Maintain your life-force and uplift your spiritual vibration

part 3

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tune up your spiritual vibrations and protect your life-force

beloved souls

there are a few simple but very efficient methods beyond the ones described in earlier issues about this topic that YOU can easily realize. depending on YOUR individual situation you may be able to realize ALL or only part of the recommended methods.

but let me emphasize ONE important truth at the very beginning:

any technique mentioned here can be replaced by YOUR extreme spiritual efforts and by YOUR extreme spiritual progress !!! however using the below mentioned methods and techniques will definitely support and speed up your own spiritual progress and make your life easier. the recommended method is to use these helps whenever possible while at the same time set your first priority to focus on YOUR spiritual progress the most direct and most loving way possible !

maintaining the level of your life-force

the more spiritual you get - the more sensitive you will become to the energy level of your surroundings including humans in your direct physical neighborhood at home, among friends in your leisure time, as well as during shopping or at work.

soon you will experience that there are some sort of human vampires. humans who withdraw YOUR vital force - sometimes within seconds - to a point that may make you sleepy and physically weak within seconds or a few minutes. most of you may have encountered such situations. may be without knowing why and how such can happen to you. you may go to a meeting or a restaurant or any other public place, even at school/ you may feel fresh and awake - and suddenly all your vital energy is gone and you may feel weak or even fall asleep. human vampires are people who life from vital energy of others. such behavior is directly proportional to the purely material and financial behavior of humans. millions of humans are living from the active labor and work of others without ever contributing substantially to their life and true needs through the power of their very individual physical WORK.

there is ALWAYS a direct proportional relationship between

physical / material / financial behavior of humans


spiritual behavior of humans.

animal and plant life NEVER acts as a "vampire" to take OUR vital energy. animals AND ALL plants always give MORE energy and vital force as they receive from us and they ALWAYS act in a healing way. only humans can act as a kind of vital force - vampire.

all those of us who are actively and through the direct power of creativity and physical work are contributing to the well-being of others ALWAYS are active givers maintaining and uplifting the level of vital force of self AND others.

people who depend on others - like adult children still being financially dependent from the support through family members or relatives to finance education and study or leisure activities ALWAYS are on the negative side of life-force production. they SUCK vital force from their environment far more than they are producing themselves to fulfill their very own needs or even to support others who may become temporarily in need due to a sudden accident or illness.

how to become yourself an active member of society AND creation has been explained in previous issues and chapters of the cyberspace ashram.

HERE I am explaining you HOW to protect yourself from being emptied by "human vampires". for different situations and locations there are a few methods to choose from - from simple to more complex:

  1. when among people and you suddenly feel your life-force flowing away and getting tired without obvious reason, change your location, change your immediate neighborhood by choosing another seat or table. just moving a few meters may get you OUT of rich of the individual person "sucking" YOUR vital force.
  2. if for any REAL reason you have no choice to change your location or seat, then CREATE (with your imagination) a golden circle of light surrounding YOUR aura and separating your aura from your surroundings. I'll give you a practical example for the single ONE times in present incarnation when I ever had to use such method. many years back, I decided to go to a crush course to prepare for the government exam for a healer's license. this course was expensive because it was conducted in a hotel in Thailand far away from home and it was demanding because it covered in 6 weeks what normally is covered in approximately 2 years. 23 persons where present and attending more or less motivated. 6 or seven persons were "masters" of a worldwide well known and growing spiritist tradition (spiritist traditions do NOT lead to God - but just to mastering some magic powers or healing at the expense of others - as opposed to spiritual traditions that always lead to GOD) and were frequently practicing energy-war among the 2 existing groups among them. one day the seating was changed and one of these "masters" was extremely tired and asking to be re-seated.... next to me on my left ! I was fully motivated and awake before this re-seating - until the person was sitting to my left and suddenly I almost fell asleep within just seconds. can NOT be - I realized. because I paid ALL my savings to finance this crush course AND I intended to succeed in that government exam. hence I instantly created the golden circle around my aura - and ... you guess it right. the person next to me fell asleep or was fighting with sleep for the remainder of this session while I had my life force back and could pay FULL attention to the lectures given by the instructor. next session the seating was changed to normal and everything was back to normal again the protecting effect of such a golden light circle is IMMEDIATE - however you need to be truly spiritual - truly spiritual means GOD-oriented in the depth of your heart AND mind. what you intend to do needs to be for the true spiritual benefit of ALL creation. if this is the case with you - then YOU as well can create such a protecting golden circle instantly for YOUR protection. any and every truly spiritual person first of all is learning to ALWAYS be fully open to all - such as God is ! but God also is separated for HIS very own protection by the many layers of aura separating each dimension of his creation. each planet has many such layers as well and as each individual has such layers separating from the remainder of creation. the purpose of such layers is to protect OTHERS from your ego as much as possible AND to protect YOU from the ego and aura of others as much as possible. dissolving of ego however leads to a more and more spiritual opening and to more and more sensitivity for "human vampires" hence in extreme situations you need to be able to protect yourself just by the power of your divine creative mind and spiritual force.

Energy balance your home

at home, in your living room, in your bedroom and hopefully at work you may have other easier ways to protect your life force and even constantly recharge your life force while being there. some of the described methods may require the permission of others - like at work, but at home YOU and your family members have freedom to be creative and use any or all of the methods mentioned below:

  1. use plants. as many as possible. you NEVER have too many plants around you !! of course life plants - NO artificial ones !. use large, biologically very active plants in large pots. give these plants natural soil rather than sterile soil mixtures often sold in garden centers of the modern world. use the largest possible pots for all plants. add stones and rocks to the soil - just like in nature. and select the plants YOU and YOUR family members or any other concerned person LOVE MOST. the plants - if possible also at least some blossoming plants - that YOU love most are the plants that contain or produce the most healing energy for you. use plants to separate working space or office space so each employee has his own protected area. each person should be surrounded by HIS preferred plants and flowers. of course you need to care for them, water them with love and make sure the plants have all natural soil and nutrition as needed and available in nature. you may also allow ANY weeds or grass to grow around this larger plants - just like in nature where you usually find all soil covered by some plants and weeds. ALL weeds, all herbs ALWAYS are of healing nature and all plants of any kind ALWAYS work toward creating an energy balance in their surrounding as well as creating a healing environment for all humans and animals living around or near them. learn about what plants among YOUR preferred ones can grow healthy and strongly in the environment YOU are going to put them. the room climate, available light and temperature as well as the exact soil composition are vital and important for the strong and healthy growth of your plants. always keep in mind that only strong and healthy plants and bushes around you can really create a powerful shield of protection and healing for YOU. if at home - allow all family members to select some of their most preferred plants and if some of them have their own personal room, then allow them to select their very own plants to create their own beloved and needed healing environment within their own living space.
  2. use minerals - large ones to be used in addition to plants or where plants can NOT grow due to climate or missing light, etc. there are many books that help you selecting large minerals. the most powerful however are often quite cheap. even sometimes large pieces of rock from the mountains ( large means 1- to 50 kg a piece ) sometimes may be YOUR preferred choice. here again - the ones YOU love have the energy YOU need ! pink rose quartz is very powerful and inexpensive ( less than 10 $ per kg ) while pure white crystal may be up to 100 $ per kilo of sufficient quality / purity. use such crystals always in sizes of half a kg or larger to be really efficient. use such minerals and crystals as a space separator between YOU and your environment at work. they create a powerful shield of active energy and are capable to serve like a recharger for all persons around them. be sure ALL people feel comfortable with the selection made. at home this may be easy - at work you may have to compromise or even refrain from using such methods. your boss as well as all others around you need to agree.
  3. use known methods of divine Feng Shui to create a natural flow of energy around you and throughout the entire living and working area. you either may have to learn about divine Feng Shui or find someone knowledgeable to assist you. YOU as a spiritual person can easily learn to feel and / or see the energy flow and hence you can directly and very individually modify or heal the flow of vital force flowing from your neighborhood - from nature outside - into and through your home or working space. a positive side effect of correct application of such divine methods is that all persons including customers may feel MORE comfortable and may find your living and working space MORE attractive.

the above methods are but a few. some of them may require additional learning, help from others or more spiritual practice and progress from your side. others may work immediately for all - like the plant method - for example. later on more methods will become available to YOU as a result of YOUR individual spiritual progress and success on your path of love to God. learn to use any methods available but focus on the development of true spiritual power as a result of YOUR spiritual success, as a direct result of YOUR divine love being freed and active again. divine love is and remains the single most powerful protection and source of life force for all.

with love and divine bliss


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