Forgiveness, grace and mercy during the holy week and all year

the holy week is coming soon and YOUR help, grace, mercy and forgiveness is needed once again by millions of other children of God here on earth and beyond.

start to think about what forgiveness, grace and mercy all may mean to to and all others waiting for their freedom in GOD. and prepare yourself for the upcoming next spiritual newsletter with some homework for your path to God.

your help is needed NOW by many people in deep trouble all over the world.

since I decided to remain here in the Philippines and to spend most of my time, love and spiritual efforts to uplift the poor and needy ones of this planet for the remainder of my present and last incarnation I shall give you a present sample of ONE single person among many who needs YOUR help NOW (today). many other cases are solved week after week. including direct financial, material, medical and spiritual help of many thousand us $ during the past months. while most of these problems have been solved successfully - some could be solved only partially due to missing funds and many more similar known cases were NOT solved at all due to missing funds.

Someone also needs to take care of all those being outside society or totally lost
- because God loves all and all are God's children

while ALL such emergencies have their roots in spiritual problems and karma - hence all people receiving help also receive spiritual help to the fullest possible extent - but all need at least for the initial changes in life material help as well. such material help consists often of rent of housing paid for one or more months, basic furniture and kitchen equipment financed, bed and basic clothing being supplied for free as well as medical bills and existing credits being paid in full to free all persons involved and give them another chance in life.

all income - all donations made to ME are always - since years - used to solve such problems in many countries of this planet - besides paying for my own living.

here one sample case of TODAY march 19th, 2001.

a few weeks ago 3 young persons (21, 20, 19) have been freed from their financial burden (hospitalization bills) and hence were able to change their employer to find another and better job. all were without direct families in country. the oldest one - a cousin of the youngest one - came from Manila to San Fernando to help the 2. all furniture have been supplied to allow them to find a job with stay out (many employees are working stay in in slavery like condition here in the Philippines, but are bound to their employers due to credits given to pay for hospital and others necessities of life. total financial aid to these 3 was about us $ 300 during the past 2 months and a few days ago the two younger ones got new jobs and new opportunities in life. the two young ones took all belongings including the mattress and kitchen equipment along when moving out - leaving the oldest one with NOTHING at all - zero money and no mattress to sleep on ....

while a modest us $ 120 (the fee for ONE download of the file for example would have solved the problem TODAY. some of my beloved readers prefer to argue about the high expenses of the file - wasting time and money and leaving all spiritual and human problems UNSOLVED.

to allow this young female who came from Manila to help the two younger ones and to search for another job there an amount of approximately 100 - 150 us $ would help here to restart a new life herself - including a travel by bus back to Manila and paying a small apartment and some basic furniture for the first month until the first salary is earned again.

another case just being successfully finished:

one week ago a young mother - 24 years - with 3 children from 2 different fathers - all 3 children living at 3 different places with friends - to allow herself working in a nightclub as singer and dancer, has received ALL help to take her two children and move back to her remote home province on Mindanao island to live with her mother and take care of all 3 children together with her mother.

due to limited funds - limited contributions received - the very modest amount of only us $ 200 was available to pay for the absolute minimum including a cousin accompanying the mother and her 2 small children (2 and 5 years) during the travel which lasts several days by bus and ferry boat.

with love and divine bliss


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