Financial healing

this newsletter may be translated later - the full and original version can be viewed in German language - or you may use a professional translation service to have it translated for your very private and personal use.

if ever I get time and money to do it - I may send it out to you - however it may take weeks or months - if at all.

right now Christmas time is getting closer and there is plentiful of love to disperse among all mankind on earth. love is the single most important activity I have on earth and far beyond - while you may worry about money - I keep loving you all and far more.

love and divine bliss will come upon all these coming days and weeks and the single most important is to fully open your heart and soul to be free for all this love and bliss.

however is you carry a bundle of open bills that you charged to others then you might be occupied by this burden that you carry with you - because YOU cause others to feel guilty of owing YOU money - or anything else - hence where shall I purge all the ocean of love and bliss upon you if you are full with bills you gave to others.

burning all the open bills and confirming it immediately to all is the fastest way for you to free yourself of your very own guilt - instantly you feel free - and the magic about this procedure is - you can do it any time of the year - again and again.

if anyone of you expect Jesus as a savior to arrive this Christmas time - make sure your bundle to carry is very small and prepared - Jesus may ask you first of all to forgive all those who owe you any amount one cent or trillions of gold dollars or diamonds or what so ever!

I love you

love and bliss


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