Making others happy

The happiness of others is the source of your own happiness.

some true God-seekers sometimes feel alone on this planet - alone in the sense of having or experiencing no one else to assist them helping others, loving others, joining them on their path to God.

it is true that you may find a few ones talking about their deepest spiritual believes and goals. but you can be assured that finally you have several thousands of true companions working full time toward God-realization and at the same time helping other reaching the same goal. While many God-seekers still may be involved in worldly affairs - most retire from such activities and concentrate on their spiritual goal for the well-being of all mankind on earth and beyond.

learn to feel as a member of this group. even if most true God-seekers never may belong to any particular organization or even be free of any religion, they may work in disguise and use description to do their spiritual work because it leaves them more energy and freedom to concentrate on the true purpose and goal of their present incarnation - God-realization and uplifting all mankind.

become a silent member of this group and allow God to organize and manage all your spiritual work, help and assistance as well as your own lessons and progress. the more you allow God to guide you - the more you may free yourself from any involvement in worldly and administrative affairs.

God never needs or uses administration - only mankind's ego does so. God focuses on Love - as love needs to flow freely to heal, any administration or regulation of such Love can be but detrimental to any true divine spiritual goal or achievement of mankind on earth and beyond.

learn to direct all your efforts and energy into loving and healing others and withdraw your energy and life-force from administrative waste in your life. remember: your happiness is the result of creating happiness in others. making others happy could well be a nice and enjoyable full time job for all mankind for eternity.

learning to make others in more and more different way happy with the purest love you ever can let flow through you is one of the most divine experiences on earth while having a physical body.

enjoy making others happy - repeat this experience again and again and you find ways to improve the quality and strength of your love - day after day - eternally

thousands of others are doing exactly this and nothing else - making others happy day after day - as a full time job. join this team of divine lovers and feel as a member of ONE single family. dissolve anything that still might separate you from truly realizing this feeling of being a family. by the time you have reached Godunion you surely have become a family member of this single family - created in love - with love - by God.

trillions of non-physical human souls are with you in the worlds beyond, many of them helping YOU to achieve your own spiritual goals as well as to help others in their individual spiritual development and besides all these team members GOD is with you every single second - every single second - whatever you do, however you do what you do, God loves you every single second, God is ready "to take your hand" and help you, to heal you from any damage you have done to yourself, to uplift you with his infinite Love.

God's universes are creations of Love - the planet earth is but a tiny small schoolhouse-planet where Love appears sometimes to be missing, because many of us fail to perceive beyond our physical limits that we have created in our mind.

Open up your heart, mind and soul and you will perceive all oceans of Love that ever have been surrounding us - surrounding this planet and all beings here. Surrounded by an Ocean of Love - in an Ocean of Love of infinite and eternal dimensions.

Inhale Love and be Love to dissolve in love all that presently is separating you from the source of Love. Say YES to Love and solutions of Love - and LOVE.

with Love and Divine Bliss