Maintaining your life-force and uplifting your spiritual vibration
- part 1

Healthy nature provides strong energy
Healthy nature to maintain strong lifeforce.

The level and quality of life-force in your physical and spiritual body depends on a number of factors - ALL of those factors however are under YOUR sole and direct control.

Your living quarter

the more natural all materials of your living quarters - the better for you !! having ALL housing done solely with natural construction material is the only BEST solution for your physical as well as your spiritual well-being but it should be emphasized the spiritual well-being is infinitely MORE important than pure physical relative health. any true spiritual progress always leads to best possible health and to healing of all and any bothering illnesses.

construction materials affect the energy field around you and hence have an impact on the energy field of YOUR physical body by affecting your prana.

housing made of purely natural materials are BY FAR THE BEST CHOICE !!! there is NO modern synthetic material or chemical material useful as an alternative to God-made natural construction materials in housing. - hence it is absolutely useless to ask the author whether such and such other material could still be acceptable. every deviation from true nature has its full price !!

spiritual conductivity of material above you

this relates to any material being between YOUR hear and the outer space of this planet and may include

caps, hats, head wear, helmets (... for car and motor sports)

ceilings indoor, roofing of houses and buildings, working or traveling in tunnels or underground.

Of particular destructive nature are metals of any kind above your head such as contained in many modern roof insulation (copper in many flat roof houses) or the millions of metal sheet roofs in India or the Philippines and other similar tropical countries with cheap housing material being used.

Particularly in tropical or subtropical climate a roof available of coconut leaves is the very best choice and often cheaper than the galvanized metal sheets used. additionally such natural roofs are fully biodegradable and can be easily produced by local labor without ANY technical tools needed

in colder climate natural clay tiles such as used in most places in Europe is ideal.

any head wear is separating from God or reducing the energy flow from and to God. you may notice how often small children remove their caps and would prefer to have their head free. only "dirty !!!" tricks from parents using "fashion" head wears, colorful caps and flattering their kids about "how pretty they look" can often make many children accept any kind of head wear.

in a natural environment the head is the very last part of body to cover and if - then by very natural material such as cotton or very soft wool only. in hot climate a straw hat may be acceptable - but betting used to sunlight without and cover is BEST for spiritual purposes !! learn to absorb light and spiritual energy rather than rejecting it !

remember that the Sahasrara chakra is the door to God and should be left open under any circumstances possible !

quality of food and drinks

natural vegetarian food and drinks - i.e. pure fresh spring water or tap water if coming directly from real and clean springs is best to flush your body and supply needed liquid.

vegetarian food should be grown in biological and natural environment and fruits fully ripened in natural sunlight. eat and drink what God gave you and eat it the way God made fruits and vegetables. use cooked food only if prepared with love and care and cooked for short periods - leaving most of vitamins inside and alive - such as Asian vegetable chop suey - for example or fresh salads.

needless to say to avoid any food with fertilizer or herbicides / pesticides being used !!

The natural quality of your living environment

lifeforce can be absorbed directly from God, your natural environment - particularly from big healthy trees and plants as well as from mineral (rocks) and of course from food.

your natural environment can have a real great positive impact on your overall well-being and a very efficient source of fast recovery after exhaustive work.

just try once after coming home from tiring work to go into a large and healthy forest and stroll for an hour very gently and fully open for God and all natural resources around you - relax and have a seat every once in a while, walk in a meditative attitude and avoid talking at all. enjoy natural beauty and smell and absorb the power and lifeforce from large trees.

keep in mind that YOU are walking through their aura and hence YOU can absorb their vital energy with every breath you take. be grateful and friendly in you attitude toward this creatures of God - made to help and heal you and made to balance where YOU (mankind) created Imbalance on this planet.
one hour make refill your energy system more than 3 hours of sleep. sleep of your physical body is only needed to RELAX your muscles and nerves - sleep is kind of a healing coma - needed for all those humans living in extreme low vibration environment. the more sleep you need the greater the distress of your body. very spiritual bodies live on earth with zero sleep to 3 hours a day - and 6 hours or more being already a sign of increased spiritual emergency. we all on earth are spiritual emergencies as we all are to a greater extent lost from God and have lost totally our orientation in God's creation. in such emergencies God has created the sleep as a healing coma that includes teaching in "dreams" to guide us gently back home.

Your activities during your 24 hours of daily life - mental, emotional,physical

the kind of activities - thoughts, emotions, actions - of your daily life though out the 24 hours of each day of all YOUR present life as well as the same of your family members, neighbors, friends and the entire neighborhood / environment or your culture and society has another active and great impact under your direct control - it is BUT YOU who selected YOUR environment due to your choices and decisions and / or due to your karma. it is up to YOU to change your environment by moving to any other place on this planet - in your country or any other country. while many may reject such possibility - hundreds of millions of people have proven such possibility by emigrating to far away places and starting a new life there during past years and centuries !!

whatever YOU WANT to do - can be done by YOU !

your overall health as well as your spiritual wellbeing AND spiritual progress largely depend upon YOU actively selecting an environment of supporting and uplifting nature and vibration.

God gives you millions and more years to fulfill your "dreams" on earth far away from your true home - or give YOU the opportunity to select this very incarnation to become the very last one before returning home. all you may need to do is what has been taught since thousands of years again and again - conduct a simple, modest and humble life in harmony with God, love and nature and keep spiritual progress, development of divine love and God union your single and only goal and priority in your life.

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with love and divine bliss


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