To avoid problems is easier than to solve problems

Learn to avoid problems then you have no longer problems to solve.

Mankind is innovative - however many or most are using their divine creativity to create new problems instead of solving them. let's have a look at one of the most common of such options and learn to avoid such problems in your life.

all such behavior is leading to repeated misunderstandings that need to be corrected or dissolved in love by the persons involved.

if you wish to reduce problems - one first step is to

if however you want to progress even more on your spiritual path then you may

true love in all and any situation of live, business, family, political, recreation, ... is the only and most efficient method to keep yourself out of any troubles and to improve the overall condition of life on this planet and beyond.

How can we learn to be quiet and loving while all the remaining of our society may be complaining, blackmailing and discussing about other people - you may ask ? You remember the previous chapters about "open for God" and "rejection and fear". The techniques described there can be used as well to dissolve any energy, talk and discussions that you might want to dissolve rather than to answer.

Here the links to these chapters for your reference:

the source of divine bliss and love shall always shower upon you any love you ever need - it is up to you to let this divine love flow through you toward all mankind - by doing so YOU will experience happiness, love and peace within and all your life is divine - every second of eternity - even here on earth.

with Love and Bliss


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