Ego and Nirbikalpa Samadhi

your present personality consists in MOST cases basically of

- spiritual ignorance about God and resulting fear of death or even fear of God

- desires of material kind keeping you away from instant Godunion

- thoughts about your past about UN-resolved experiences from your past that keep you from applying the essence of such experiences in all situations of today's life

- thoughts, sorrows and plans about YOUR future that keep you creating YOUR FUTURE and that keep you away from instant oneness in God NOW

your ego can be defined as the sum of all vectors of acting forces of your overall being including your spiritual being and your present personality of your physical being as well.

the EGO can be of manifold nature

- of powerfully DESTRUCTIVE nature
- of moderate destructive nature
- neutral but highly distractive from God
- leading to God but on a very indirect path of karma
- leading to God on the most direct path of divine love

the vast majority of all mankind on earth has an ego of the first or second nature

an ego of third kind is achieved if you have achieved repeated basic Nirbikalpa Samadhi and your consciousness if raised to the highest level of causal consciousness

the ego of fourth kind is achieved after successful and repeated FULL Nirbikalpa Samadhi leading to a permanent achievement of Christ-consciousness even outside your meditations or by successfully and permanently dropping your body through Maha Samadhi

the fifth and highest kind of ego is achieved after completing highest Maha Samadhi leading immediately to complete oneness in God after completely dropping your physical body and then reentering your death body or remaining ONE in God and abandoning your physical body permanently.

there are infinite number of reasons to remain one in God and permanently abandon your physical body after achieving the highest Maha Samadhi and zero reasons to return into your death body again !!!

hence you can also define the ego as an eternal personality with an ever increasing vibration and divine purity of its aura as well as an ever increasing purity of divine love expressed by such a divine "ego". such a divine "ego" can only be achieved by developing divine love.

you may now call such an "ego" an individual consciousness (individuality) or call it any other name. it always remains a higher level of consciousness of the previous lower state of your eternal being and keeps developing and raising its vibration for ETERNITY !!! hence you can say - each person has an "eternal personality".

to develop such a divine personality to the highest extent of perfection - you should dissolve in divine love all and any vectors pulling you away from God even by the smallest amount.

with love and divine bliss