Holy week - time for forgiveness toward all including your self

Forgiveness is love in action

the holy week is the time of forgiveness - beyond the Christian community - worldwide !!

forgiveness is applied love
forgiveness is applied grace and mercy
toward all - including toward our self.

some 2000 years ago Jesus asked his father forgiveness for all mankind.

this complete and absolute forgiveness has been granted for eternity for all that mankind ever has done - this grant from God was given on the basis of ever increasing love toward all creation including all mankind. love from God toward all - including YOU.

Forgiveness is the result of God's love

God has forgiven all - because God realized that forgiveness is the only chance to restart all life from scratch and gives all another chance to find everlasting happiness and bliss in life.

Forgiveness is .. when ALL is gone

Forgiveness toward all others will FREE YOU. YOU are the one being caught on earth in your karma as long as YOU fail to forgive ALL. While the others waiting for YOUR forgiveness may be free by God directly as a result for their sincere prayers - YOU may still "survive" in your earthly prison for any number of incarnation until YOU have forgiven all others.

the missing forgiveness from mankind - missing forgiveness toward all - including your own missing forgiveness toward your self for anything YOU may have done "wrong", for the pain YOU may have caused to all others previously or presently is the only factor finally keeping YOU separated from God and from returning home to your eternal home IN GOD.

Forgiveness is the result of divine love

total and absolute divine forgiveness toward all includes among others

Forgiveness is the result dynamic love

Forgiveness is always and only the result of true divine love that starts to develop within our self. God has developed such love a long time ago - but WE failed to adapt OUR behavior and develop such divine love resulting in absolute and final forgiveness and freedom in God.

if WE all would have forgiven - all and our self - some 2000 years ago - then NO single human being would presently be on earth.

Forgiveness is .. when ALL is dissolved in love

with nothing but love in our hearts expanding into a divine power of grace and mercy and hence resulting in absolute forgiveness in all circumstances toward absolutely all beings ever created - we can easily end our cycle of reincarnation by the end of the present incarnation.

Forgiveness is the result of flowing love

True love also results in our deep wish to help all - the poor and needy ones on this planet - and OUR present wealth of the "first" world and the few rich ones on this planet could INSTANTLY dissolve in love any poverty on this planet. ALL hunger, suffering and pain from missing supply of any kind could instantly be stopped if WE apply true divine love and forgive all our previous enemies of any previous incarnation. many of the poor and needy ones of present days are the powerful and mighty ones of previous incarnations that we have condemned to poverty as a result of their greed and stinginess toward our self in previous times.

again the rich ones of previous days risk to incarnate as the poor ones of future generation - unless WE all stop this cycle of selfishness and start to truly apply divine LOVE in all situations of life.

Forgiveness is the result of true love

make LOVE the only important factor for all action - for all your business or career plans you ever may develop and realize. then love shall be the only result of all you ever do and poverty, need and suffering of all others - the majority on this planet - is ending gently but rapidly.

with nothing but love in our hearts - all lawsuits disappear instantly and all punishments end for eternity. with nothing but love as the driving power in our life - we will become even on earth what we have been a long time ago and what we are planned to become again some time - a time decided by OUR SELF - individually.

what is the use of God's infinite loving forgiveness, grace and mercy as a result of ever expanding love toward us - if we mankind on earth who still consider our self as being the highest part of creation - still continue to punish and to create more new laws.

all laws become obsolete if we truly WANT to develop nothing but true divine love toward all.

in the name of God, in the name of Jesus and in my own name I ask YOU all

please forgive ME, please forgive YOU, please forgive GOD, please forgive all your beloved children, please forgive all your brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers, on earth and beyond and accept the full and divine forgiveness from all others including GOD as a true proof of the infinite healing power of divine love that continues to further develop and expand - eternally - infinitely.

Forgiveness is the result of healing love

Whisper from the bottom of your divine heart "Dear God please Love me free" to allow God's healing love to free your heart and heal your soul.

with love and divine bliss


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