intellectual knowledge
spiritual knowledge

The more intellectual, technical, administrative, scientific or other relative knowledge you have accumulated in your brain and mental body - the more is separating you from God and absolute knowledge.

before you achieve ONENESS in God you will have to drop and / or dissolve in love all such relative knowledge to free your spirit for the eternal treasures of divine knowledge and God-consciousness to fully enlighten your spirit.

the potential to use common sense however is of utmost importance on your path to God and should be trained by all God-seekers. the capability to use common sense and accumulated pure knowledge however are totally different in nature.

if you need knowledge to fulfill successfully a task or prepare yourself for a new job you LOVE to have and do - you will have the power of motivation to accumulate such needed relative knowledge within short time. also you will find it easy to drop all such relative knowledge at the end of this activities to be free again for something new or for more divine knowledge.

learn to train your common sense for efficient use WITHOUT loading your brain with the trash of relative intellectual knowledge.

small children are much closer to divine consciousness than adults. the accumulation of relative knowledge at school on earth most of the time serves but one single purpose - to integrate children into existing hierarchies on earth or beyond and turn them into blindly obeying followers of such hierarchies. the more relative knowledge children accumulate the less their remaining divine perception.

relative knowledge such as taught at common schools, churches and similar institutions is of very limited use and value and most of the time is totally lost by the end of each incarnation. absolute knowledge such gained during spiritual progress toward Godunion is of eternal value, will survive all incarnations and deaths and continuously enlighten your spirit more and more.

with love and divine bliss


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