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The cycle of poverty - one root cause of poverty - honesty and love are needed to end the cycle of poverty and to treat all mankind with dignity

Poverty is a complex situation and has several root causes depending on precise human situations. That also applies for poverty in the Philippines as well of course.

Here I will focus on poverty as a result of lack of motivation resulting from exploitation by employers.

To be motivated you need to see real benefits. To be motivated to work better, to work more or to work harder would require incentives. Since much in life on earth is about money, a powerful motivation would be to earn proportionally more for greater efforts. That means you work double - you earn double.

Motivation to work at all may be missing if incentives for work provided are less than what is needed to a decent living. If you work and work and before next payday all money is gone. If you work and each month you encounter day with open bills, with hungry stomach, with hungry children or malnourished children. If you work and each time you fall ill you are missing the money for a minimal medical care and medication needed .... Then motivation vanishes!

If you observe that your employer is doing better and better each month, each year. If you observe that your employer's family enjoys a happy life, enjoys vacation, best schooling, nice clean dresses, hobbies and toys, even luxury like cars, computers, ... then the beginning of social injustice starts to occur deep inside a human heart. The result of social injustice is the loss of social peace and the split up of society into poor and rich ones living in 2 different worlds in the same country - the world of luxury and the world of poverty. The feeling of being abused or exploited by employer for his personal wellbeing starts to grow and the motivation to work disappears more and more.

To do well in life or business is a basic human right for all. For a business to be successful would be a normal goal - however the success of each and every business should definitely flow into the lives and pockets of all participating employees proportionally. If business doubles income, then employees also should double income.

If business doubles, expands, improves and all or most employees still are at or below minimum wages below minimum life standard, then motivation of workers is getting lost, motivation for extraordinary efforts are gone, loyalty toward employer may end.

A business is like an extended family. All should do well if business goes well. All should be made aware that all may go wrong if attitude and quality of work goes wrong as well. All should be made aware of their own co-responsibility for the outcome of all. That co-responsibility only exists if all also benefits from all the fruits of success.

The motivation for more work, more vocational training leading to better qualification, readiness to overtime or harder work can to a most substantial part be influenced by direct participation in the financial success of the business. All business family should succeed if business succeeds. With improved business - all business employees should do better as well - proportionally better far above minimum wages, far above poverty level simple life.

Improved efforts need to result in proportional improved life, comfort of life, quality of life, perspective of life leading to a better future for all employees as well.

Part of the global poverty is due to business doing better at the expense of their employees - just exactly as the currently ongoing exploitation of employees by Restaurant Hotel Swiss Chalet owner showing in his negative example of greed combined with stinginess toward his employees.

There is absolutely no justification for expanding a business, for increasing business volume or profits if the owner or share holders, banks or customers of a business are the only to benefits from better business results. All business expansion and all increased profits only are justifiable if a direct and proportional improve of life, quality of life, quality of health, education and overall wellbeing of all employees increases proportional and if improved business situation leads to closing the gap between poor and rich ones to join all in what we may call a middle class. All are entitled to a happy life, happy life free of problems, free of illness, free of financial burden and absolutely free of malnutrition or lack of educational ôopportunities.

The progress in business needs absolutely to lead to a life of equal opportunities for all mankind. Anything less is unjust and exploitation or abuse. Business owners as well as authorities dealing with business owners have to realize that there is no industry, no farming or food supply, no technical improvement at all without the hundreds of millions of "regular work force". The entire uplift of a nation or entire planet is the result of work - hard work, quality work and at times dangerous, ill-making or dirty work. All those doing that work are entitled to a honest share of the wealth accumulated by that work. All mankind being involved in that chain of hard working industrial workers or farm workers need to be entitled to a truly happy life free of any troubles.

Love only can dissolve the current global situation of rich ones exploiting poor ones. Love only can dissolve all different causes of poverty. Love in a country's administration is needed to end corruption and to treat all population equally independent of their capability to bribe administration or provide favors in kind in exchange of business permissions granted.

To succeed in business employees are needed. There are but a few millionaires on earth having obtained all their wealth as a single person, without secretary, without drivers, without car repair mechanics, without construction workers building their homes, ... To become aware of the full dependency on labor force, on qualified and unqualified workers is essential to understand that ongoing greed, abuse or exploitation of employees by employers or business owners sooner or later leads to a total collapse of industries as a result of lack of motivation to work for a life in poverty.

Love and Bliss