Recognize communication problems and develop your communication skills - part 1

communication skills are far more important than just for talking with each other. however problems in communications with single others or many / most others may have deep spiritual roots - deep inside your EGO.

only a few communication problems are very obvious to the person concerned or their environment. most existing communication problems however DO create STRESS in YOUR environment - emotional, mental AND physical stress and even more important, communication problems do drastically slow down many or all of your intellectual capabilities, such as learning ease and learning speed !

hence the benefit of learning proper communication skills are very obvious and substantial in ALL your situations of life. starting from personal communication with friends, professional communication with employees, employers, customers, etc. ... up to a much easier and much faster learning capability.

first you need to self-evaluate very critically YOUR very own behavior. below you find a few questions to ask YOURSELF. please answer them very critically and truthfully. to give precise answers you may have to observe yourself during the coming days and weeks and in the future for a permanent self-evaluation and to allow for eventually needed correction

if ALL of above can easily be answered with yes, then you appear to have no substantial communication problems and may skip ALL below.

else please proceed.

for a most efficient and PLEASANT communication with the entire creation - here on earth and beyond, with all mankind on earth and beyond, with humans and NON-humans, we always need to follow the following rules:

let's now have a look at some of the common problems we may encounter day by day on this planet.

eye to eye contact:

most people tend to avoid direct eye to eye contact. this ALWAYS is a sign that the innermost divine core of that person avoiding direct AND permanent eye to eye contact DISAGREES COMPLETELY with said words, current intentions or or present activities !!!

if a person's eyes point to either lower right or lower left side (almost) permanently that even means that the spiritual being has temporarily left that physical body for reason of DISAGREEMENT with that physical body present activities - i.e. the EGO's activities !! that means YOU are talking to an temporarily empty body. if you watch your environment - you may be astonished how frequently this happens - DAILY !!

the innermost being of many around you disagrees with what the ego does. the result of such disagreement may be serious illness, tumors, accidents, acquired disabilities, slow or difficult/hard learning, limited efficiency in most activities, limited success in most activities, violence as a result of missing spiritual guidance from within that person's body as a direct result of abandoning that body by the original soul using the body for spiritual experiences and learning on earth.

what to do in such an extreme situation ?

the only and best recommended method is to avoid ad that time ANY conversation, any action, any relationship, AND even more important any DECISION with that person.

if a person gets sometimes eye to eye contact but only for very brief periods of time, open more for God AND for that person in the very most loving way. more intensified flow of divine love may eventually create a true and open link to the innermost being of your conversation-partner.

avoid persons who have repeated problems with direct eye to eye contact. they may be repeatedly lying, or disagree with what they do - hence they may make decisions with ZERO or little value to you or others involved and as a direct result additional problems for YOU may result in the future.

keep your relationships limited to true and sincere and LOVING persons. it is much more efficient for YOUR spiritual path and progress. leave problem-children to others mainly to God or the few ones who specialize in solving problems as part of their spiritual activities. Love all without asking for problems, without provoking problems. dealing in any way with persons that repeatedly or even permanently look to lower left or lower right bottom side while talking or facing you ARE potentially creating problems to YOU and all your beloved ones. LOVE them while avoiding them. God will take care of them in his way !

delaying help, answers or favors once agreed or promised to give to anyone

if this is repeatedly practiced by YOU - either to a single individual or in general to most or many persons repeatedly, then you are suffering from spiritual/mental/emotional stinginess. you want to give as little as absolutely needed, but even once you agree to give you want to keep others waiting on you. any person waiting on you gives HIS attention. giving attention is however an indirect way of giving LOVE. you want to receive their attention by keeping them waiting for as long as YOUR ego likes, as long as possible and feasible without losing contact and interest by the person waiting. how long a person lets others waiting depend on previously and repeatedly made experiences by that ego. the longer the better. the less that ego has to give for a greater amount of attention (love) received the better.

many millions of humans on earth practice this. efficiently and with some "success" at least for a while. however this always causes stress for all others concerned, especially those having asked for help or needing some kind of favor to advance in their own life / work. however as long as some people play the game by the rules of such egos - such games may go on.

a spiritual advice to people practicing such: either you want to make a promised favor or give a help you have been either offering on your own or asked for - then DO it IMMEDIATELY or leave it and stop offering or agreeing in giving such help to anyone at all. offering help and then delaying its realization is a very common attention getter. it however is a very cheap way of getting love while giving the least possible. and finally YOU are the one suffering most of such behavior. while others - once aware of your true intentions - may easily get any help from other sources instantly - you may find less and less people to play YOUR ego's game your way.

energy needs to flow - PERMANENTLY AND FREELY !! any kind of delaying answers, delaying or postponing services or answers, any way of keeping people waiting ALWAYS reduces YOUR flow of vital energy, it reduces and / or limits YOUR potential capabilities in YOUR life. in your material life, professional career, family life, love life, sexual life, ....

asking questions that are already answered somewhere or previously again and again

some people manage to play "stupid" by doing so they attract again additional attention (love) the easy way - without having to love for receiving love !!
such is practiced manifold in various situations in life. just keep watching carefully and you find many practicing that. some persons just reject of instantly accepting any given teaching, whether at school, professional training, at home or even in the spiritual world of this planet - people ask and ask and attempt to keep you busy answering them. just to get your direct and very personal attention and hence your love in an indirect way.

one day however they may have practiced this "playing stupid" to the extent that they really become very slow in learning, from early childhood throughout their professional career and even in leisure activities !!

if YOU observe such behavior within YOURSELF, then ask yourself:

if a clear YES is YOUR answer to the above - then keep in mind that any way you receive any kind of important teaching, verbal, visual, audio, spiritual or by any other method - ONE single time receiving any information is absolutely sufficient if you really like to LEARN. all you need to to is to learn to be fully concentrated, fully open and create a positive attitude for the subject / topic you are learning as well as for the source of teaching received.

become aware that the only one benefiting from YOUR intellectual efficiency is YOU, your spiritual being as well as your present physical body / ego !!!

anyone offering you some kind of information or skills is doing so because he wants to HELP YOU. above average proficiency in skills and above average knowledge for every days use as well as professional use make YOUR life easier and more enjoyable. above average spiritual awareness and enlightenment as a result of realized and fully absorbed spiritual teachings make YOUR life more successful in ALL aspects of life and in addition shorten your path to God and hence to eternal freedom and happiness.

some of the teachers or sources of teaching may be more efficient, more proficient, more experienced but the intention of all is a potentially positive one. hence you have all reasons to create YOURSELF a positive attitude toward all such source.

a very easy, enjoyable learning of skills AND needed intellectual knowledge is the direct result of your change in behavior and inner attitude. what ever YOU learn you learn for YOURSELF and never for others !!!

once YOU have made up your mind and set clear priorities. all you need to do for a while is using some powerful and really positive affirmations to overcome and dissolve previous behavioral patterns.

such as:

the more open you are for all resources offered to you, the faster you will progress in your life, spiritually AND materially and the more fun and joy you will experience in YOUR life.

rejection of a person willing to communicate, abusing communication and needs of others as a indirect source of love and attention causes stress to others, the entire environment and is some sort of cheating others. do you really want to be a stress factors for others, for your beloved ones. if you like a particular person, if you want that person's LOVE the give YOUR love FREELY and most directly - all you have to offer in all different ways possible - then you receive love in the most direct way as a direct result of YOU giving first love. communication should be reserved for the true and exchange of information and experiences, spiritual and / or intellectual - to make the life of all people involved easier, more enjoyable and more efficient - MORE FUN. one single second of true direct love can easily replace weeks of waiting small talk ( indirect loving ) !!!!!!!!!

with love and divine bliss


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