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Loving hearts

True Love Tests

Why testing your love or the love of others ?

True love is identical with God love, free from any selfishness, aimed at one purpose only: To make happy. To learn and practice true love is the goal of the entire website Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love and to introduce you to some simple true love tests for self evaluation is the goal of this page.

No computer nor love quiz can answer a love test - but the human subconscious mind, the innermost being of every lover always reveals its true intentions and qualities by thousands of clear signs and manifestations. The results of true love tests are revealed by careful observation or careful self evaluation. Take your time, read carefully and accept the results as a feedback for reevaluation of an excising relationship or as a factor for a decision to make or as a motivation for more self-improvement on your own to become a better lover yourself. You may never be able to change other lovers - but you are fully capable to change yourself as much as you love to change when ever you love to really change. God is your assistant and healer as well as your helper to clearly understand the love feedback received during the many sometimes complex evaluation processes described in my teachings of love.

Only true love makes happy - millions of people however enter relationships for much different reasons but true love. To avoid a waste of time love tests are needed. All have a divine birthright to be truly loved. All have a moral and spiritual obligation to give true love.

Only if you have true love can you make others happy. All have a divine right to be happy. Hence all have a divine right for true love - test your love to prove your true love - love can be easily tested and proven by you - the giver of your love. If you pass your love test for your partner - then you see always smiling eyes and feel a happy heart.

If you pass your love test because you prove your true love - then you also KNOW - because YOU and only you should at least know your true and sincere intentions in your love relationship toward your partner.

What can a love test show me ?

Love tests reveal whether you are ready to give true love or ego love

Love tests may show you in what area of your personality you may have to work on or what situations you should face more often. The area you have a problem usually is the area or situation you try to prevent, to avoid, to escape, .. but just the opposite is the healing solution for you.

For example if you avoid water, or even fear water, then it also proves that you have a serious problem with love-emotions, the very best solution to solve that problem is to get involved in water sports, such as SCUBA divine, swimming, sailing, surfing, windsurfing, sun-bathing, boating, camping or living near big waters such as oceans. living on an island on the beach, playing in the water, loving and relaxing in water, taking a bath with essential oils, natural perfumes, flower essences, water therapies and more - all IN water activities will create a readiness to fully relax, surrender your body to water and finally ENJOY being carried BY water. Ultimately you will experience a full healing.

Any such therapy is best done in enjoyable, fun activities with loving people, best friends, your beloved partner or children ! Treat yourself the very best - but accept all offered challenges going far beyond your existing limits, have the courage to venture into NEW worlds, new countries, new sports, new activities,m new jobs to meet new people, to live and encounter new adventures and find new and more joy of life as you proceed in dissolving existing fears and blockages or emotional and spiritual injuries left from past unfinished business experienced in previous incarnations.

Before you test your love you should also have a intellectual understanding of the difference between selfish ego love and selfless true love.

The relationship to all various aspects of creation, nature, animal kingdom and mankind reflects your true attitude toward love. A loving soul never lies - only ego lies. Hence is always is possible to feel, see and test ones love to be true or fake ego love.

Love comes from your heart

Why shall I test my love potential ?

Love tests are important for your spiritual success and steady progress. Love tests are made to test your own love and give you feedback about your very own problems and thus allowing you to progress by working on your problems. When ever one of the love test reveals a serious problem about you - then get in peace with the object you reject.

At school we have tests and exams - to give feedback about learning progress in intellectual topics - spiritual learning and learning to truly love is in no way different from school learning with the exception that learning to love is infinitely more important for all mankind than intellectual learning.

If you have a problem in loving or in accepting love - then it makes no sense only focus on love - but rather you should focus on why that problem occurred, how it occurred and if the cause is far behind hidden n previous incarnations, then you may either go through a reincarnation therapy ( a good reincarnation therapy may easily cost up to many thousand US $ for a few sessions ) or you may practice Kriya Yoga to apply God's divine love into all aspects of your being, including all your past hidden and carried in your causal body - OR you may confront yourself with situations provoking your fears and problems and just open yourself for God AND the particular fear factor or problem factor or problem situation


First test your love for God

Love and the source of love

Do you have a real and full understanding of the nature and definition of love and the source of all love. What is your understanding and relationship to God's son Jesus ? To be open for God and fully accept his divine love is a prerequisite before you can forward your love toward anyone else including your very own children, partner, family members and loved ones.

Aspects of love as manifested in nature

Several methods to test your love for God and for God's creation - one to test how much you can accept God's love and the other one how much you can understand the full value of all love God offers to all mankind and finally to test how much love you give to God and all his creation. True love for God results in true faith in God. God is almighty and yet all loving - can you fully surrender all you are and have ? Test your faith in God's love. test if you can you fall in love and fully surrender all to love.

Are you open for wild infinite love - wild in the sense of infinite numbers of different manifestations, hot and spicy love like fire and chili, colorful love like a rainbow, romantic love like angel love, sweet love like baby love, gentle love like a butterfly ?? How boring or exciting is your love and readiness to absorb exciting infinite manifestations of love - test your readiness to experience, give and enjoy divine love beyond mental, emotional or intellectual limits but still divine love.

True Love Testing

Test your love for others and the love others have for you

What applies to your true love tests applies to the love of others toward you as well - test the true love of others before you waste your time and life.

Without open heart no love

What to do if I fail some or all of the true love-tests ?

Be honest, be fair, and give freedom to your partner as he deserves true love that you are either unwilling to give or too lazy to achieve by working more intensely on your very own ego to achieve self improvement and true spiritual progress

Spiritual progress - spiritual work on your ego - is the only way to turn selfish love into true love. Spiritual progress requires your full attention and true efforts just like becoming a master in any technology or profession would require from you. Without true spiritual progress resulting in spiritual purity and spiritual maturity, there can never be true love and thus never be true happiness. Hence make your efforts now rather than later and you will be rewarded by more people loving you and more people being open to receive and absorb your own love as well. To be lovable is a key feature for happiness. To be lovable is a key prerequisite before finding a matching loving partner for love and life!

The complete and very detailed online teachings of love will help you in preparing yourself for spiritual development. The equally detailed sacred teachings of the holy science of Kriya Yoga - applied God's love love inside and outside - will uplift your love until you become one with God and thus enjoy divine love in your love life as well.

Many more True love tests also are published in my Blog Secrets of Love - Solutions of Love - see topic "secrets of love" and topic "love"


start working on your spiritual progress instantly by

Prove true love by action of love instead of complicated time- and energy consuming eMails, letters, phone calls and personal meetings. Proof of love is INFINITELY more valuable and more powerful than billions of eMail and explanations. Love can only be proven by actually let it FLOW - and flowing love can be felt across oceans and universes - by God and all else who are open for love.

Prove love by opening for true love - by spiritually progressing and allowing the utmost quantity of love to FLOW through you toward all. Only silent love can be felt - words - written or spoken - only are needed when capability or readiness to truly LOVE is absent !

The true lover always can prove his love
a true lover never needs words
a true lover proves his love by his actions of love.

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loving heart

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