Maintaining your life-force and uplifting your spiritual vibration - part 2

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Jungle is a source of lifeforce
Jungle is a powerful source of lifeforce for all planet.

Here in this spiritual newsletter we have an in depth look at some important factors to further assist you in uplifting the vibration of YOUR PHYSICAL BODY that you NEED presently for your spiritual growth.


pure natural spring water is getting more and more rare on this planet. often it is replace by "purified water"

purification however can take place only on the physical level. the energy that was in the water before it was purified still remains to a large degree IN the "purified water". the same applies for "distilled water".

to better understand this - keep in mind the following:

purification is done by a variety of mechanical or chemical filtering systems (mechanical filter using "holes" smaller than the size of pollution-molecules or reverse osmosis, for example)- new filtering systems are invented again and again - and promoted / sold with good profit to private households - as people become more and more aware of the presently polluted tap water and fear for their health. any physical / chemical pollution however leaves all its metaphysical traces IN the "purified" or "distilled" water !!!
to better understand how traces of the original energy "survive" after distillation - just look at the liquors people drink. if you distill grape wine - you get brandy and of course it still tastes different from whiskey or rum or vodka.

all these liquors preserve their own and individual TASTE and quality - even after double distillation. hence there are parts IN the original liquid that survive any distillation process. particles an metaphysical energy that give each of these mentioned liquors a particular taste, smell and quality.

exactly the same applies to the various purification methods in use for water !!

the only pure water is chemically clean RAIN falling from heaven into natural, clean soil and going through all the various natural filtering and energizing procedures GOD has created.

the rain water in the clouds is energized and metaphysically at least partially purified by the sunlight acting on the clouds, then when flowing through the natural and clean soil - this water is further purified AND energized by the many minerals IN THE SOIL - especially when you use water from DEEP dwells coming from mountain regions.

but even before the water enters the soil - at least part of it falls on trees and herbs - healing trees and healing herbs - as ANY AND ALL plants and trees always are healing to mankind and animals. the rain flowing through the leaves of natural, healthy and chemically clean plants and trees takes part of that healing energy up and stores it for the humans and animals to drink it as healing medicine. the process of energy intake is very similar to the process of creating flower essences that are widely used nowadays for therapeutic use by many alternate therapists

clean natural water is very essential for healthy physical life on this planet - however mankind lacks the readiness to drastically reduce industrial POLLUTION for the benefit of health and spiritual life on earth. the price may have to be paid in later decades and centuries and for a very long time by almost all mankind on earth

hence it is of utmost importance to protect the purity of water - even if this means a total stop of industrialization on this planet for hundreds of years and a strong reduction of present existing industries - for the benefit of mankind and the entire life on this planet !! once the water sources have been destroyed - all the combined money and all treasures of this planet are too little to ever restore the sources of vital water within hundreds of years needed to do so.

remember that our rivers, lakes, oceans and large forests are the original source of our rain. the rain comes to existence by the water vapor raising from lakes, rivers, oceans and nature - particularly the large jungle forests. this is a kind of natural distillation with basically the same procedure as for the creation of liquors mentioned earlier in this spiritual newsletter. hence you see the effect of distillation when creating liquors - and can understand now the need for PURE and NATURAL original sources BEFORE this natural distillation of rainwater occurs. it is important to completely STOP any further pollution of SOIL as the source for groundwater for BILLIONS or people on this planet, as well as to STOP the pollution of ANY water at all - creeks, rivers, lakes, oceans, ... the quality of our forests, rivers, lakes, oceans is basically nearly equal to the potential quality of all the drinking water available to this planet


a similar process applies for the air. air is purified by the sunlight AND by healthy plant life. if plant life and forests are getting more and more ill due to overall pollution of this planet, pollution of water, soil, and air - then the purification of OUR VITAL BREATHING AIR is reduced more and more.

to believe that mankind could ever live on artificial breathing air mixtures on a permanent basis is totally wrong and such solutions would - if ever at all - only be payable / affordable by a few million of the richest one on a planet - the remainder of the population is sacrificed for the benefit of material gain and financial profit

air and water are both affected mostly by industrialization - hence there is an ABSOLUTE NEED to completely stop and further industrialization until mankind has developed procedures that allow 100.000000 % clean processes !!!!

all processes MUST be hundred. percent biodegradable. or HUMAN life on earth will stop one day for an extended period of many thousand or ten thousands of years until nature has fully recovered. such processes occur every once again and again on various other planets where mankind has destroyed nature as a result of greed and selfishness.


entire creation - including all animal life and plant life - can very easily live WITHOUT selfish humans very happily for eternity.- if WE on earth want to become part of eternal happiness in God's creation, then we have to instantly change the majority of OUR present selfish behavior on this planet. the protection of the entire system of creation is infinitely more important and more valuable than the protection of a minor part of humanity. the majority of human life consisting of trillions of humans as compared to the approximately 6 billions of humans on earth is far beyond and above this physical planet and far more developed than we here on earth are presently !!

if you are truly spiritual - truly seeking God, then it will be very easy for you to strongly reduce all your expenses, all your pollution creation to the point where the planet and its nature can fully recover again. the more you focus on God and love and a really loving social life with your surroundings - the less material distraction you need and hence the less pollution you ever create or co-create.

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with love and divine bliss


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