Only a woman can make a man feel like a man
Only a man can make a woman feel like a woman

Only a woman can make a man feel like a man and develop his soul with her female Love.

love unites - ego separates - in true love you can become one forever and enjoy true divine happiness

Only a man can make a woman feel like a woman and develop her soul. with his male Love.

every once in your life you may have to make a decision - a decision always affects yourself very directly including all

but your decisions also have a great impact on all your beloved ones and upon all the remainder of creation. Become aware of this impact and handle it with full responsibility and Love. You can decide with your present decisions or NON-decisions about the wellbeing of others.

The failure to make NOW - instantly, these very seconds - a decision at all can be as detrimental - as destructive - to all or part of creation as a decision of violence could be. The failure to decide FOR a Solution of Love NOW - these very seconds - may be the beginning of THE END of happiness and wellbeing of someone else or many others. If you make your decisions too late - you may co-create suffering that YOU might be healing later on with YOUR Love.

Some people, some beings depend on your Grace, Mercy and Love to survive or to die - to be happy or sad - to receive Love NOW or punishment and suffering NOW.

One day however YOU may depend upon the Grace, Mercy and Love from someone else or all others to SURVIVE in Happiness and Love.

Your decisions may contribute to the destruction of others - as far as their potential karma would allow - or you can dissolve their karma with your Love - with your Solutions of Love - with your Grace and Mercy.

Remember that anything you ever do, may come straight back to you - if you destroy others - you may get destroyed yourself. If you Love others you WILL receive Love yourself. If you allow others to love you - then others may allow you to love them. A person without receiving Love and without giving Love is like a skeleton - a being empty of any soul and empty of any life.

Only if someone else - possibly someone who loves ALL or someone who loves YOU asks for Grace and Mercy in your name - only then can karma that would directly affect you be dissolved in Love. Karma can only be dissolved with the infinite power of Divine Love. If all fail to dissolve existing karma in Love then it will act upon all those having created it.

Some one ALWAYS has to pay the open bills you create or have created - most of the time this is someone loving you that you never meet in your life. someone beyond and above all you presently are aware of - someone taking care of all beloved children of the entire creation - God. The little Karma you have paid so far usually is only a small part of all you have created - most is payed in Love by others who love you.

YOU may become such a LOVER of all as well - YOU may substantially contribute to Solutions of Love on this planet and all creation

Solutions of Love are the most Divine proof of your own Love. solutions of Love are the only kind of solutions leading ALWAYS to happiness and overall wellbeing with absolutely all beings involved.

If you feel to miss Solutions of Love in a given situation when such a Solution of Love would be needed by YOURSELF - just love and pray for Love and Solutions of Love and someone else will provide all Love needed to realize to most loving solution possible at any moment of eternity.

If you fail to know any further - just sit or lay down and pray and LOVE. Sometimes the solutions of Love may just be beyond your present capability of awareness - but sometimes you just fail to perceive an existing Solution of Love because of the many thoughts, conventions, spiritual blockages, expectations, believes, that you carry with you. But may be ALL of these thoughts, conventions, spiritual blockages, expectations, believes are wrong ???? Or would you be so far away from God if a substantial part would be correct ???

May be someone wants and always wanted to help you - some one loving you - but you always may have kept rejecting his Love and solutions of Love - ....

May be TODAY would be time to reconsider all your previous and present behavior and attitude toward all and any solutions of Love that has been offered to you very recently ... may be you suddenly realize how much Love all these proposals contained and still do - then it is still time to do what needs or needed to be done - do it NOW - for the wellbeing of ALL and your very own wellbeing as well - for your very own spiritual and personal happiness. Happiness is the result of LOVE actually and really FLOWING through you - from God and others into you and from you to others and to God. For Love and solutions of Love the right time is always NOW !!

Flowing - active - Dynamic Love vs static Love always creates Solutions of Love !!

love you - I have always loved you - and always keep loving you - from eternity to eternity - because Love is the only power that always makes all happy.