Master and slave in life who are the true teachers ?

Who are the true "masters" and who the true "slaves" ?

are you a strong boss or do you depend on your employees

If mankind would spend at least as much time each day to truly love,
as they spend brushing their teeth each day
then there would be more peace and less suffering on this entire planet ever since.

beloved soul

Here something for your soul and spiritual challenge and progress:

if you want to be a leader of any kind

any being only follows a leader of Love ...

  1. because all have been made of Love
  2. and all want to return to their home of Love
  3. all want to return to the source of Love
  4. only a leader in Love can be a leader of Love
  5. to call all souls created by God created as beings of Love

if however you have others working for you

If you can do all the work your employees can do - as good or better - if you master each skills they master - as good or better - then you are a true "Boss" ... of your self and of your business ! Else you are as slave of your business and all your employees are your managers and keep you alive, until you are strong enough to survive on your own.

With Love and Divine Bliss


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