accept the offer to being allowed to help waste their valuable opportunity by searching for cheapest ways to help, searching for most convenient ways to help, searching for easiest ways to help, and by the time the help finally is given, it either may be TOO late and this being TOO late may have considered substantial additional and absolutely obsolete suffering of any kind. or the help simply arrives TOO late because someone else has given timely help to prevent any obsolete suffering. you may even fail to realize that your help has arrived too late because you might have been so satisfied or proud of having helped that you miss to realize the full content of such situations. many such helper-beginners even delay their help to create at first greater suffering and greater emergency to create or expect greater gratitude from the one receiving help. remember that YOU - the potential helper - is the one and only who truly is benefiting from GIVING help to others. the ones receiving or needing help often are playing their divine role given by God to them or a role the consciously accepted to give YOU a chance to return home - back to your loving family in God. many have accepted such roles because they truly care about YOU and because they always TRULY LOVED YOU and want you back - back in God, because they want you to be really happy and enjoy life again the way God ever has planned it to be.

please learn to sharpen your awareness for any situation where YOU get the feeling or idea that YOU may be able to help, or that a particular person is needing a particular help. YOU are the one to help, because YOU are the one to have received the opportunity. an opportunity to reconnect again back into the flow of LOVE and BLISS as enjoyed by the majority of mankind beyond this planet - back in their / our all - divine and eternal home in God.

learn to always give such help the very most efficient and fastest possible way, learn to use to most sophisticated high tech assistance offered, learn to use ALL means that are available at present time, learn to put ALL your efforts into obtaining the BEST possible and most powerful possible solution of love. make every such opportunities the only and first priority in your life. usually it may take but a few minutes, hours and seldom more than a day or two. keep in mind that one day YOU may need such instant and most efficient assistance in many different situations on YOUR path of love to God. because there are TWO things each and all of YOU may have to relearn again.

  1. giving instant and efficient loving help and assistance in the FULL extent needed by the potential recipients
  2. accepting ALL loving help to the full extent offered by those LOVING YOU

hence you may need to learn to give love by helping others and or you may need to learn to receive love by others helping YOU.

both is of equal importance for ALL of us.

as a potential receiver for help you may have to learn that when you call or e-mail or pray for help one day. the help you may expect to arrive someday in the future may already be waiting for you and be available instantly or within seconds or minutes. because out there in this world ARE people who care about YOU and who are open for YOUR needs and are waiting for YOUR call for help to give you instant solutions, instant help. often solutions of love are already waiting for you because YOU have failed to call and thus open for help when you actually first become aware of YOUR need for help. in the meantime however others became aware for your need and were waiting for you to contact them - just to accept the help from them they were waiting to give you without even "knowing you in person". they had help waiting to be delivered and were waiting for the recipients address - for your call for help - a call by the single most efficient method available at any time in any situation. such calls for help ALWAYS include a sincere prayer and self assessment of the own actual situation and the need and readiness to accept help.

may all help ever be given to you instantly and may you all ever become instantly aware of any help you may be able to offer to others. making happy is far greater joy and receiving "thank you".

never create gratitude - only create happiness !!

what else could be of greater value and reward to you than to know and feel and see another happy and smiling face among mankind or creation at all !!! all happiness that you create or co-create will become part of the source of all love and bliss that flows through you for the remainder of eternity.

with love and divine bliss


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