The more obstacles you may encounter in life,
the more power you can develop on your Divine path to God

Obstacles in life, resistance from others allow you to grow even stronger in your heart until you grow above all resistance into freedom in God..

here on earth most mankind find thousands of obstacles on their path of life. In family, business, recreation - sometimes even on their path to God. Laws and rules of governments, parents, school-teachers, trainers, bosses, employers and even churches and religious groups or spiritual traditions attempt to enforce a variety of restrictions and obstacles on you and in your life. obstacles may hamper your happiness and your freedom as well as your overall wellbeing and overall health - obstacles may hamper your forward motion on your spiritual path


they may make your decision on your path even stronger, clearer, firmer and finally may make YOU STRONG - strong enough to succeed even faster than ever - on your path of Love to God.

when facing an obstacle, basically you may find two different typical re-actions of most people

  1. more or less total resignation, obedience, acceptance of any restriction in life until death - quiet acceptance of any restriction from any hierarchy with or without any reason whatsoever. this attitude often leads to a coma-like state of consciousness and awareness paralyzing most your life-force. this situation may lead to a attempt to escape life through alcohol, drugs and similar activities pulling your attention away from your daily reality. blind obedience and resignation leads to loss of vital force - loss of YOUR life-force for the benefit of the other party of the game - the hierarchy to which you sacrifice all your life.
  2. inner revolution, inner strength and an attitude of a "fighter" telling " I will do it anyway" overcoming ANY obstacle directly or with the means of any technique or trick or through your ever increasing power of will to achieve what YOU want to achieve. creating even greater creativity in finding a solution into freedom and fulfillment of your own goals

you need to become part of the second group - the group of people who know their own goals in life and learn to achieve YOUR Divine Goals !!


of course you really need to learn to achieve all your goals with the power of Love. you need to clean your mind and work out a single most important goal for YOU - then you need to develop willpower needed to achieve YOUR goal in love - no matter what others say, mean or do - freedom is Divine - YOUR freedom is Divine - and NO ONE has the right to restrict your Divine freedom even by one percent ! since you worked out a clear spiritual goal that is YOUR goal - you will have developed the readiness to achieve this goal on the basis of true Divine Love - hence you will overcome or dissolve any obstacle easily and your strength will grow more and more until you have developed all power needed to achieve freedom in God - in Love.

Divine love only can give you the power to grow free and above all resistance in life

Only divine love can make you stronger than anything else - stronger than all resistance in life you may experience.

May your heart, your soul and your innermost Divine core of your being be your only and sole weapon for all your fights and may Divine Love be your absolutely sole ammunition for all your fights into freedom.

Learn to see any obstacle in life - what so ever it may be - as a opportunity to further train and practice development of will power and strength - you need it to overcome and dissolve all aspects of your very own ego - with Love - in Love.

The greatest battle ever to be fought - with the sole ammunition of Love - is YOUR battle against all earthly temptations and your EGO. On the basis of true Divine Love this battle will leave but winners - you and all others will benefit from your victory - even your "enemies" as your gratefulness for their resistance and obstacles will enlighten and finally uplift them all to the point where they all want to learn to love as much as you do and did. whoever resists you is helping you to build up the power you need - or are you really sure to be strong and powerful ?? if yes then you will never encounter any more obstacles as your power of love has developed sufficiently to guide you into freedom.

the day you have developed sufficient power of divine Love you will march into freedom - on your path of Love - leaving but traces of Love behind. healing traces of Divine Love.

Learn to realize the positive aspect of everything in life - anything that happens can be either straight forward positive or can help you to find a positive solution of Love and can help you to achieve the necessary strength of Love to successfully achieve your goal of Love - in Love.

with Divine Love and Bliss