Have fun - Afford some fun and love in your life

Learn why having fun is important and learn to have fun in life

It is easier to have fun in life for the strong one - hence to really have fun in life you need to grow strong and be strong in life. Having fun only works on solid feet and strong shoulders in a successful life.

in some previous issues of the spiritual lessons for life I have focused on the single most common spiritual illness of mankind on earth, on laziness to perform on stinginess to love. far more than half of all humans on earth are member of above group.


many million others have the opposite problem, neither greed nor stinginess but being closed for all love and bliss from God waiting for them.

in this issue I will focus on the many millions on this planet who may to some extent sometimes be called "workaholics". people who work and work, most of the time serving many many others, attempting to make others happy, helping them, providing relaxing, helpful or enjoyable services or products and ... forget themselves having fun. having fun however is a very substantial part of our eternal life in God. once back home - we will spend a substantial part of eternity to LOVE others, by providing loving services or creations for all or many

AND last - but equally important

we will have PLENTY of FUN in a infinite number of DIFFERENT ways !!!

this newsletter is especially addressed to all those of the following or similar professions

if you are however below 30 or have studied (high school or college, engineering, ...) even in your late 30ies, then you certainly should NEVER worry about working too much, all young people and students first of all study to polish up their ego and to avoid working and supplying the society with needed services and products.

among all the earlier mentioned hard working people on this planet there are MILLIONS who work and work, because they are aware that there IS WORK to be done anyway. and most of them got used so much to work and work that they spend years and decades without real free time, little or NO recreational activities, NO vacation often for years or decades or even a full lifetime, NO fun except watching TV or drinking a beer to release all the pressure and stress.

some of you may find themselves in this group. then it is time to balance your life and learn to ENJOY life. there are OTHERS who need or want to work or need to learn to work. it is time to OPEN yourself for the sunny side of life !!

it is your divine birthright to enjoy life - even on earth far away from God !! even more - it is your divine spiritual DUTY to learn to enjoy life !!

learn to take off a day, a weekend or a week and later on more as you get used to enjoying life. all life on earth as well should consist at least of 3 similar parts in life

have you ever thought that GOD may love to see you enjoying your life ? that God would love to see you really happy, really beloved by others ?

YES for many of you the only main problem is that YOU forgot that eternal life in God is FUN is LOVE is PEACE and FREEDOM to enjoy ALL CREATION in a very loving way.

ALL CREATION has been made just to please YOU.

learn to do on REGULAR basis all those activities that you may ever have dreamed of, learn to accept FUN as a gift from God, a way God shows you how much HE LOVES YOU !

but YOU need to OPEN yourself for the sunny side of life by taking your time OFF, by relaxing, by opening your heart, your ears, your eyes, your nose for all the beautiful things on this planet, for all the beautiful flowers, animals, natural smells, beautiful people in life waiting to be LOVED by YOU and even more waiting to be ALLOWED to LOVE YOU, to give you some fun hours and days and weeks !!! there are people out on this planet just waiting to be allowed to MAKE YOU HAPPY !!

once you have learned enjoying life - you will be much better prepared to drop ALL earthly matters by the end of this incarnation and returning to your eternal home in God to learn about REAL LIFE in God's eternal home for ALL of us.

but like we all need to learn to love others here on earth, to share with others, ... we also need to learn to ACCEPT ALL AVAILABLE LOVE from all available sources here on earth. the more love YOU ACCEPT - the more love YOU will be able to give to others. love needs to flow.

others need to learn to work - many BILLIONS - give a part of your daily duties and a part of your daily burden to others, to create relief for you and gain freedom in time and energy for YOUR fun part of YOUR life. it will be for the benefit of all, for those you will suddenly be allowed to love you, to make you happy as well as for those you will have to work a little more to become STRONGER LOVERS FOR THE BENEFIT OF THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILY-MEMBERS !!!

life without fun is like an ocean without water - learn more about how to have fun in life in have fun - part 2

with love and divine bliss