Open your heart and broaden your mind

first I'll give you a few real samples of how limited the world of most of us on earth is. the love of these persons is as limited as their horizon is. by truly understanding how LIMITED YOUR world may be - you also may better understand HOW LIMITED YOUR LOVE may be and hence you get a direct love feedback to improve your spiritual situation by broadening your horizon, widening your view, enlarging YOUR WORLD and thus opening YOUR HEARD. the more people YOU include in YOUR ACTIVE LOVE - the more love and bliss may eventually flow back to you from God. remember - energy - such as love and bliss - NEEDS to constantly flow !!

here a few living and experience examples. YOU may find very similar ones in YOUR surroundings, day after day - by the MILLIONS:

is THIS really YOUR world ?? or do you know a few thousand people more than any of above existing persons ? a few thousand persons, a few dozen countries, a few hundred villages, ... but how little is even such a world compared to God's entire creation!!

how many dozen or hundred places have YOU been visiting on this planet - or IN YOUR VERY HOME-COUNTRY ??? no money to travel ... then WALK and you may experience more than when flying or traveling by car. no time .... you get all reincarnations you ever may need to broaden your horizon and open your heart.

have you realized that IN ONE AND THE SAME city, just a few meters away from your regular daily paths you go, you may find totally "different worlds" that you may have "successfully avoided for years. or even ON YOUR daily paths you go, you may have MISSED to see hundreds of person who are there day after day - since years. homeless, jobless, beggars, lonely, desperate ones - waiting JUST for YOU to wake up, open your heart and HELP, TALK, SMILE at them, invite them for dinner or a coffee, or just share some of your LOVE or RECEIVE THEIR LOVE they might have had ready FOR YOU all the previous months and years.

find out HOW limited YOUR world is by going fully awake the same paths again during coming days and weeks, best your entire future. open YOUR EYES, your awareness, your heart.


FEEL your world, all the persons on your path of life.

take a small notebook along and COUNT approximately

if you ask yourself these questions NOW these minutes and write the answers down and then do it again during the next days with an even more widely opened perception of YOUR WORLD around you in your daily life - you will seek how little you know about this little planet and how much remains to be learned during the remainder of eternity !

the more you become aware of your surroundings, the more you apparent the sorrow of this planet becomes and the more you may start to desire to become an active part of a living solution to the problems and sorrow of this part of God's creation.

EVERY child of God can become a living solution for others. a solution-provider and living healer for the souls being temporarily lost on this planet - far away from our divine home in God. solutions provider is a job with the highest possible qualification requirements ever required for any job in the entire creation - LOVE - but it also is a job with an ever increasing challenge and reward. a job with en eternal and infinite opportunities to grow and grow, to expand your horizon AND love into INFINITY for the remainder of ETERNITY!

what sounds more challenging to you:

being part of a living solution to others

being part of a living problem and illness of creation

?   ?   ?   ?

how many cultures have you physically visited in this present incarnation, how many different countries do you know from personal and direct experiences and visits, how many different religions have you been experiencing among your friends and neighborhood - what are the differences in their mentality, how many different levels of spiritual development can you recognize within "YOUR WORLD" ???? if you have precise POSITIVE answers to most of above questions - then you are quite aware of your surrounding and the people living around you and on this planet - else "your world" within God's entire creation may be smaller than a single sand-crystal compared to the entire planet earth. open up your eyes and heart, start to actually experience and FEEL all your surrounding, all people, all animals, all plant life, start to FEEL the emotions, fears and sorrows of all others and grow to become again what God made once a long time ago - a divine child of God - made to the image of God, aware of ALL at any time.

with love and divine bliss


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