Eternity - Infinity

Understand the meaning of eternity as a life span and infinity as a living room

God is eternal so are we - have you ever thought about what that means to you - living eternally ? Where do you want to live eternally and how do you want to live eternally ??

Are you always making the right decisions to achieve your very eternal goal or at least are you approaching this goal more or less directly ??

God and God's entire creation is infinite - since we are his children and are made to his image - it means that all of us is infinite as well, including our divine potential to All is infinite

If true divine Love is what you are aiming at - then you surely have a solid orientation and you never can really get lost - except for a few days or weeks in weird situations - if you temporary lose your orientation and get absorbed by fear or worries or anger for a very brief period.

Please learn to orient yourself in Love toward development of ever expanding Love - remember Love is eternal and infinite - the development of Love never ends - it goes on and on eternally.

If you are mathematically inclined - at least a little - then you can imagine a ray starting at one point and going into infinity - of any and all dimension !!! - like the spectrum of frequency that starts with ZERO Hertz and the frequency (vibration of human mind, body, consciousness, Love, ....) increases more and more - with absolutely no end into infinity - Love and all related manifestations of Love increase eternally and infinitely their frequency (vibration) !!!!!

When focusing in your daily life toward God - toward his infinite Divine Love - then you are tapping this very infinite source and connecting your own body, mind and soul with all pertaining manifestations to this very Divine source of all sources and of course your own body mind and soul will be filled and finally becomes one with this very Divine vibration of Divine Love until you ARE THIS VERY DIVINE LOVE in all your manifestations - infinitely and eternally !!

To make sure that YOUR remainder of eternity turns into a pleasure, Love and bliss you need to start to learn and continuously practice to control and direct your mind, your attention and focus toward Love - once you have achieved God-Union you are free for eternity to do whatever you love to do and whatever you want to do - until then you have to learn whatever separates you from your Divine destination.

If however you reject or refuse to consciously learn to love and direct your development toward Love - you may as well find yourself for millions and millions of years in a circle of incarnation into the physical plane or astral universes of infinite variety of ego, selfishness, aggression, .... . There is and always will be an infinite number of aggressive ways to live and an infinite number of loving ways to spend eternity. The choice always is yours.

Focus for a while - and repeat this again later on - on the meaning of eternity and infinity of human life, consciousness, awareness, being, potential and loving - it may help you to achieve a different inner attitude within your self or fine tune your present attitude to achieve your goals faster, smoother and more lovingly.

Love and Bliss