Having fun eternally

You have fun when you have a reason to smile all time by seeing all others smile around you - having fun means all being happy

Learn to have fun - part 2

life needs to be fun - learn more about how to have fun in life - you may first want to read have fun - part 1

eternal life in God is mainly

hence you may start NOW and HERE on earth to do a few NEW things, like dancing, singing, or any other activity that YOU may consider enjoyable and FUN.

learn to take more and more a substantial amount of daily "time" to enjoy life as well - here on earth.

while many of us do enjoy WORKING because we may have found what WE LOVE TO DO - remember that OTHERS can only do their beloved activities and provide their beloved services if WE take a rest to watch THEM doing it or if we have the peace of accepting AND enjoying their beloved services as their JOY comes from OUR enjoying THEIR activities or services. that means if WE keep on working making others happy - they - the OTHERS have no time or no opportunity to give US their services or activities for OUR enjoyment as they - the others - NEED US as a receiving part. this however is only possible if WE ALL have a few hours each day time to receive what others want to offer US.

this concept is much easier to learn and practice back in God, but you may start any time NOW and life WHILE learning HERE on earth may become more enjoyable for ALL as of NOW !!!

in the village where I am temporarily living at present I encounter numerous young children being busy almost all day having fun by actually working and helping their parents. kids as young as 5-10 years already go fishing almost daily - on their own AND WITHOUT BEING TOLD TO DO SO !! just for fun. young teenagers as of 10+ go out hours in night time with their rowboats fishing in the ocean and substantially helping their families. they all do it on their own. for fun, while having fun, while playing and smiling, while being happy. some of them are busy almost half day doing various activities - most of them being of some REAL beneficial service to their families and others. while their parents relax and have fun their way.

life can be much easier if we accept others being mature souls - children of God, made to the image of God, even if they have a little body that we sometimes call child. inside they are adult souls of similar ages than most of their parents. they have millions of experiences from previous incarnations to grow on and to add more experiences. all they often need is FREEDOM to do what they LOVE and hence WANT to do on their own. I have never seen a child here crying for "working" but at least one for having to go to school, because that young girl wanted to go out fishing. ;-)))

if children are allowed to bring in their own activities and services on their own, then a substantial part of our "adult's" burden of workload is gone. all love to work if ALL are allowed to do what they all love to do - then NO ONE ever may consider his activities "WORK" as they love to do it, they all consider it as part of HAVING FUN !!

we all match into each others NEED one persons need may be the other persons most beloved activity to practice. from the TRILLIONS of humans in God's entire creation, NO TWO ones are equal. hence we all - to be what God made originally - need the freedom to explore our divine potential. this only can be achieved by

an nearly infinite and increasing number of various beings in God's creation practice an infinite number of different activities and have the divine potential to create an infinite number of various creatures of products of any kind. hence all creation will always be like a blossoming field of various flowers with exotic and magic fragrances and shapes and colors.

the beauty of all creation is in the huge variation of all creation. it is vital to our well being that we learn again to produce more variations in our services and goods rather that mass-producing clones of prototypes. let us all free our divine creativity and individuality
- for the benefit and joy of us all and for the enjoyment of our all beloved father
- God !

drop any and all activities or services from your program that you never really loved from the bottom of your heart and soul. others may do with love and joy what you have done raping your divine being !!!

with love and divine bliss


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