How to avoid wasting money when helping others

Create complete solutions instead of partial help to save money and resources

to avoid any waste of time and money you need to "invest" MORE time and more money into helping each individual who is in need. people do make mistakes. people who are even more lost than you are ( ALL approximately 6 billion humans on this planet can safely be considered as temporarily lost from God's divine home !! ) do make even more mistakes as many of them are suffering from great emotional, mental, financial AND spiritual stress.

spiritual stress because they remember that many many incarnations they searched for God and missed to find him. they search God with the means high tech, money, wrong prayers, or by having mislead into dead end roads of dense spheres or by doing too often later what needed to be done immediately or by simply disregarding all warnings by true God-sent gurus who came to this planet to help mankind on earth. many millions have been misleading themselves others and hence face now the karma of following wrong instructions.

although clear and simple instructions about how to find your way back to God have always been present during millions of years - during ALL time you have been away from God !!

the ego however rejects love and many love related solutions - hence the force of ego is counteracting the spiritual drive of your innermost divine being - again and again. over-esteem of your own forces and spiritual ability has been leading to new stress and distress situations.

such distress is even more evident in many millions of people who are NOW extremely lost on this planet and who need very direct, efficient physical help as well as holistic spiritual help.

hence to really help without any or with the smallest possible "waste" or loss of financial and spiritual help you need to learn holistic help. holistic help means

with love and divine bliss


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