Wasted money ... ?

As a result of the application to the interactive spiritual newsletter, one applicant had some concerns about helping others.

here an excerpt of his statement:

"... I try to help when I can but it is difficult to be truly useful with money because many people put themselves 'in need' of money and waste other's money as well, so it does not help in any way. But the very action of giving means taking away from someone else, someone that could have benefited from the same money. "

giving means sharing. sharing sometimes involves giving as much as 30 - 50 % of what you have with someone having nothing at all. in exceptional cases giving includes 100 of all you have - because those who give shall receive again. those who remain stingy however - for what reason shall they ever receive again, if hesitating is all they can in the face of poverty, suffering and pain.

when you help or give in any way - there may always be some loss. many years ago - in the 19seventies - I was working for several years for a large international humanitarian organization in different positions. all these jobs where in countries of war or political troubles, such as Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Lebanon and Zaire.

a loss of 3 % of the total volume of aid (medical, food, blankets, clothing, .... and other emergency-supply) was considered normal (this included loss due to action of war, fire, water, storms, accidents, transportation-damages of any kind and theft as well). in very exceptional cases there was a loss of 5%. such low losses were possible due to a highly qualified and motivated staff working for that organization. all loss was replaced by an insurance.

in the spiritual field there have been teachings of love since many thousands of years. again and again. always the very same teachings. most - far more than 50 % of all teachings were lost. wasted by disciples disregarding the teachings again and again - and causing dozens of different gurus and saints of various religions and spiritual traditions to reincarnate again and again for thousands of years. to teach the very same people!

hence how much loss is acceptable ??


what is the worth of ONE single person being freed of his circle of karma and reincarnation ? 1000 us $ or a million us $ ??? or ....

how much did YOU ever spend to make YOUR own family members happy or save them or give them a very special medical treatment ??

can and do you really want to apply strict rules of investment and profit in everything you want to do in the spiritual and / or humanitarian field of help ??

recently (about 10 days ago ) a paid again the debts of a young mother being caught in a jungle of darkness and troubles. being some 3 days (2 days and nights by ferryboat and 2 half day trips by bus ) away from her 2 years old daughter. then I ask her how much she would need to make it home to her daughter. the answer was 2500 Pesos (1 us$ = 50 Peso).

the day she mentioned the amount needed I received a donation for a download of us $ 120 and gave her the amount needed.

however I forgot to give her the money to pay any mistakes she might make. hence she missed the ferryboat and had to return here for lack of money. since there are no more funds she had to abort her plan to return to her family on a remote island and disappeared today in desperate search for a future.

the money was at least partially wasted. but only due to MY own limited funds

that excluded the payment for mistakes.

all people make mistakes.

ALL - including YOU - otherwise you would ALL NOW be one in God - far away from earth - far from the physical plane on this planet.

someone was and still is always paying YOUR mistakes - again and again.

paying mistakes - again and again - is the very substantial part of grace and mercy as a direct manifestation of true divine love. hence we all will learn to pay for complete solutions - including the solutions of additional mistakes on the way home!

having help many people in many ways - private and professionally. I have experience various "waste of money" - like one lady with a great hernia in India. she was asking for the money to pay the surgery. she did this because during that time (1997) there were sufficient personal funds to pay for various surgical operations. all intended to restore the capability to work again. this was necessary because the Indian government hospitals refused to give even minor surgery to the poorest ones for free. most went to the hospital to get the surgery done - this one lady still had her hernia many weeks later. she "abused" the money to feed her very basic needs, like food and housing and other living expenses.

once again - no real waste - but only an amount MUCH too small to pay for all THE REAL NEEDS OF A POOR AND SUFFERING ONE!

whenever you think of your family first - please keep in mind that in previous incarnations you have totally different family members - dear to you - they NOW are most likely still here - and some of them may be in great need.

what is the difference between a daughter or son you had some 120 years ago with the one you have NOW ?? NONE !!! they all are part of YOUR family. some children are direct children of God, others however are YOUR children!

anyone feeding and supplying only his present physical family and relatives does so for a very personal and selfish reason. any ego needs a source of love. the physical family and relatives and business partners or dependents of any kind are the source of love for all egos.

anyone having dissolved his ego in the fire of divine love however may find millions of friends and loving ones as a physical source of love while living on earth. in addition God will become more and more a substitute of physical love whenever NEEDED!

being afraid of taking away from someone else what you give or share with OTHERS is a direct manifestation of EXTREME stinginess !

to dissolve such stinginess is a very basic step in the life of every and any God seeker before even starting the very first serious steps on the path of love to God!

money can only be wasted by spending it again and again for half solutions (solutions excluding any possible error).

one time in Cambodia - the capital Phnom Penh was more or less totally encircled by Khmer-rouge troops and daily flow of approximately 10'000 refugees INTO the town was normal. all received all needed food and housing material they needed. there was only time to see the need and suffering and NO time to think about a few "fake refugees" that could resell the goods for profit.

in addition there were plenty of funds available to complete ALL projects for FINAL solutions - including repatriation into a new home country, all medical expenses, travel expenses, just all was granted. by NON-spiritual organizations, governments and large companies who gave donations by the millions without ever thinking about a possible waste. fortunately this organization NEVER depended on donations of individuals, of hearts and souls. every few weeks or months they mailed requests for donations to various large organizations and governments and they received all they needed to provide COMPETE solutions of love.

may one day each individual act the very same way - and even pay for the mistakes and errors done by others - as God is paying for your karma and mistakes again and again since MILLIONS OF YEARS !!! without ever complaining about YOUR waste of his spiritual assistance that some abuse in business rather than for spiritual progress of all mankind.

with love and divine bliss


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