Select a job and learn the benefits and spiritual lessons of your present job

  1. how to select a job here on earth while on your path to God
  2. learn the spiritual purpose and benefits of your PRESENT job

1. how to select a job here on earth while on your path to God

a while ago, a God seeker once stated in one of his mails the following:

"Work is just work. I don't have any ambitions for advancement. 40 hours a week is already a lot so I never do overtime."

this statement shows clearly that its writer has either a completely wrong job or a totally missing awareness of the powerful and valuable spiritual lessons and opportunity contained in his present job.
when you select a job - you should ALWAYS be able to perform your job with

this is absolutely valid for all and any jobs - whether such job may be in the industrial. medical, business, natural, environmental, as an artist, musician, painter, or administration - private or government ..... or spiritual field of activities or any other activity beyond the above scope.

you truly and fully need to stand WITH your job. you need to be able to give all - or you better quit your job as soon as possible to find another one that suits your need and talents and allows you to meet above criteria. any job that you do just for work, just for money is a true and absolute waste of time and energy. it may be such a great waste of time that by the end of your present incarnation you still have most or all spiritual lessons open to be resolved in one or several future incarnations.

your JOB NEEDS to allow you to continuously LOVE. YOU truly need to be able to love the topic and all material and persons involved in your job. you need to be able to love your product, because if YOU fail to love it - if YOU fail to be happy with the product of YOUR own work - how can others be happy with it ??? since your product may be missing any love at all - YES of course YOU can fill anything with love, writings, computer programs, artwork, bakery products, food, help of any kind, repair, produced material for daily use to make others happy or to facilitate their life and much more !!!

whatever you select as your future job - always be sure it meets a natural demand of the human society, it makes people MORE happy, it makes life easier and whenever possible it guides people to peace and freedom in all and any way - financially, materially, spiritually.
avoid at any price a work that creates dependencies of customers or suppliers or anyone else, that takes or limits freedom of employers or employees or suppliers or customers. even more important, make sure your product or services creates MORE time and peace for MORE, better and easier SPIRITUAL PROGRESS for ALL people directly and / or indirectly involved or related to your work


because finally it will be YOU who will have to pay the price for others if you restrict or delay their most efficient and most direct path of love to God - most likely in one or many future incarnations. the price for misleading people away from God is nearly INFINITE and can only be paid by YOUR extreme and most powerful divine love that YOU may have to develop later on to repair YOURSELF any damage done by your ego.

while there are many valuable services and products making life easier for all mankind, there are also many more products and services being of NO spiritual use at all and just serving the purpose of making money at the expenses of others.

2. learn the spiritual purpose and benefits of your PRESENT job

while many of you may think similar to the one statement quoted above. this attitude may simply be a refusal of YOUR ego to accept the valuable lesson really contained in YOUR PRESENT WORK.

most of our jobs have multiple spiritual benefits and lessons or learning opportunities. I shall explain you in a few examples taken out of present real persons and situations.

if at present you have little or no motivation for your job - think about what spiritual lessons your PRESENT job contains. by becoming aware of these lessons and benefits you may find true motivation again. and remember - once you have truly perceived your lesson - you then may start to learn them, practice and apply them. once this has been done to a certain - rather high degree of perfection, then it may be time to change your job. you may feel ATTRACTED by a different job offering you other needed lessons on your path of love to God.

God always is offering YOU the easiest and most direct lessons. however if YOU fail to perceive them and to learn them, then the second best lessons NEED TO BE CREATED, .... and so on !

if you take your time and some efforts you will find that almost every single job NOW being offered on earth somehow offers spiritual lessons that may be very vital to YOU or the ones doing them.

learn about YOUR job and apply your knowledge - for YOUR spiritual benefit as well as for the increased happiness and spiritual well-being of all creation - on earth and beyond..

with love and divine bliss


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