Divine accounting

every enterprise, every business, even a household has some kind of detailed accounting -IN and OUT of material and finances, of energies of any kind must be accounted for. there is a definite NEED for a healthy balance between income and expenses. there can NEVER be more OUT than IN and equally: if there is more IN than OUT there is an imbalance causing illness or the entire system to break down

if we are talking about electricity, for example - it is quite obvious that the sum of all households connected to one single power station must always consume equal or less than the maximum power generated in that power station.

or in a family household: the sum of all financial expenses should always be less or equal than the total income of all members of that family.

the entire divine creation works of course exactly the same way.

God is continuously giving to ALL - also to YOU very personally. hence there must be a regular RETURNING energy back to the source - back to God.

that is the reason why spiritual scriptures request God seekers to devote ALL their work to God as opposed to being personally attached to the results of your work and daily activities. if you fully and TRULY devote all or at least the majority of your daily activity, your work, your love, help and more to God, then you close the circuit and allow the energy and love sent from God to you to flow back and to reenter the eternal circle.

God gave us a bautiful nature

God's love is infinite and we encounter daily billions of gifts made by God to please US - his beloved children. let's see a few examples that we may consider normal while forgetting that all such creatures are but to please US.

anything on earth is made OUT of God's divine love !!! For us - to make our life more colorful, more joyful, more adventurous, more love-filled. all materials we use in industrial production is but a gift of God, minerals, metals, even oil, electricity, wind, air, water, the sun, ...

without the huge amount of gifts of various kind God gave us and keeps giving us - there could be no human life on earth or beyond our planet. all life, all creation, all creatures finally have there source IN GOD !!

what MOST of mankind on earth however forgets is to return anything at all back to God !! only a few persons on earth give a regular share of their income somehow - i.e. more or less directly back to God.

please keep in mind that we on earth are but a tiny little part of God's entire creation . and we here on earth are the LOST part of his many trillion children of human form! we are the ones creating more or less nothing but pollution, creating nothing but divine expenses without any return at all or a tiny little part of return. keep in mind that any and every energy system MUST keep a healthy balance to persist eternally. any part of creation that is endangering the entire creation must be corrected. the entire creation always is infinitely MORE important than a single cell of creation !!

that is the reason why many disasters NEED to occur. storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, and more. endangering parts of creation need to be neutralized to allow the remainder of creation to continue its existence.

it certainly would be much more wise to reduce the speed of industrialization for the benefit of nature and environment and for the benefit of a strongly improved human / social relationship among all cultures of this planet. all the many different cultures we find on earth are a treasure of experiences and lessons we may experience as soon as we have TIME for such experiences. all and any of such experiences need ZERO technique or money. as such human interrelations take place on a purely physical way. walking through a country makes such relationships and valuable encounters possible while traveling by bus or air deprive us from such treasures in our spiritual development.

destructive parts of creation are dissolved in a suitable manner for the benefit and protection of the remainder of creation. accidents stop violent or destructive persons from continuing their destructive behavior - even entire nations sometimes have been partial or entirely erased for the benefit of creation.

reconsider all of your daily behavior and watch YOURSELF carefully. do YOU contribute daily - all lifetime - for the spiritual and holistic benefit of creation or do you live more like a parasite. living from all resources with near zero return to God and to creation ??? adjust your behavior if needed to get more and more energy flowing through you again. from God through you and back to God. learn again to spend a substantial part of your daily work and activities FOR nature, for God, for society, for all children of God. the necessity of all existing social welfare systems in various countries of this planet proof that the population itself is rather careless about the well-being of others and prefers to turn over all or most of the responsibility to organizations, insurance and governments.

however from the absolute, spiritual point of view it only is YOUR responsibility to take care of all and any needy person around YOU. making any social welfare system obsolete. the most efficient and most spiritual way to help people in need is to directly face them - eye to eye, heart to heart, soul to soul and help as needed. at the same time you and the ones in need will have a most valuable opportunity to learn and spiritually grow even further and become sensitive for the real important things in life - far beyond industrialization, high-tech communication, ...

many God seeker claim again and again to feel little bliss and guidance from God. no wonder if you consider how full they all are with all the millions of gifts resulting from dozens or hundreds of reincarnations during the past millions of years since you left God and started your descent down to this very planet earth.

how can you fill a household with NEW furniture if you accumulate year after years all the gifts and purchases without ever emptying your house, without ever giving anything to others.

before you can receive even more from God - you may FIRST need to start to return anything at all. and as soon as you start to return to God, you will have again place for new bliss, love and divine help and gifts in your life - in your being

with divine love and bliss


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