Achieve your goal in life

Visualize your goals of life and achieve your goals in life
by progressing step by step toward it.

And now something for your soul to improve your quality of earthly life on your path of Love to God:

I don't know ...
I cannot ...
Too difficult for me ...
I cannot understand this ...

do you use such phrases every once in a while ??

Please always keep in mind that WE ALL got the absolute same and full potential from God. If you ever noticed that your PERSONAL capabilities - intellectual or physical - seem to be less than the one you observe from others, then it is only due to YOUR slowing and killing self-hypnosis.

Pay attention to your thoughts and pay attention to your words and thoughts in regard to anyone else. Whatever you say or think about others affects you as well. If you are using phrases like "you are too small to understand", "you are to weak to ...", "you are to stupid to ...". such and similar sentences spoken or thought about others are affecting you in exactly the way as they do others !!

Always make sure to use positive affirmations to reach any goal like:

Learn in small but STEADY steps to achieve anything you really want. You can do anything you like to do. God is always helping you. Even the most difficult things to master are but a series of small steps added together. some others may have needed several years, decades or even incarnations to achieve what they have and are NOW - several ten thousands of hours or more - if YOU invest a similar amount of energy, effort, concentration and willpower, you will truly achieve similar results --- if you really and full-heartedly want do achieve it !!!

the question always is WHAT DO I REALLY WANT ?? Free from any expectations from others what they expect YOU to do for them !! Make up your own mind, find your own goals for YOUR life and then GO FOR. it is just a few steps away from now.

If you do what you want for the true wellbeing of all mankind it all will become even much easier. then all souls, God and all creation may be supporting you on your path to achieve your goals.

if however you are heading toward any true personal goal, personal career, anything that only serves yourself and may be a few ten thousand others or a single country or continent, then you may have to fight against the rest of the world or against the rest of the entire creation.

this is the difference between selfless action that you truly can offer God or selfish action that only serves a part of creation or even less. for all selfless action God is carrying you all the way !!!!!!! all other action YOU are going it personally step by step.

with Divine Bliss and Love