Annual blessing ceremony
A ceremonial of preparation to accept Diksha

The Blessing ceremony is conducted every year on the following dates / times

  1. March 20th - 0600 GMT
  2. From Good Friday until Easter Sunday all day long
  3. May 9th 1200 GMT
  4. May 21st 1800 GMT
  5. October 10th 2400 GMT
  6. Christmas time on 24th and 25th of December all day long

A blessing ceremonial to refresh your love relationship with God as well as Preparation to accept Initiation to the Holy Science of Kriya Yoga on a self selected the day for your initiation from God

The exactly same procedure applies when you wish to receive blessing for the initiation - Diksha - from God for your Kriya Yoga practice. You can select any date - but should follow exact procedure and take one full day just for God !!

Bliss and Love from God blessing ceremony on may 9th each year and many other dates

Blessing ceremony proceedings

God is Love

To open MORE for love and bliss you need to make more "space" within as well and open your heart to the utmost possible.

A few preparatory steps may help you to do so and some additional thoughts about YOUR life and attitude toward YOURSELF and others as well may be needed.

first let me give you a short experience I had a some time ago in the Philippines:

one day there was another - very old ( apparently 90 + ) looking - women

I was taking place near her - and looking at her it was very obvious - she forgot to return HOME to God ! so I told her - "it is time for you to go home!" the women however replied that she cannot go home, she needs to suffer MORE here as she has many SINS.

you see - it was her totally wrong attitude that prevents any kind of divine bliss or uplifting and freeing love to heal or help her on her spiritual path. being just about bones and skin and very little life-force left - she thinks herself of being a sinner - just as it is taught again and again by so many Christian priests day after day. here we are in a VERY Christian oriented country in the Philippines. hence such thoughts and attitudes are very common.

many other encounters in Europe and some of the other approximately 40 countries I have been working or traveling in showed similar results. particularly among Christians.

Hence - step number 1 for your blessing ceremonial preparation:

the positive affirmation - I am a child of God - I want to love and help and support all others here on earth - hence I am worth all bliss and love God ever may have for me.

every single person on earth is "WORTH" being loved AND FREED by God's divine love anytime during THIS incarnation. anyone and everyone has the divine right to return home for the remainder of eternity - by the end of THIS incarnation !!

but remember the last spiritual newsletter about divine accounting - YOU as well need to

all the love and bliss flowing through YOU also needs to flow OUT of you toward others and toward God again to allow love and bliss to FLOW.

learn to be of pleasant nature to God, to God's entire creation and hence also to all nature and mankind ON EARTH !!

if you need to change your life to align it with some truly divine goals - then do it step by step at the greatest possible pace - there is NO reason for any delay except your ego and your own attachments or laziness.

your entire life can easily bee changed within a single day. all you need to do is to make the very first TRUE steps NOW these seconds rather than "later" !

so the next step of preparation for the blessing ceremony is:

Before the date selected by you - you should ...

start to be of true help and spiritual benefit to others and prove your love by

Mango tree in bloom
Mango tree in bloom - about 12 years old and a blessing for many.
Every tree starts with a tiny seed,
even children can plant seeds and enjoy the blessings!

On your selected day of blessing ceremonial - you should ...

and by 1200 hrs GMT you should take time of total peace and silence for about ONE hour. spend this time either in true and possibly wild nature, in a park, a spiritual retreat, an empty and silent church or chapel, an empty and silent temple or in YOUR home.

create and assure the greatest possible silence - turn TV and radio off if necessary, UNPLUG your telephone and switch your cell phone OFF for this sacred time of love with God.

make sure you REALLY have this time JUST FOR YOU AND God !!!!

make sure you are in a very comfortable position - fully relaxed and silent. remain in this position for many minutes to fully calm down and then concentrate on kutashta only and pray to God:

"Dear God - Please love me free"

just this single one sentence - do it with sweet love and be ready to allow God to enter YOUR body, your mind, your soul, your heart and fill you more and more with love and divine bliss. after a short while or even instantly you will FEEL God's presence within YOU. allow this presence within yourself as long as possible - even hours - but at least a half an hour at the beginning.

once you successfully started to "HOST" God within yourself - you may then repeat this again and again - daily - even many times a day and especially before putting YOUR body asleep each time for AS LONG AS YOU LIKE OR AS YOU FEEL IT BENEFICIAL.

you will feel peace and love within - filling your life and your body more and more. healing of physical illness make occur - even spontaneously.

all healing is just a matter of allowing divine LOVE FLOWING THROUGH YOUR PHYSICAL BODY and your spiritual body as well.

your life will change - become more love filled and more loving in all aspects.

Kriya yoga guru is God Kriya Yoga Diksha

God is Love

Love and Bliss


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