Business solutions

When your business models fail, then you may find here inspiration to alternate business models, new approach to business procedures. Business solutions of lasting nature. Whatever applies to large industries also is valid for family business.

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Honest salary and the self regulatory power of honest wages to balance the entire global market and humanity

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Find your strength and use your strength while developing new skills and knowledge for your improved future in life

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Our global crisis and financial crisis is the result of our own wrong choices. Change your life and learn to live without financing to solve the crisis

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Successful photography: Inventory of a photographer. Photo publishers buy no inventory, photographers create inventory. Make a plan what to create and time your photo work.

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Sand pump for a simple sand production in small sand business. Without sand no construction. Pumping sand and producing stone or gravel as a small business model

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Healthy economy and corporations should be like jungle: Strong from within, corporations without bailout, economy without subsidies, without any protection

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Industry in crisis means wrong business concept or wrong industries at all. Natural selection always is more powerful than industry bailout.

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Custom made can be cheaper in home business than factory made! Accept the challenge and try to produce custom made, made to order at home to meet customer's individual needs

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New job opportunities in a world in transition: Recognize the job opportunities appearing during crisis and create your own job within new opportunities

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Ideal business size: How many employees are ideal for a business, how does business size affect economy of a business and competitiveness of a business

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Danger of outsourcing: Why industry started outsourcing, what are results and consequences of outsourcing, how to prevent risks of outsourcing

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Focus on micro-economy, first get your local economy strong before thinking about national economy or even global economy

Received Fri, 21 Nov 2008 21:48:55 PHT

Screw your employees - screw your customers, then buy the most powerful security system to stay alive and figure out that you actually screwed yourself more than others. Understand why politicians and CEOs need security.

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Is there need for demand ? What if there is no demand for xyz-product ? No one demanding a product means no one really cares or needs that xyz-product

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Value of stock - stock is virtual value only and lacking any true value. Value of shares is in the mind of share holder and stock exchange experts only

Received Fri, 24 Oct 2008 23:52:10 PHT

White collar jobs vs blue collar jobs - Chrysler's example of cutting substantial white collar jobs as an example of value of blue collar jobs

Received Mon, 13 Oct 2008 05:43:27 PHT

Business criteria for success, political criteria for success. Successful economy and human society depends on affordability of useful services by all

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The meaningless of financial markets, the value of financial markets and the purpose of life based on financial markets.

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Fastest money earning - easiest way to increase available money. Learn guaranteed methods to increase available funds without having to work harder or longer hours.

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Your greatest value is your uniqueness. Your greatest value is the sum of your active adventurous working life.

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How valuable are you - how valuable is your life ? How to determine the market value of a human on earth.

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When to invest into your own business and how much to invest when starting your own business

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How crisis proof is your job - how crisis proof are your professional qualifications - learn and improve your position in life to improve your usefulness

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Outsourcing - the reasons for outsourcing and how outsourcing endangers our own jobs as a result of our own denial to do such jobs in our own country

Received Thu, 20 Mar 2008 02:31:02 PHT

Create your own economic stimulus package to support your country - Learn how you can create a 2-5% relief all on your own at no cost to you

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Exploitation of employees by employers - when employers get rich at the expense and with the money belonging to employees

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The lesson of a global financial crisis - what can we learn for our future out of the current financial crisis ?

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Productive job versus office jobs - to be creative or to do paperwork - what's the difference in true value of different jobs ?

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Weak business men buy a business, lazy business men buy a business, weak lovers buy love - a strong man however creates his income, his business, his love.

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Can you do your job with all your heart and soul,- with love from the bottom of your heart?

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How strong are you in life ? How strong is your country's economy ? Is your country's economy strong enough to support you ?

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2007 mortgage crisis - when financial markets are nothing else but soap bubbles - one day the bubble bursts into a financial crises. Learn how to stabilize your own financial situation.

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Hong Kong Digital Camera shopping - Photo accessory and Carl Zeiss lenses shopping in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong shopping - Laptop shopping in Hong Kong - where in Hong Kong to find your laptop or computers

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Depreciation of USA on a global level results in devaluation of US $ - the US $ exchange hence is reaching a long time lowest ever - in the Philippines and other SE-Asian countries

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How to select your work and how to select the tools you need for your work

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Own productivity is the key to success - produce on your own, use top tools and invest all you have in money, time, expertise and available resources as well as all potential you have ...

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Living from multiplying treasures - Every husband wife can but life from income - God gave you an everlasting fountain of treasure and you as husband wife can but life and prosper if you have learned to tap that God given source, use it and let it flow ..

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If you expect OTHERS to do YOUR work - then others also will get your benefits and joy of life as well