Politics and God

How to integrate God and love into all aspects of political decisions. Without God no life - hence without God no successful politics Love solutions for political situations across the planet.

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Arab revolution for freedom and human rights - a long overdue revolution by Arab countries to regain their God given freedom

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Wise people never fight to solve a problem - wise people love to solve problems

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Where to find God, how to search God in your life? Learn how to change your life to find God.

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The fastest way out of our global crisis is the most powerful method to global peace and environment problems as well

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How to treat terrorists: As criminals by constitution, as enemy combatant according to Geneva Convention by military law or ... as humans according to God's law?

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Too big to fail = too big to be managed = too big to exist!

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A time of global crisis is a time of great blessing

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How to please God ? Can you bribe or influence God with money or prestige projects or is true love the only way to please God ?

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Commitment to co-operation: Empty promises for profit only? Are you committing yourself to a true goal without profits or are your commitments empty of power?

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A life without security: Imagine you have to live without any security protecting you. No life insurance, no armed security - a life as a responsible human

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Choose your government: Choosing your future, making choices wisely based on needs of all planet for the wellbeing of all

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Legal obligations vs moral / ethical obligations - when a law fails to work ... then mankind is challenged to use its heart and common sense

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Presidential elections 2008: Promises and goals, how to change a country's future?