Alternate lifestyle

Your Lifestyle - the way to live or manage your life. Help and inspiration for alternate lifestyles. Experiences and solutions of love for a better lifestyle in harmony with God and thus all world.

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One world for our eternal life: If we have eternity time to do our work and improve our world, we need no machines at all

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Different approaches for successful job search in foreign countries or at home. Learn 2 principle techniques to find jobs

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Criteria for changing jobs - understand the meaning of jobs in your life to make the best possible decisions when changing your profession or job

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Why higher education never can lead to better jobs for all - Understand the misconception between education and jobs or wages

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Banaue rice terraces as a positive example for organic farming - 506 photos from Banaue with rice terraces and examples for organic farm community projects

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Different pollution types we create - learn how to prevent polluting our world and how to handle your pollution

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Organic farming and gardening tips. A free online tutorial with tips and pictures for successful small farming and gardening

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How much belongings do you need, why is there limit for your belongings - explanation to the rules for life

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Traveling for wrong reasons - do you travel to run away from your karma?

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What is the purpose of your industry - what is the human and spiritual value of your employer?

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How to find quality humanitarian jobs and how to acquire qualifications for useful volunteer jobs

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A time of global crisis and disaster is no time for vacation but a need to think about your neighbors in distress and provide direct help first

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How useful is your professional education, how helpful are your professional qualifications, skills and knowledge?

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Austerity measures - consolidation of debts and how to restructure our attitude toward money. Learn to understand the true nature of money vs real values

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Tough times offer special opportunities to grow or to fail and fall - your love toward all and loyalty to God is permanently tested

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The easier we receive what we want, the faster we loose what we own. The harder you have to work for your goals the better you preserve your values

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Alternatives to child adoption in Haiti or other 3rd world countries - Helping children by adopting kids in your heart and supporting the orphans country

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Benefits of a public profile in job, business, to find the right new friends and for your love life

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Have fun in life by cleaning up your life. Having fun requires improving your life until free to enjoy love and life

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Travel arrangements by God - when God makes bookings for your travel, then all life is smooth

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Do you know nature? How much do you enjoy nature and watch nature around you? How much do you learn from nature around you?

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Learn to appreciate the service and goods made by others. How to appreciate service and goods from others more in your life and how to assign due value to others' work?

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Value of education can be seen from results of education. Today's economy crisis is the result of higher education - thus substantial part of our educational system is ill

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Prostitution among modern society - How we prostitute ourselves for profits in business and life, how to recognize and prevent our own prostitution in life.

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How much education is enough? How much to spend on education, how many years of education needed to succeed in life?

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Walking to work vs driving to work. Understand the spiritual difference between walking and driving and how walking helps you helping others better

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Your friends need you - you may be the only difference between your friends getting lost in crime or surviving in honest life as true friend

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How to prepare for alternative lifestyle in nature - Learn what qualifications are needed for life in nature. How to find the right balance in life

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Efficient and affordable stimulus to end financial crisis

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Need a higher salary to pay your bills or reduce your expenses to match your salary

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Is your life really your life or are you attempting to copy others lacking your own creative power and inspiration ? Find your own life and enjoy life!

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Share your work-force for the global community - get involved in community services for the improvement and advancement of our all wellbeing and progress

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How to mature in life - the importance of natural human maturity as part of spiritual evolvement and spiritual maturity

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Changing life - changing your inside - changing your outside life ... how to change your life

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Make your life an eternal honeymoon - combine work, love and spirituality into one - doing what both of you love at places both of you love

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When you receive a chance - when you know what to do - then always do it the truly most efficient way - all else may either be too late or fail

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Are you true and real or fake ? Do you need a double for all REAL action of life ?

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Chances are given ones - if you convert given chances then new chances occur as soon as given chances are converted into love for you and others as well

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Quality control on your way toward your goal requires steady progress day by day toward that goal