Recognize communication problems and develop your communication skills - part 2

Part 1:

Recognize communication problems and develop your communication skills - part 1

to continue the topic of the last newsletter, I will emphasize a few more details to assure you understand the physiology of communication and learning better.

you may compare your spiritual body with your physical body. the physical body has veins and arteries as well as airways and intestines. in the aforementioned vessels of the physical body matter needs to flow - else illness or severe medical emergencies with life threatening situations may occur.

for example if blood stops to flow completely to a leg or arm - numbness in that part starts to occur after just a few minutes. if blood stops flowing though out all head and brain for many seconds - consciousness in the physical body is lost and a little later death may occur.

similar in the emotional and mental body, as well as causal body and soul or any other metaphysical body.

there are no physical obstructions in your spiritual body, however mental blockages or emotional blockages in your behavioral pattern are exactly of same nature than physical obstructions to the physical body.

hence if you have ANY obstruction in your metaphysical body, like

these act like obstructions to the FREE flow of metaphysical energy like the flow of emotional energy, mental energy (knowledge, information, ..).

metaphysical energy NEEDS to flow permanently - such as for example BLOOD in your physical body !!! metaphysical energy however flows

the more obstructions you may have in your being

i mentioned as behavioral disorders for example delaying of answers, ...

such behavior is the result of previous experiences, sometimes shock experiences, or the part of a tactical behavior to achieve a particular goal in a indirect way that you may have achieved during previous incarnation or in present incarnation. whatever the original cause may be - it may be a cause millions of years old - the knowledge of the real cause is of secondary or no importance. important however is that you become aware of your exact condition and behavior realize that you need to work on re-establishing again a completely FREE and fast method of true, sincere and loving communication in all and any situation. as you develop such habit again, more and more love and energy flows and frees you more and more of any metaphysical obstacle.

as you practice kriya yoga, all layers in your spiritual ( metaphysical ) body will be cleansed and finally dissolved. as a direct result all causes of any behavioral disorder of any kind will disappear step by step as you progress during the many years of intense and increasing practice.

thinking and intellectual activities of any kind are usually done FIRST in the mental body and fractions of seconds later appear in the physical brain. the slower however your energy flows the less efficient your mental body and more and more work is done by the physical brain only. the physical brain however is MUCH more slowly than any part of metaphysical body can work.

the more you free your metaphysical body, the easier all intellectual activities are flowing and the easier learning and recalling of information is. perception is highly improved in spiritual persons and learning / understanding more efficient.

a purified metaphysical body with its divine and efficient function however requires a HIGH vibration, i.e. a very loving attitude within yourself free of any tricks, ....

Learn to open more for a free communication

if you want to open more for a free communication and a free exchange of metaphysical energy and information / inspiration with your environment, you need to

learn to speed up all YOUR reactions to the need of your environment. keep in mind that pleasing others is the main purpose of our eternal life in god. learn to practice this already now and here on earth. learn to permanently and instantly reply to all questions and all needs, requests of your environment to keep a once established opening OPEN and the communication or other experience with your partner flowing.

learn to be straight forward and DIRECT in all your talks, exchanges and meetings with any other human. your delaying of answers, actions or reactions may be FAR more annoying than your direct and sometimes hard truth. people love to hear the truth as the truth is divine and hence healing love. the truth makes free and heals.

in the previous issue I should a few examples of how people are delaying promises of any kind just to keep a communication and link to you open as long as possible while letting you wait.

however we also meet almost equally often the opposite. people asking for a service, for help, for a meeting - but NOT NOW, later, days later, weeks later, months later. if you agree upon their request to provide what they asked for and offer to do it immediately, you may see that they often say NO I have no time now please come later ....

you may then ask again and again and find them holding you up helping them.

the reason is exactly the same. by asking for help or a favor of any kind AND finding someone willing to offer what they asked - they found someone being open too LOVE them and they want to keep that link to you open as long as possible. the request for help was never based on the real need for help but just a trick to get your attention and as a result of your attention - YOUR LOVE - again in a indirect and extreme inefficient way.

for example someone asking you "can I come talking with you one of these days ? do you have time for me ?"

you answer yes and may offer them IMMEDIATELY - i.e. just drop in NOW, or why don't you come today for lunch, dinner, etc.

but they may answer " oh I have no time today, but may be .... next week Friday, in 2 or 3 weeks or so, I will give you a call, " or something similar. once they have received your OK - YOU have established an open link, a permanent communication within to them. during the coming days, until the meeting actually has taken place, you think again and again of that person, hence by thinking of someone you establish a link of love. that's all they wanted and they want it as long as possible without admitting to need love. ;-)))

the human ego is full of tricks. some of these tricks work for hundreds or more years, for many many incarnation and become an almost permanent part of that being. however such behavior is in no way honest and sincere. all humans absolutely need to learn again to love directly, love in various ways by talking, by being together, by helping each other in an efficient way, or just by giving direct love, hugs, spending silent time together loving each other. people need to learn again to admit their innermost NEED and HUNGER for LOVE. people need to learn again to show love in all possible but DIRECT ways to ALL and also to accept / receive love in the most efficient, most direct way from ALL.

the restlessness of today's high-tech world sometimes make such tricks necessary. at least for many it seems that there is no direct way left to get love or just some loving and peaceful silent time with a beloved one. without the sudden and severe illness or accident of a family member or close friend, the remainder of the family often is too much absorbed by their own - often quite useless material activities. while many people nowadays think it is all about earning more and more money easier and faster, in reality it is all about LOVE. here on earth as well as in God's entire divine creation and it shall remain that way for eternity. as love is the only single happiness and joy creating power that is available FREE, infinitely and eternally. a divine gift from God to all. working for money and all related stress here on earth is just a price we have to pay for being far away from our original divine state of being a being of love at home eternally in God's divine world of love - at home in God !!

during the course of YOUR own spiritual progress you will perceive many other problems in communication and relationships between humans and find solutions to dissolve them in divine love. the single most important always is to remember:

without YOUR direct, efficient and scientific work to dissolve YOUR EGO - little or nothing is going to change in YOUR life. if you want others to change their behavior - then YOU need to spiritually progress yourself FIRST. this either results in a change in existing neighborhood or it may lead to a move into another neighborhood, another living environment on this planet or beyond.

as YOU have become more direct, more efficient and more straight forward in LOVING others, as well as accepting love in a possible ways offered by others to you - all others will adapt to YOUR new and more spiritual, more human like behavior or you will attract other persons better suiting your improved spirituality.

your present environment on this planet is exactly the result of YOUR KARMA as a result of previous years AND previous incarnations. it is the result of your previous actions OR INACTIVITY - hence YOUR previously omitted but long time needed changes.

with love and divine bliss


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