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All spiritual lessons for life and Spiritual Microletters - love tests are intended to give you additional valuable spiritual lessons for your life and spiritual teachings for your path of love to God for a variety of situations in your daily life, family, relationship and work. The purpose of the spiritual lessons is to provide you with some precise lessons for real life situations and steps to follow on your spiritual path - i.e. to provide you some practical examples of applied solutions of love in all situations of life.

Develop your spiritual awareness and God consciousness by expanding Love in all aspects of life

Spiritual lessons are available here in the spiritual newsletter archive. The newest love lessons for daily life and solutions of love to problems in daily life will be published in my Blog secrets of love. You may expect more than 1000 lessons for your spiritual practice and real life situations.

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Spiritual lessons / Spiritual Newsletters - Archive

Spiritual lessons 1999
Spiritual progress
Our thoughts affect our environment around us
Be, feel and behave like a divine child of God
Learn to make your prayers effective and productive
Happiness within depends on harmony within
Heilige Feuerzeremonie
Spiritual exams and grades
Merry Christmas
Fröhliche Weihnachten - Liebe und Gottes Segen für alle

Spiritual lessons 2000
Living NOW and HERE
What is your goal in life ?
Achieve your goal in life
Erreiche dein Lebensziel
Eternity - Infinity
Ewigkeit - Unendlichkeit
Making others happy
Andere glücklich machen
Avoid problems is easier than to solve problems
Probleme vermeiden ist leichter als Probleme lösen
"Enemies" and problems may be your most valuable friends on your way to God
"Feinde" und Probleme können deine wertvollsten Freunde sein auf deinem Weg zu Gott
The more obstacles you may encounter the more power you can develop on your Divine path to God
Je mehr Widerstände du erlebst - je grösser kann deine Kraft auf dem Weg in die göttliche Freiheit werden
Every human has a divine birthright to be happy
Jeder Mensch hat ein heiliges Geburtsrecht auf Glück
Why .... ?
Warum .... ?
The benefit of suffering and pain
Bedeutung und Sinn von Schmerzen und Leiden
Only a woman can make a man feel like a man - Only a man can make a woman feel like a woman.
Lösungen der Liebe
Master and slave in life - who are the true teachers ?
Meister oder Sklave - wer sind die wahren Lehrer im Leben
Financial healing
Finanzielle Heilung

Spiritual lessons 2001
Ego (Deutsch)
Ego and Nirbikalpa Samadhi
Ego und Nirbikalpa Samadhi
Divine relationships vs karma relationships
Heilige Ehe im Gegensatz zur Karma Partnerschaft
Intellectual knowledge vs spiritual knowledge
Intellektuelles Wissen im Gegensatz zu spirituellem Wissen
Forgiveness, grace and mercy during the holy week and all year
Vergebung, Verzeihung Gnade und Barmherzigkeit - während der heiligen Woche und das ganze Jahr hindurch
Maintaining your life-force and uplifting your spiritual vibration - part 1
Holy week - time for forgiveness toward all including your self
Divine accounting
Maintaining your life force and uplifting your spiritual vibration - part 2
Open your heart and broaden your mind
Wasted money ... ?
How to avoid wasting money when helping others
Select a job and learn the benefits and spiritual lessons of your present job
Helping others beyond the limits of your mind and ego
Maintain your life-force and uplift your spiritual vibration - part 3
Afford some fun and love in YOUR life - part 1
Afford some fun and love in YOUR life - part 2
Recognize communication problems and develop your communication skills - part 1
Recognize communication problems and develop your communication skills - part 2
Your love, grace, mercy and forgiveness is needed for real peace on this planet these very days
God Yoga initiation
Learn to do the right thing at the right time
God's creation - a huge and infinite "family business"
MIRACLES need to be attracted by you, if you want them to happen - attracted by your love
Christmas time and a quest for YOUR help for the poorest one here on this planet
Focus on Love - and all else will vanish
Celibacy or relationship on your path to God ??
Bowing to the feet
it's Christmas Time
Kriya Yoga update - requirements for application to the recent update
Soooo easy can communication with GOD and your guru be - if YOU pray to God first !!
Sharing ALL with ALL
The first steps are always the toughest one - confession of a God seeker about his "learning"

Spiritual lessons 2002

  1. Happy NEW YEAR
  2. Cyberspace Ashram - Annual blessing ceremonial
  3. Cyberspace Ashram - Segnungs-Zeremonie
  4. Service News
  5. Focus all your efforts and resources toward achieving YOUR goals !
  6. Let's go !
  7. Learn to say "I love you" - Part 1
  8. Learn to say "I love you" - Part 2
  9. Learn to say "I love you" - Part 3
  10. Learn to accept love from others - Part 1 - Baby love
  11. Learn to accept love from others - Part 2 - Children's love
  12. Learn to accept love from others - Part 3

Spiritual lessons 2003

  1. Simple life makes learning easier and more fun
  2. 1. Hong Kong and 2. Your horizons and your world
  3. Inspiration
  4. Establish a loving human relationship with a partner
  5. Maintain a loving human relationship with a partner
  6. Living without crutches ...
  7. Priorities in spiritually helping
  8. Final report family re-union
  9. Operation and services - Basic statistics 2002 - Cyberspace Ashram
  10. Inside and outside
  11. Spiritual responsibilities and obligations
  12. When relationship is breaking apart ... and life runs out of control ...
  13. Feedback, self-evaluation and self-control
  14. Karma - part 1 - learn to really understand YOUR karma and face it actively
  15. Karma - part 2 - learn to control and manage your karma
  16. Karma - final part - learn to be aware of the outcome of all your actions
  17. A little bit of Kriya Yoga ... is too little in a truly spiritual life!
  18. Damaged heart and lasting emotional pain

Spiritual lessons 2004

  1. Annual relationship review, spiritual review and assessment of true progress in loving all
  2. How to improve your awareness of your surroundings
  3. Spirituality and the bicycle - learn how to get rid of depression by getting involved in loving action
  4. Viagra or Love
  5. A typical Kriya Yogi / Yogini - a typical human !
  6. Your life can end today
  7. Top job applications Never settle for less than a top job, because God offers but the very best job to you - all else you may have to fight and work for on your own !
  8. Good Friday - Happy Easter days to all
  9. Life needs to be fun !
  10. Reformat your entire life and reinstall your life-plan from scratch on the basis of love
  11. Divine Metamorphosis - when a worm turns into a butterfly or an ego into a lover
  12. Be a channel and follow orders - or be yourself and support the divine plan ?
  13. Child abuse
  14. Sharing your most valuable wealth - sharing your expertise, your experience in life, job, or business
  15. Facing death or facing love
  16. Christmas time is the best time to initiate substantial changes in your life
  17. Pray for problems OR pray for solutions - OR help yourself in all material problems and use God's assistant for all the truly spiritual problems left within ourselves and all humanity ?
  18. Happy Holidays 2005
  19. Happy New Year 2006
  20. ... and many more valuable lessons, explanations and help for the sincere advanced God seeker.

Spiritual lessons 2007

  1. Christmas preparations - Preparing for success - preparing for love

many other topics are also covered in the Microletters can be found in the WAP section of the Cyberspace Ashram.

May love and bliss from God guide and protect your spiritual efforts on all your loving ways of life

Love and Bliss


God is lOVE

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