Here and now - learn to live and learn here and now

You are now here to learn here all you need to learn for your path to God
later may be too late
later there may be no longer be a here

the principle of living here and now is an old one. too old to be mentioned again and again - but still most people on earth forget it again and again. thus here one repetition again for your reference:

many of us are living in the future. living in the future means

all this and more may keep your mind busy and away from

did you realize your lessons of TODAY and those of YESTERDAY and the days before ??

as long as we allow our mind to travel into future or into past, we may miss all or most of our daily lessons, hence we may skip or miss most or all of the possible spiritual progress that God offered us today on our path of Love - this creates our future - future incarnations - until all has been learned and dissolved in Love.

the alternate path we choose automatically when skipping our daily lessons is - the path of Karma - that means we learn by suffering all or part of all karma we cause day by day as long as we are mentally, emotionally or physically absent during our physical activities HERE and NOW.

all souls having a physical body learn at first through the means of this physical body and by meeting physical persons. all that have a physical body need to learn all lessons first by using ALL part of their physical body - to think, to taste, to smell, to feel, to LOVE, to work, to talk, to write, to listen - with and/or to other souls having a physical body as well.

true spiritual learning starts after you have truly mastered ALL ways of physical communication with your entire surrounding, with all animals, plants, minerals, nature in general and as a whole, and of course with ALL humans on earth.

this learning is FUN and involves lots of LOVE for all person involved. for ALL - as long as you do all with all your mind, emotions, body fully open and fully focused toward all your present surrounding. keep all your attention fully focused on all activities, all meetings, all work, all people you meet, at this very seconds and minutes. when you are truly and fully concentrating on what you do NOW - these seconds - and when you are fully open toward all experiences YOU have NOW - these seconds at the place you are NOW. then you may save dozens of incarnations - incarnations that might be needed to learn when you skip your today's lesson by being mentally, emotionally or physically blocking off your present HERE and NOW experiences.

all part of you should be HERE - NOW

when you have learned to solve all that is offered NOW to you by God - one day there might be only one TIME - the NOW. it all is one.

the future comes to existence by postponing for any future date what is offered to you NOW - today - these seconds. one day you may have learned to offer anything you ever do to God - thus keeping you free eternally.

anything and all you do right now on earth needs to be dissolved one day


any company you found is being dissolved for sure one day

any house you build and finance is being dissolved one day

any money you save is being dissolved and lost one day

any family ties you build up is being dissolved one day

any education you receive is being dissolved one day

any relationship on earth is being dissolved one day

it is but Love that persists and survives all incarnations

because Love is the only Divine you ever can have on earth

just Love is all you really need to find your path to God

I love you