Learn to say "I love you"

Part 3

Here you find "Learn to say I love you" - part 1 and "Learn to say I love you" - part 2

Do you want open for more love ? Do you want to give more love ? Then you may connect better and in full to the source of love - to God ? Here a love prayer to heal and open your heart for the love from all. Only sweet powerful love can satisfy and make happy - God is the only and original source of all love !!!

In the final part of the lesson "learn to say I love you" I will show you a few very examples how YOU can START to say "i love you" in many different ways to as many DIFFERENT persons possible - spontaneously !!

YOU NEED to learn to say "I love you" to all the receptors - senses - physically AND metaphysically. i.e. you say "I love you" to

  1. the eyes of others
  2. the ears of others
  3. the nose of others
  4. the tongue of others
  5. the feelings and heart of others - the HEART !

we look at precise examples how to START and continuously practice to say "I love you"

Saying "I love you" to the eyes of others

YOUR natural beauty is the most powerful "I love you" to your surrounding ! God has created Billions and more of humans, all are different from each other ! like a blossoming field of flowers in spring season. each of the flower finds its beauty in the DIFFERENCE from OTHERS.

YOUR beauty as well is the DIFFERENCE from others ! never copy OTHERS in YOUR outfit. learn to be individual, learn to be YOUR self ! learn to dress and look like YOU LOVE to be !

be CLEAN ! if you take a shower once or twice a day, are clean from top ( hair ) to the bottom - have your fingernails and toe nails clean and your hair cleansed - then you ARE as clean as God made you. during work it never is possible to remain clean - as much of the TRUE and IMPORTANT work involves getting your fingers or all body dirty - getting involved in the elements and of course you accumulate traces of your work in your clothes and on your skin. this is a proof that you accept the challenge of WORKING and may as well be considered beautiful by a women ! by YOUR partner !

be NATURAL. girls often use and ABUSE make up because they dislike their OWN personal appearance. learn to SHOW your natural, God given beauty, learn to display and accept with LOVE your entire natural physical appearance:

Saying "I love you" to the ears of others

one of the single most powerful way to do exactly that is to VERBALIZE "I love you" toward others ! TOWARD ALL !!!

of course there are many other ways to "SAY" I love you. some of these are:

avoid at any price words of negation, like saying NO, or prohibiting anything or limiting FREEDOM - this ALWAYS is the opposite of LOVING others !! listen to YOUR innermost being ! what are YOU thirsty and hungry for ?? what kind of WORDS please YOU ?

these words are the words others also consider LOVING !!! all YOU love to hear is what others love to hear as well.

Saying "I love you" to the nose of others

first let's have a look at 2 aspects of YOUR body smell / odor. your body odor depends on 2 single factors:

  1. the PURITY of your food and beverages have a great impact on your body odor. a naturally BAD body odor may be ENTIRELY caused by chemically intoxicated food or beverages. by OLD or rotten food. by food containing preservatives, artificial color and any other Add-ons that we may find in today's modern food industry and monoculture farming. of course farmers using any kind of chemicals, like herbicide and pesticide also contribute to YOUR intoxication. however keep in mind that farmers are producing what YOU ask for or what YOU buy. if you stop buying any products from monoculture and from industrial farms and if YOU start to be environmental conscious in all your purchases and limit your food to NATURALLY grown biologically grown food and drinks - FREE of any chemicals at all - then farmers START to produce what YOU ask for .... and what you PAY for. polluted water also contributes to body pollution and to bad body odor. keep in mind that any pollution in the water used for irrigation of fields and gardens as well as air pollution that contributes to rain-pollution - also will be found IN the vegetables and fruits !!
  2. the second factor for bad body odor that is under YOUR sole and direct influence are your EMOTIONS !!! if you have negative feelings, revenge, hatred, jealousy, envy, violence toward any or many others - then these emotions created a strong rejecting bad body odor. of course also your very own attitude toward YOURSELF and YOUR very own body affects your body odor. if you hate your body or DISLIKE your body or your being or part there of then YOU CREATE bad body odor through your ill self esteem ! typical and VERY COMMON examples are the negation of YOUR very own sexuality in its present physical manifestation. if YOU dislike AND negate YOURSELF as a sexual being - then the self created negative body odor YOU develop in your genital area will reject your partner instead of attracting him !!

remember the sweet exotic natural smell of a baby - any baby ! every baby smells like a unique exotic sweet angel-flower !! if you keep feeding that baby with LOVE only - in every aspect love - loving words, love food ( breast milk of a loving spiritual mothers ), loving natural fruit juices and clean water and flower teas, loving words and songs, .... then that natural smell remains until old age !

the natural smell - FREE of any chemical Add-ons and fragrances - that means without the smell of soap, perfumes, deodorants, ... always is pleasant to others !!!

if however you note that your body odor is bad - you may be ill or have abused junk food or polluted drinks and instead of using chemical OR natural fragrance from outside to temporarily HIDE your body odor - you may purify your body AND mind again !

of course there are many contributing factors to body odor that might be difficult to control or reverse - such as the many toxins YOU absorb during the many vaccinations in early childhood and the toxins you get implanted in many countries when having teeth filled with silver amalgam fillings. but even here you can reverse the intoxication of your body through a process of detoxification that usually is done with the proper homeopathic remedies with the aid of a professional healer.

needless to point out that the regular ADVANCED practice of Kriya Yoga will purify all your emotions and thoughts and your physical body as well.

if you want to truly love and be truly loved by your partner - you need the courage to live without artificial or natural fragrance applied to your body from outside - instead you take a shower with some natural soap and shampoo and rinse all body with clean fresh water and you should have your natural exotic and exciting smell back from your childhood. did you ever smell how loving and sexy your partner can smell when your partner is in love with YOU ?? no artificial or natural fragrance ever could compete with THAT natural fragrance of your partners body !!!!!!!

learn to accept and DISPLAY all your natural beauty - your natural smell is part of your aura and hence part of your overall beauty ! care for it - by feeding your mind, heart and body with love and sunshine only. products grown in fresh clean nature in sunlight always contribute to your health and beauty and your active progress on your spiritual path of love does all the rest !!!

Saying "I love you" to the tongue of others

if you kiss with your lips your partner - you taste his skin ! the very same factors that apply to the smell of your body also apply to the taste of your body. keep your MIND, your emotions and your food and drinks CLEAN, healthy and NATURAL and make sure your self esteem and attitude toward all aspects of your being are loving - then your body at least "tastes" sweet to your partner.

of course a much different way to LOVE the sense of taste of OTHERS is COOKING ! in some countries the have a saying " love flows through the stomach - YES THAT IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT - but of course food is only ONE aspect of love. but an important one as long as we have or USE a physical body here on earth.

the natural taste of fruits, salads and vegetables needs to be preserved as much as possible. then your food TASTES the way God intended it to taste. prefer natural food grown naturally IN YOUR home country that is the best guaranty for freshness in quality and TASTE. avoid at any cost genetically modified food under all circumstances !!!

of course a much overlooked factor in food preparation is YOUR LOVE while preparing food. if YOU manually prepare everything - with loving care, then YOU add the single most valuable ingredient to the meal - to ANY meal - YOUR TRUE LOVE that continuously flows OUT of your fingertips into the food your touch and prepare and cook.

no junk food, no prepared food, no manufactured food and no deep frozen food ever can replace a fresh homemade hand made meal.

every meal that is made with LOVE by a human is of healing nature.

be aware that food needs a natural healthy and CLEAN environment to develop it natural and full taste. in monoculture and in areas with high degree of pollution in air and soil and water all food is permanently intoxicated and no washing can totally remove chemical toxins.

care for your planet earth - some of you may still re-incarnate many times onto this very planet and tomorrow you may find yourself playing and farming on today's junkyard with nothing but chemical pollution left. all over - in the air, soil and water - and of course in all food. spiritual and physical disease will result from today's misuse and mishandling of our beloved planet. if YOU conduct a truly simple lifestyle you may find that MOST - almost ALL - of today's chemicals are obsolete in your life. what people REALLY need to be happy is LOVE and an environment that supports YOUR love to grow more and more until you found your way back home.

by the way - did YOU ever ask God to bless your water - or DID YOU ever bless water that you give your beloved ones to drink - if YES - then you know how much different it tastes and feels when you drink it - if NO - try it.all you need is TRUE LOVE and humbleness !!! since you have been successfully completing your bowing lesson a long time ago - both of these requirements are easy for you to meet ...

Saying "I love you" to the feelings and heart of others

the heart is causing us to feel. if our heart is closed - then we have difficulties in

your skin is the receptor of love expressed through touch !!! hence you need to care for your skin and leave your skin and all body hair the natural way. your body hair acts like small "love-antennas" to radiate and receive LOVE from and toward others.

touch is VITAL to all humans and to animals as well. loving touch is one of the single most important contributing factor to the overall holistic health of any baby. however touching the skin - NOT the dresses !!!

for babies and children as well as for adults in a loving relationship - skin to skin contact - all body - is important !!!!

take your time for an abundance in skin to skin contact with your beloved ones. sleeping naked in bed hugging each other, where ever temperature allows - love is HOT or makes HOT - if you tend to easily feel cold in bed - then your heart is simply closed for the love of your partner !! however if you are open for God's love and for your partner's love - you always feel nice warm.

take your time to regularly take a bat WITH your baby - with your small children - or to play together and wash each other. touching YOU and being touched BY YOU is of vital importance for a healthy natural emotional development of your baby !!!

missing touch during baby and childhood age may cause great damage and make your children incapable of entering a love relationship to a potential partner later on during adult life. it may take decades or MORE to heal damage done by child abuse through violence or child abuse through MISSING LOVE. missing touch is CHILD ABUSE as it is EQUALLY CRUEL to withhold love and loving touch than it is to be physically violent.

LEARN to gently and lovingly massage each other in your family and also learn to massage your friends and others when ever possible. being able to lovingly TOUCH and massage OTHERS - anyone - is an important manifestation of your hearts love toward OTHERS !!

depending on your preference you may make a massage dry or with natural herbal oil or when taking a bath together with natural herbal SOAP to reduce friction and be able to touch even more gently !!!

another way of loving through touch is a gentle and loving hug when meeting friends and foreigners !! all people need love. ALL - young and old - male and female ! I remember a few years ago in India I was giving free medical treatment to many poor ones in the streets of Kodaikanal and most of my patients were very old. one women approximately in her seventies had many problems most of all she was missing LOVE and wanted a LONG and sweet HUG from me. teardrops were flowing from her eyes because TOO LONG she never was hugged by a human on earth for a very long time. hugging is something humans in India almost never do in public !! people there are nearly starving to death for LOVE. as all devote plenty of time to many deities and sculptures in stone or wood or to God - but almost none is giving LOVE to living humans in India - to God's LIVING children on earth !!!! the same may apply to other cultures as well but for India it is a vital and typical problem resulting in the cultural stinginess among Indian population. NOT hugging means NOT giving L LOVE to OTHERS and that is nothing but spiritual stinginess that also finds its reflection in physical stinginess of course !

doctors nowadays have usually no more time for LOVING their patients - for touching them, gently rubbing medicine into their body or for giving them a healing relaxing massage - all is done with tablets and injections.

another loving way to touch is partner dance - any dance any music that allows you to be touched by your partner and to touch your partner can be a divine expression of saying "I love you" - dancing together with your partner or with anyone if you fail to have a partner yet can be love and healing for body, mind and soul. it involves music you love, a gentle person of opposite sex you love and allows you to exchange much love through all your senses and chakras at the same time - and you actually exercise your physical and metaphysical body.

Many ways to say I love you and prove true love

Other ways of saying "I love you" to others

there are many other ways to SPONTANEOUSLY say "I love you" to others.

here a few examples for YOU:

LOVE is the greatest gift we have - the most valuable - love has many manifestations and we all need to learn to use all or as many as possible. the more often WE love - the earlier we find home to God as only flowing love - dynamic active love can really heal, us and the beloved ones !

Advanced spiritual ways of saying "I love you" to others

for all those of you practicing Kriya Yoga - other purely spiritual ways of saying "I love you" will result as a product of your most intense and loving spiritual progress - most likely AFTER you have achieved Nirbikalpa Samadhi - one such important way is to dissolve karma of others !! but God will offer you many other gifts you can share with all - as a result of your true love for ALL.

you will find out about these other ways in time - God's love is infinite and omnipotent - hence has NO LIMITS at all !!!

have fun loving more often

have fun being spontaneous in all aspects and manifestations of YOUR love toward ALL.

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with love and divine bliss


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