Your love, grace, mercy and forgiveness is needed for real peace on this planet these very days

in this present times of worldwide emotional turmoil and stressful situation it is essential that ALL who want to be spiritual or intend to learn to become truly spiritual NOW and for the future learn to FULLY maintain a really neutral attitude toward all and any party involved in today's political situation of this planet. this really neutral inner attitude is the single most important essential basis to allow more and more love to flow toward where love is needed.

prejudice may cause YOUR LOVE to flow toward one party only - may be the one party needing least love from any party involved. be like a sun. shine YOUR LOVE in all directions toward all. and your love will "hit" the ones needing YOUR DIVINE LOVE MOST and being MOST open to receive your divine love and allow such love to heal all emotions and all emotional injuries they carry on from the far past. as the present situation is the result from a very very OLD struggle having its roots back in the times of genesis and FAR before - that still goes on these very days and may continue for thousand and more years if people keep fighting instead of LOVING.

as long as people kill killers, killing will go on and on for a NEARLY infinite time - it is a traditional Christian teaching that any problem can be solved in LOVE - and only true divine love has the power to really and eternally solve ANY AND EVERY PROBLEM ever existing from eternity to eternity !!

LOVE is the only solution to end this struggle. LEARN from the past ! learn from previous millennium - before and after Christ - and you will see that NO single war or retaliation-action at any time for any reason was ever leading to real peace and the free flow of true divine love among all divine brothers and sisters - among all divine family of humans on earth and beyond in my father's entire creation ! it is time to really and very intensely focus on love. and to actively help to HEAL all the wounds carried on by millions from ancient time to allow true eternal love to expand faster and faster from NOW on and for ever !! PLEASE re-read the chapters linked below and many other chapters that you may feel attracted to such as

Rejection and fear | problem solving

remember that dozens and hundreds of YOUR very personal children from YOUR many previous physical and metaphysical reincarnation on this very planet as well as on other planets BEFORE your physical life started are still incarnated HERE and NOW on this very planet. dozens or hundreds of YOUR VERY BELOVED CHILDREN may be in your country or in any other country of this planet. whatever side you are for - you always will be against part of YOUR VERY PERSONAL FAMILY !! if YOU however love them ALL - YOUR love will bring them together - to become a loving family again - one day in the near or far future depending on how much love of how pure divinity is poured upon all the wounded hearts of all mankind involved in today's time of war and struggle.

ALL of you - ALL mankind on earth however are MY beloved children - hence divine love, grace and mercy flows into all hearts and souls opening for such divine help. I love all and always loved all - independent of what some of my children ever have done in the past or will do now or in the future.


if YOU agree to stop any kind of retaliation,

if YOU stop any kind of punishment

if YOU stop any kind of "justice"

then only YOUR eternal and infinite divine love can prosper again in all your hearts and souls,

then only can YOU end the repeating cycle of reincarnation

then only can YOU end the repetition of war, killing and re-killing

then only will YOU with very ease find and open the door to eternal love and divine bliss

then only YOU will find ever HOME - your HOME HERE with me - in the infinite and eternal divine home of love and light. where the majority of YOUR very family is already waiting for you to return home as well.

then only we all will be ONE single for ever loving family again !

with YOUR very direct intensified personal SPIRITUAL efforts YOU can become a more substantial part of a global solution of PEACE than any amount and quantity of warfare ever could be and will be. only love can really heal and create peace - instant peace. YOUR LOVE !!!

with love and divine bliss


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