Learn to say "I love you"

Part 2

Here you find "Learn to say I love you" - part 1

Love has many forms of manifestations - hence there are MANY ways to "say" "I love you" to your beloved ones AND to entire creation ! hence YOU may have to learn MANY ways to EXPRESS YOUR LOVE - or more precise - you may have to learn to FREE all your God-given possibilities and potential AGAIN that you have buried and blocked underneath your ego !

Before you start to LEARN or FREE again your many ways of saying "I love you" to your beloved ones as well as to ALL creation, let's have a look at some very basic manifestations of ACTIVE love. love is perceived through ALL of your senses - physical AND metaphysical - hence LOVE must be presented TO all these senses at the same time - forever and ever ! later on - after you have reached a higher state of spiritual development OUT of your physical prison, you will find many more ways to perceive and to manifest / present YOUR love to others.

while living in a physical body - you receive love trough

  1. your eyes - beauty of your surrounding
  2. your ears - sound of spoken word, songs, music, nature, ..
  3. your nose - fragrance / smell of body of your partner and family, flowers, nature, ...
  4. your tongue - taste of food, skin of partner, taste of breast milk, taste of semen, ...
  5. skin - feeling, sensation and emotions perceived when touching partner, friends, humans, animals, plants, flowers, minerals and metals, nature, ...
  6. ALL these very basic perceptions are made simultaneously through your physical senses PLUS appropriate CHAKRAS. each manifestation has a PHYSICAL and METAPHYSICAL ASPECT !

but of course there are ways beyond physical senses that YOU perceive while having a physical body, because most of your metaphysical perceptions are combined to your physical perceptions to a varying degree depending on YOUR present spiritual development !! - these are for example:

some of these additional aspects of your spiritual development that are directly manifested through your aura and can attract or reject others are:

as you can see, all YOU need to perceive more aspects of love as well as to REFINE and FREE your various manifestations of divine love have already been given to YOU in the various chapters and lessons of the Cyberspace Ashram.

when practicing Kriya Yoga in its FULL and absolute precise form, including

you will purify, uplift and BEAUTIFY YOUR AURA - hence "improve" the quality of YOUR love toward ALL !!

Kriya Yoga also cleans and opens your senses for metaphysical perception of your surroundings and increases YOUR capability to perceive,to "SEE" other manifestations of true absolute BEAUTY on all levels of your surrounding - OR - to make you aware of MISSING beauty and thus giving you a chance to make proper adjustments in your behavior toward your surrounding. for example by changing your contacts, by changing your location, by moving to an alternate location, by searching for a better suitable partner that supports your spiritual development and interests !

while God Yoga helps you to perceive the true infinite nature of God's love AND receive God's love for your healing to allow you to learn to reflect his love in your being in all aspects of your life.

with the increased spiritual development of THIS planet NOW these years, it will become more and more important for YOU to know how to "say" I love you to others in a more and more spiritual form and this certainly will require actions and modifications on YOUR part.

learn to say I love you !

the development of love will go on for eternity !!

for ever and ever !!!

even God's love is NOW different from what it once was trillions of years ago !

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with love and divine bliss


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