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Blog with Kriya Yoga Tips - Kriya Yoga explanations - Kriya Yoga help - Kriya Yoga FAQ. To know the holy technique of Kriya Yoga is far from sufficient to succeed. Preparation and reorganization of your entire life is needed to succeed with your Kriya

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The steps beyond beginning warm up Kriya Yoga are the real part of your Kriya Yoga practice toward oneness with God

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Maximum flow of kundalini force is needed to unite with God

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Kriya Yoga begins with action of love, with real daily work for the direct benefit of all creation

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How to control your life, how to solve problems in life, learn to use checklists and manuals to succeed in life

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Love is the key to God, Kriya Yoga is the means to free your flow of love, the Cyberspace Ashram is the place to learn Kriya Yoga and teachings of love

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Free download file for Cyberspace Ashram toolbar users from May 4th until further notice

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Coffee and advanced Kriya Yoga - In preparation for Samadhi caffeine and kriya pranayama are opposing forces

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Every kriya yogi always becomes a source of love for others, hence there is no spiritual justification to delay kriya yoga practice

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Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga page on Facebook - to promote God and Love and the powerful Kriya Yoga technique even further

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Pray to God and ask God to do Kriya Yoga for you to verify proper Kriya Yoga technique

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When your parents or loved ones die, it is the power of your past Kriya Yoga to uplift your parents

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Competing with Guru and what it means: Copying others to compete while lacking own creative ideas may be like a boomerang for copiers and disciples

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The purpose and benefits of the Cyberspace Ashram vs earlier traditional ashram

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Kriya Yoga for wrong reason - why some are in a death end road in their Kriya Yoga progress

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Be a victim of your karma and follow your destiny or fate or be free and follow the path of love as a free soul at home in God

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Traffic report 2009 for quality control to focus on goal. Newest access statistics 2009 Cyberspace Ashram

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Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and love activities in recent weeks preparing for coming Christmas season

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To find God you have to be willing to give all or willing to loose all before being free enough to find God

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News form the Cyberspace Ashram - How to promote the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love

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Too much love in life to share with other the recipe? Too successful in life to help others to use same methods of love ?

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The blessing of an open heart - to enjoy God's love also results in the blessing of feeling all pain and suffering of all creation

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Spiritual answer to your questions: How does an apple seed know how to become an apple tree, How does an apple tree know how to make apples ?

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Spiritual awakening under the influence of mortals - Avoid the destructive effect through advice coming from "best friends" and other mortals when experiencing spiritual awakening

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Is for sale ? What is the price for and who would qualify to buy ? Here my default reply to such inquiries

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Minimum age for Kriya Yoga - Minimum maturity for Kriya Yoga practice - what are the minimum requirements to start the practice of Kriya Yoga

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Same technique - same question - different answers - different results. How is your Kriya ? Your Kriya is proportional to your true attitude! Your Kriya is proportional to your basic lessons done each day

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Christmas Kriya Yoga or messing around to create ADDITIONAL work and problems to others - what are YOU doing these very Christmas days ??

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We all know what Kriya Yoga is good for - but do we know what Kriya Yoga NEVER can do for us ???

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Christmas Kriya Yoga - a very special Christmas gift from God - Christmas Kriya Yoga starts beyond 5-6 hours of daily Kriya Pranayama practice

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Husbands and Kriya Yoga - wives and Kriya Yoga - Kriya Yoga in relationships - relationships and Kriya Yoga. What to do with your Kriya Yoga if your partner is too lazy to do as much Kriya Pranayama as needed ?

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Being ready for relationship requires being male man or female woman first - it requires being in ready and love with the idea of being father or being mother before being ready for a true relationship

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Young people and the path of love - the path to God - Kriya Yoga as a means to apply divine true love and lots to do before achieving your goal - if you have but one goal in life - God and Love

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Kriya Yoga is for the true lover only - as Kriya Yoga always leads to death of body and beginning of love and life in God

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Kriya Yoga initiation - a divine gift from God to all - to be given freely and instantly to all and everyone who ever ask for Kriya Yoga initiation at any given time they ask for