"Enemies" and problems may be your most valuable friends on your way to God

When you have learned to love all your enemies, then you can start to truly love your partner..

How easy is it to love amidst a loving environment of peace and freedom ?? !! In an ashram or monastery or spiritual community. True love however can only be practiced and proven in true life - amidst all humans on this planet

The power of your love and persistence or reliability of your love can only be achieved and proven if you have lived and loved among and amidst all your enemies, amidst all the most troubled, most lost and most difficult ones on earth.

If you have been loving and living among prostitutes and in night clubs, among politicians and diplomats, among soldiers, generals and police, among businessmen, bankers and brokers, among judges and lawyers ... if you have spent some time there and loved them all - then you have truly loved and developed true divine love equal to God's love. God loves them ALL because ALL of them are his beloved children - even all the lost ones - and all need but love to find their way home, all want to be freed, all want to be loved. All need to be guided home by their shepherd. All can be freed but by love - by your love !!! - here and now !!!

NO spiritual practice or spiritual maturity is required to remain calm and loving in a loving and friendly environment.

However is people insult you, lie at you, or use force and violence against you you may perceive how spiritual you truly are.

If you then call the police, consult your lawyer, call for punishment or revenge or re-act in a similar way or just consider such a action or re-action - your spiritual development is at or near ZERO.

lawsuits and lawyers are for egos - God and love for all truly spiritual ones and for yogi.

Love your enemies

Learn to love in absolute all situations of life. Learn to love all - whatever they do or ever have done to you or anyone else in any situation in the past, presence or future. Learn to love those most who appear to be your biggest enemies. Learn to love instead to re-act. Learn to love and dissolve in love and remain focused on God and divine love in all situations of life and crisis of life you ever may encounter.

Whoever insults you, kidnaps you, lies at you, uses violence against you, etc may have suffered from exactly the same or similar actions any time before - even in previous incarnations - and may need true divine love to be healed - YOUR LOVE - flowing from God through you to him, to heal him and heal all his wounds.

All such situations and apparent crisis of life are to give you love feedback about your very own spiritual level of development and achievement. To allow YOU to grade yourself honestly and critically - it is for your very own spiritual benefit to do so again and again. Whatever you learn NOW is for the remainder of eternity - for YOUR very personal benefit. Be grateful for every such exam if spiritual life and achievement - all these situations help you to really progress on your path of love to God as they assist you to develop true divine love in all and any situations of life. The more you succeed to remain loving in such situations - the more you get closer and closer to Godunion and freedom in God.

One day all these spiritual exams and test will disappear and be dissolved in an ocean of divine Love and all that will remain and persist is divine Love from God to You and to all creation, all beings. An eternal and almighty flow of divine Love shall start to flow through you - to free you and heal you for the remainder of eternity. In Love - with Love.

Whatever is between you and your enemies, also is between you and your beloved partner and family..

With Divine Love and Bliss