Every human has a divine birthright to be happy

Divine affirmations for your happiness, love, freedom and health

for ........

those who selected to be ill, weak, ... - as a result of their very own missing decision to become loving and hence healthy, strong, successful and happy.

happiness is the result of a very clear decision and personal affirmation of each individual. either you decide clearly and firmly to be happy - to be worth to be happy and you shall be happy - or you fail to decide so and are different from happy - anything else but happy.

your happiness is the result of your own judgment - your own sentence for your own self or as a result for passing a sentence for others. whatever sentence you may ever have passed to others is what you may live yourself now in the past or in the future. your present happiness may be the result of wishing ALL others love and happiness - or - your missing happiness in YOUR life may be the result of YOU wishing or punishing others. YOUR life can only be what you have ever wished and supported for ALL others.

many among mankind actively and consciously decided for any given reason to fight, to hate, to kill, to possess, to rule others, to endanger others, ... and they put all their life energy and efforts toward achieving such goal. while it is part of using the God given freedom to do what ever each individual wants to do -

as a being of light and love made to the image of God,

we all have a moral obligation to be happy ourselves, to put the utmost efforts in creating the greatest possible happiness within ourselves and to realize absolutely ALL efforts to contribute ourselves to our own happiness by dropping any behavior that endangers or limits our happiness.

we all have a Divine birthright to be happy and no single person or being of any kind has a true right to restrict this divine birthright for true and everlasting happiness and freedom.

in many chapters I have written about the importance of helping and loving others. some people however actively reject or hamper any attempts to love them, to make them happy, to help them, to heal them. mankind often takes care of illnesses and problems instead of caring for health and well-being. they repeatedly

If for any reason you refuse to love ALL around you and all mankind on earth, all beings including nature, animals and beyond, then you fail to be completely open for the flow of love - hence you fail to open for the love from others as well. such a person fails to make even a single person really happy - whatever is between you and any single other being - is between you and your most beloved ones, between you and God.

If you want to make a single person happy or as many as possible, then you need to

if someone rejects your love, then your love may be to much filled with egoistic personal vibration of

remember the physiology of happiness. to be truly happy you need to make others happy and allow others to make you happy. both at the same time.

to be truly happy - you need to affirm from the very innermost depth of your heart and soul all of the following affirmations

can you really and sincerely affirm loud and clear and repeatedly - even to any one else - these above 4 points ?? if yes then do it - again and again - for the remainder of this present incarnation and beyond.

choose a surrounding that allows you to love all as much as you can and choose an environment that wants to love YOU and make YOU happy as much as you can be happy. you deserve to be made happy - because you are a Divine child of God - made of Love - made to Love - eternally.

God is an infinite and eternal source of most Divine love, grace and mercy - so should you become a source of infinite and eternal love, grace and mercy toward ALL - all others as well as your self.

with Divine Love and Bliss


God's creation is color - learn positive affirmations to free yourself and be colorful and be divine

you may print these 4 affirmations and put them on a clearly visible place to remind you of these truths until they have become realized within you and your surrounding

positive strong affirmations are the key to inner changes and strength in love and in God

All mankind, all beings of any kind, all creatures ever made by God have the right to be free, to be loved and to be absolutely happy - every second of their being - eternally

all creation has the right to be loved by God, by myself, by ALL - now and for ever

I have the Divine right to be happy all the time - eternally

I have the right to receive the very most Divine Love ever existing any time - eternally

positive affirmations can change your life and free your soul or heal your body