Learn to say "I love you"

Part 1

"I love you"

saying these 3 magic words to anyone, to foreigners, to people you never saw or met before in this present incarnation - is a true proof of YOUR capability to LOVE - to actively LOVE - to GIVE LOVE - beyond the static and simple idea.

you have been studying the chapter "Dynamic Love vs static Love".

after a brief review of the present survey available online, I assume that most ( hopefully ALL ) of you have actively participated in that survey.

a large percentage are actively practicing Kriya Yoga and or God Yoga - yet approximately 50 % or the participants do NOT say "I love you" to others, foreigners spontaneously !

that is a VERY alarming distress signal of those "God seekers" - a proof why many of you are God-SEEKERS rather than God FINDERS !

the cause of such blockages within you and how to change such blockages is today's topic.

let's have a look at some preparatory steps:

to be able to SAY " I love you"

  1. YOU need to be WILLING to actually GIVE love to the potential recipient of love
  2. the potential recipient NEEDS to be OPEN - HERE and NOW to actually RECEIVE your love

the first point is YOUR sole responsibility. missing willingness to GIVE is a pure manifestation of stinginess in its absolute and hence spiritual form - a root cause of separation from GOD.

if YOU fail to be WILLING to GIVE love in ALL its forms and manifestations - ALL - here and now - then the only way for YOU left is a special path of karma leading YOU through some severe situations causing emotional PAIN to YOU by suffering and experiencing the same behavior from OTHERS as you cause TO others.

such lessons may take as little as a few hours - but as long as a few MILLIONS of years - hundreds or more "incarnations" in a physical body or simply in astral and causal bodies.

the choice to change YOUR behavior always is YOURS and nothing but YOURS !

the second above point can be YOUR responsibility and within YOUR possibilities to change - or it may be the responsibility of the other part - the potential recipient of YOUR love.

a person simply can reject ANY love from YOU as a result of YOUR past experiences WITH that person - causing THAT person to reject YOUR love as a PUNISHMENT TO YOU. because the ONE whose love is rejected is PUNISHED by experiencing his love to be rejected.

a person may reject ONLY YOUR love and at the same time accept love from ALL or many others as a substitute of YOUR love to continue punishing YOU.

there is little YOU can do. because such behavior simple means that the potential recipient of YOUR love fails to FORGIVE YOU what you have done - and that might as well be many incarnations back - even millions of years back !!

however there always is a chance and possibility that YOU only YOU - can heal such a person and cause that person to ACCEPT your love.


by YOU refining YOUR love and turning YOUR love into pure divine love. that may require from YOU thousands of hours of intense spiritual work in hundreds or thousands of different situations in your present life. it may require YOU to work intensely for years or decades or an entire incarnation - HERE and NOW on this very planet.

it requires YOU to become REALLY spiritual - really spiritual means by truly and fully achieve God realization and oneness with God ! by being willing and ready to abandon all "war" against members of the "opposite" sex/gender and by truly LOVING and returning HOME to God.

in order to be able to SAY " I love you" BOTH potential parties NEED to truly be open for the true FLOW of love - LOVE is energy that NEEDS to be able to FREELY flow:

If ONE of these two are closed - it is difficult of sometimes impossible to "say" I love you to others. if THE other is blocking YOUR love - you still can say it - IF - your true love is stronger than his/her rejection !

for YOU to be able to "say" I love you - you need to have successfully practice repeatedly the bowing lesson given to YOU all in an earlier newsletter - if you lack motivation to learn bowing YOUR physical BODY and YOUR EGO to the feet of others including YOUR partner, you may want to re-read the testimonial of Galina.

EVERY single person NEEDS the certitude of truly being LOVED and YOU may be a substantial part of giving that proof - the proof of being lovable.

a person feeling NOT being lovable has serious problems of finding a reason for being LOVED by GOD. if YOU prove that YOU can love him/her - then it is much easier for anyone to accept God's love as well, because YOUR present LOVE here and now these very seconds is something EVERY physical human can FEEL and EXPERIENCE with all its senses. while God's love can only be experience AFTER having REMOVED or dissolved most or all of present blockages to CREATE and re-establish the awareness of being lovable within every person.

YOUR present PHYSICAL love in ALL possible manifestations is a mandatory and most efficient tool to HEAL the awareness of being lovable. YOUR willingness and capability to SAY and prove with YOUR daily deeds "I love you" to as many as possible is YOUR way to love God - here and now on earth and it is YOUR way of supporting God to re-establish ONENESS among all creation again and to re-become ONE single family in God. one day soon !

find out what type of lover YOU are - how often do you say YES or NO to giving or receiving LOVE - and start to think about possible changes and when and how to apply them in YOUR life.

spontaneously SAYING "I love you" to foreigners is ONE important part of GIVING love. if can NOT say " I love you" then you are among those who do NOT WANT to GIVE love at all - .... ! THEN it might be time for YOUR surrounding to change THEIR surrounding by living WITHOUT YOU.

If however you are sure that ALL your surrounding is rejecting YOUR love - then it might be time to


YOU may never directly be able to change other peoples decisions and will - except by being a perfect divine sample for all. BUT YOU can change your surrounding by moving INTO another area - to OTHER people with a different attitude and an open heart - to get what YOU deserve - LOVE - all the love YOU need and all the love and happiness God would LOVE YOU to experience - HERE and NOW and for ETERNITY !

YOU are ALWAYS able to change YOUR very own behavior and attitude - within seconds !

- all it takes is YOUR YES to LOVE and YOUR YES to GOD and YOUR YES to YOUR very own GOOD !

can YOU here and now say from the VERY depth of YOUR heart and soul

SPEAK it out - first in private - JUST for you, again and again, then say it in the presence of OTHERS, your family, friends, anyone. Say it, write it - sing it again and again.

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with love and divine bliss


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