Why ... ?

Why ? Why - asked to yourself is the key to your true intentions. Why you say what and how you say it, why you do what you do and how you do ?.

Why I do what I do and how I do ?
Why I say what I say and how I say it ?

Why ? Why - asked to yourself can give you most valuable insight about your causes and quality control fro your ego-reduction and love improvement.

Latest after your last breath - you stand your trial - and YOU will be your own judge. Self discipline - tapah - is part of Yama and Niyama, the very basic rules of Kriya Yoga. Yama and Niyama is the very basis for ALL life, for any God-seeker in any spiritual tradition, or just for a life free of any spiritual goal at all.

Self-discipline requires self-control - quality-control on your spiritual path - every minute of your physical existence on earth and beyond. Yama and Niyama are rules for the remainder of your present incarnation and far beyond. Until you truly have become ONE with the Divine.

Part of your daily, continuous self-control is the question

Why ?

Why ? If love is the only answer - then you are truly spiritual - however if any other reason is the answer - then you may want to make adjustments.

If your answer to absolutely every why was, is and will be - "because I love .......", then you are truly on your path of Love to God.

If anything else is your true answer to why - then ask yourself:

WHY am I doing anything else but to love ??

Whatever you do to anyone else, animals, plants, humans, .... you do to yourself and to God !!!

You and only you will be your own judge - this one very moment, when you leave your body and are on your way to God. You have to justify anything else but Love and you have to ask forgiveness, grace and mercy for anything else but Love that you gave to anyone, anytime in your infinite and eternal life.

Love is the most valuable in all creation - Love is what you need most .... that very moment - all the Love you ever gave to others may come back to you ... all you ever gave to others, the shivering, needy, hungry ones, all you ever gave in all and any situation may come back to you.

Love is the most valuable in all creation and Love is what you always can afford in abundance - because God is the source of all Love and Love is available in abundance for all - for you as well.

Any time may be your last breath in your present physical body - and if Love was all you ever gave - you will be happy to feel this moment of Love approaching and you will be happy to merge with the Divine in an ocean of Love - an ocean you have co-created yourself today, yesterday, in the past ... and in your future as well. God's Divine Love shall uplift you and carry you to your eternal Divine home in God.

Ask yourself everyday and whatever you do ... why ? And make sure Love is the only and true answer you may ever give to yourself. Because Love is all your Self is interested in at all !! Your Self is a part of the Divine - part of the source of all Love - you are part of the Divine - even in your present physical body. Love is all you truly need to be happy and Love is all everyone else ever needs to be happy.

Only Love can truly make happy - only Love can truly heal and free. Your Love !!! Because your Love is Divine Love from God flowing through you !!

Why ? If you do just for love and nothing else but love is the reason why you do what you do - then you are truly loving and on your best way home to God.

I love you


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